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FYI, I’ll be posting the Quopic of the Day shortly, but heard about this first and couldn’t believe what I read! :o  This may sound like a rant and I’m sorry in advance. I just have to voice what I feel.

You may have heard about this from the Sookieverse fanpage. (BTW, thanks SVB! ;)) As a fan and a Canadian (no less), this is kind of hard for me to believe (but yet not) and I swear, I was not aware of a survey like this going on and if I had known, there’s other books who have worse content than Charlaine’s novels. Like in most countries, Canada has freedom of speech and books are one way of expressing that.


Here’s a quote from vampires.com :

The Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris are on the top of Canada’s most challenged list (a challenge is an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group). Here is the CLA’s official report on it.

As the report says, “Library materials were retained in 41% of the 2009 challenges, relocated or reclassified in 32% of cases, and removed in 25%.” So, some libraries banned the books. Most kept the books, which is a good thing, but the fact that some of them did remove them is ridiculous.

As for America’s most challenged list, the Sookie books are not on the top of it. The ALA’s website appears to only show the top ten most challenged books of 2009, so all I know is that Charlaine Harris’s books aren’t on the top ten. Oddly enough though, Twilight is on the top ten list of most challenged books in the USA. Now that’s just insane.

Speaking as a Canadian…WTF?? Now, I’m not one to go to the library and take out books at all. I prefer to buy them at a bookstore so I can keep a collection and go back and re-read them any time I want. But this organization reminds me of the CRTC, which censors television, radio and other forms of media in Canada.  And don’t get me started on THEM!  :evil:

Let’s just say that I think this is complete BULLSH*T! (Sorry for the language!) Let others read what they want and stop dictating to others what they can or cannot read! Last I checked, both the US and Canada were free countries…let people live their own lives and stop telling people what to do! Sorry for the rant…I just couldn’t believe this when I got home from work.

Word from the wise…BUY your favorite books. Not only are you supporting the author (and their hard work) and their publishing company; but the book will be available for your enjoyment any time you wish!

PS. Oh and for those who are Gossip Girl fans, those books are on the list too! :o WTF?

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  1. OK that has got to be the most STUPIDEST thing I’ve seen. the CLA needs to be bitch slapped in a serious way. There are way worse books out there that are not on the Hit list. We are in a FREE country and have the Freedom of speech. Who are they and what do they think they are doing?? What are they going to ban next?? The Twilight books?? it taps on pedofelia …Harry Potter?? ohhh witchcraft… the Princess and the Frog from Disney?? it plays on VooDoo ….Gimme an Effin break.

  2. I’ve always hated the idea of any books being banned. Wasn’t that in a film? I think people should be able to read anything that they want. NO CENSORSHIP ALLOWED!

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