The Awful Truth

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers! :)

Found a little something about Alex while searching for info on True Blood.

Thought you might find this…interesting, disgusting, disappointing…?? Well, figured we’d post this anyways and you can say what you want about it.

Don’t you love how this fan dishes Twilight? Haha! :lol:

Dear Ted:
I have to say I am tired of these children asking about Twilight. Can the adults (at least those of us who are above 20, like me) get some info about the Vices behind True Blood? I want info about my fave Alexander Skarsgård

Dear Twin:
, someone who appreciates a true sexy vampire. Glad to have you back, hon! He’s still dating the boring blondie (Kate Boswoth), and we’re still upset about it. Nothing has changed, at least in that department—unfortunately.

Source: eonline.com

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  2. Who is supposed to be saying this stupid stuff about judging Alex’s personal life? It has crap to do with being a fan; firstly – he probably wouldn’t care what this person thought, second – I says more negative about the person publicly rendering this opinion about someone of whom they have NO knowledge than it does negative about Kate Bosworth. The true irony is it comes in response to a question that also denigrates teenage behavior. It starts that way and ends that way! Whoever said this… you’ll grow out of it!

    • Hi Mae, I think the person “Ted” from The Awful Truth on E! Online is a gossip columnist. He doesn’t care one bit about Alex and he’s not a fan. I think he’s old (judging from his picture on E! Online), so he can’t grow out of it. And I don’t understand how the original question had anything to do with Kate in the first place either.

      • He’s definetly NOT a fan of Alex. Wasn’t it him who started nelly fang rumours too. He’s always very bitchy and meanspirited when he wrotes about Alex.

  3. I’m a Trueblood Fan first and an Alexander Skarsgard fan second.I HATE Twilight! I never will or have watched a Twilight film,even thought I like
    Taylor Lautner~I can’t stand Robert Pattinson!
    The boy looks like an Unmade bed!.
    You really want to have a laugh~I have a connection to
    the whole Twilight franchise~and that is a cousin of mine through marriage. He works for Summit Pictures,
    it was begun by a group of his friends and they offered him a job. Once his mom and I were talking an
    she mentioned she had a extra copy of the first book and would I like it~I said “Aunt Lorayne,I love you and
    I love my cousin Stuart,but my Vampires Don’t Sparkle,
    I’m old school, I love HBO’s TrueBlood!”

    When I get into a talk with someone on Facebook about
    Twilight I always say “you want to see REAL VAMPIRES,
    tune into HBO’s TrueBlood,now there are Vampires”
    Real Vampires DON’T Sparkle or walk in the Daytime~~~~~
    well with the exception of BLADE!.

  4. Blade was at least awesome, but yeah, agreed. I admit, I did like the Twilight books the first time I read them, but the hype has really made them blah to me now. And the movies, I only really watch for Taylor. Plus, they’re fun to mock;)

    • you know there are a whole bunch of Twi-fans who feel the same way??
      check out LettersToTwilight.com, they’re super hilarious and NORMAL fans, and they’re not afraid to make fun of the cheesiness lol, actually thats what they do best!

  5. Ted Casablanca is vicious, bitter old queen who needs to DIAF.

    Someone had to say it :P

  6. It really isn’t anyone’s business who Alex is dating.

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