2/15: Quopic of the Day

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers! :)

Yesterday we mentioned there was going to be a special surprise in store for you, because it was Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, our plans didn’t work out. What it was, was a specially made wallpaper for you to keep. But…there were technical issues and then I had to work and ran out of time. Sorry for disappointing you. :( It’s a good idea though and while it may not say, Happy Valentine’s Day anymore, we will keep working on it and will post it for you. :)  How does that sound?

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and spent it with the person you love! :D

And now, it’s time for the Quopic of the Day! :D Since I wasn’t able to post one yesterday, this is going to be both a pic and a quote!

“But you’ll listen, right? If I need to talk? For the same reason?”
“Of course, my lover.”
“Because you want to have sex with me.”
“That, of course. But also because I find I really do…” He paused, as if he were about to say something outrageous. “I find I have feelings for you.”
“Oh,” I said into his chest, sounding as astonished as Eric had. His chest was bare, as I suspected the rest of him was. I felt the light sprinkling of curly blond hair against my cheek.
“Eric,” I said, after a long pause, “I almost hate to say this, but I have feelings for you, too.”
There was a lot I needed to tell Eric, and we should be in the car on our way to Shreveport already. But I was taking this moment to savor this little bit of happiness.
“Not love, exactly,” he said. His fingers were busy trying to find out how best to get my clothes off.
“No, but something close.” I helped him. “We don’t have much time, Eric,” I said, reaching
down, touching him, making him gasp. “Let’s make it good.”

~Dead To The World (Book 4)

Why this quote? Because it’s the first time they shared their feelings with each other and they both felt the same way!

Do you think we’ll get anything close to this during Season 4 on True Blood?

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6 comments on “2/15: Quopic of the Day

  1. If Alan Ball knows what’s good for him then he include this along with” Chapter 6
    INTACT ~that means “NO delations~ ALL ADDITIONS WELCOMED!!!”

  2. Hope so too, Marlene! I’m sure all of us, Eric & Sookie lovers agree with you! :)

  3. More sex with Eric, and less of Bill would make for a very good season=)

  4. We want more Eric and Sookie. I can’t wait until June. Waiting sucks and I hope Eric does.If you know what I mean

  5. I would love to see something like this on the show.

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