Skarsgards Invade The King’s Speech Party

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Alexander Skarsgard is joined by his family at the Audi Celebrates The King’s Speech Awards Season Party held at Chateau Marmont on Monday (February 7) in Los Angeles. The True Blood star’s dad Stellan and his younger brother Bill also attended the bash. Alexander’s girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, was at the party, too.

Sources: Just Jared and Wire Image

ETA: Alex’s brother in this pic is actually Gustaf and not Bill, as reported by Just Jared.com! Sorry for any misinformation or inconvenience this may have caused. :(

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8 comments on “Skarsgards Invade The King’s Speech Party

  1. Alexander,Stellen & Bill all have the same blue/green eyes.

  2. That’s Gustav not Bill

  3. It is his brother Gustaf, it is not Bill!

  4. @Mia and @Dee, sorry for the misinformation. :( Maybe someone should tell them that it’s Gustaf and not Bill over at Just Jared.com? We just quoted it from their site. ;) Thanks for the correction, I’ve edited the original post! ;)

  5. Eh, it’s not a big deal. I don’t know his brothers well enough to tell them apart…lol!

  6. You can so see the family resemblance!

  7. […] Skarsgards Invade The King’s Speech Party: Picture of Alex and his family, taken from Audi’s King’s Speech Awards Party, held at the Chateau Marmont on Feb. 7th! […]

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