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Video: Hooded Alex At Bristol Farms

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers! :)

A hooded Alexander Skarsgard was spotted (and harassed :roll: ) by the paparazzi while leaving Bristol Farms on Saturday, March 26! Alex completely ignored their questions – on whether or not he’s engaged to Kate Bosworth.

You can watch the video here: x17video.com

Poor Alex…you got to feel sorry for him! :(

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One comment on “Video: Hooded Alex At Bristol Farms

  1. I get so confused with these two? One minute the’re getting engaged and the next their breaking up. What’ up with that? I just read a post by celebitchy that took an artical from US Weekly which says the opposite. They need to make up their minds, I love me some ASkars but the rumors KBos (if it is her rumors) has running around are GUH killing ASkars diehard fans hearts…


    Thanks for such a wonderful site EricandSookielover, this is my favorite site you rock! I’m not trying to start rumors or bad mouth KBos so please take this with the spirit it was given, not to be malicious but curious to WTF..

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