Latest Alex Rumors: Will He Marry Kate Bosworth?

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Not sure if this is true or not because it’s from a tabloid and sometimes it’s more fiction than fact. But I thought I’d share it with you anyways and you can say what you think or feel about it…

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Alexander Skarsgard is ready to propose to his gorgeous girlfriend Kate Bosworth, but there’s a catch – he wants her to cut down on the partying!

Although Alex already knows Kate’s “the one” he wants them to live together before they get married, revealed a source close to the couple.

“Alex is very serious about marrying Kate,” said the source. “But he thinks it would be best to move in together and test the waters first. Kate like to go out with her girlfriends and have a good time. Alex isn’t a player – his parents were divorced, and he wants to make sure that he marries only once. He wants to be certain she is ready to settle down – then he’ll propose.”

Alex and Kate began dating more than a year ago, when they worked on Straw Dogs. Kate recently accompanied Alex to Sweden in May to meet his family.

“Kate wants to marry Alex and is fine with living together before they get engaged,” added the source. “She says she’s over the Hollywood party scene anyway – and she’s not going to let Alex get away.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

I’m choosing to remain unbiased over the whole matter of who Alex chooses and decides to date and/or marry. Quite frankly, it’s none of our business.  ;)  It’s not like any of us know either one of them and/or exactly what is going on in their relationship. It’s out of our control and honestly – whatever makes him happy – I’m happy for him. Besides, I’m already married; so his obvious and most perfect choice is unavailable. :P ;)

Now, before you start posting about how much you hate Kate or like her; just remember the above reasons as to why I’m choosing to remain unbiased. ;)  I figured I’d post this here to see what you all would feel and please, please, please, don’t turn this post into a warzone, thanks!


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8 comments on “Latest Alex Rumors: Will He Marry Kate Bosworth?

  1. OK, I’m saying what I used to say on HBO Member created boards when TrueBlood began and we first saw
    the photos of Alexander and Kate. I won’t beleive
    anything about them getting married till I either read
    about it in People Magazine,hear it on Extra!,TMZ,
    Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight.
    Till then or till he comes out and says “it’s True” then I’m NOT beleiveing anything.

  2. I am absolutely, 100% with you on that! As someone who considers herself a fan, all I want is the best for him and his happiness…and he alone is the best judge of that. Nothing but love for him and whoever he choses to spend his life with…even if a little part of my heart weeps at the thought of him being taken! ;) We’ll always have our Viking, though! :)

  3. Illvanger:
    I would only wish that Alexander finds someone who’s
    NOT in the “business”,someone’s who’s away from all of
    the fakeness of Hollywood.Someone like my goddaughter,
    who’s 20,a Psychology Major at BU,is a model,and comes from a well rounded family.
    Kate’s too much of a “Attention grabbing Party girl like Tara Reid” and Alexander needs someone who’ll give
    him the love and the support he needs,not worry about her own career.

  4. If she’s the one my only wish is that she loves him for real, and doesn’t use his popularity to gain fame and notoriety… To be honest I had to go to Wikipedia to remember she was the girl of Blue Crush and Louise Lane in Superman returns, so that gives me an idea of how well known she is….

    So, let’s see how this ends….

  5. Bottom line is that it’s his life, none of us have any say in who he should be with. We don’t really know what Kate is like, I doubt Alex would be with someone who makes him miserable. They seem happy together, so I say the more power to them. Sometimes they don’t have a choice but to date someone in the business.

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  7. Since this was in a tabloid I’m already taking this with a grain of salt. But Alex deserves to be happy.

  8. Amanda:
    Kate still HAS NO RING ON HER FINGER! SO till there is one there I’m hoping that
    they break up! Alexander’s too good for the likes of Kate Bosworth!
    He’s an ‘up n comimg star and she’s a more or less hasbeen.

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