Heavy Metal Band Serenades Eric & Sookie?

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers! :)

Inside True Blood Blog posted yesterday in regards to the episode, “Beautifully Broken”. Thought you might find what they wrote interesting! :)

This is what they said…

This Sunday, HBO is re-airing episode 2 from last season, ‘Beautifully Broken.’ According to writer Raelle Tucker, “This was one of the most difficult stories I’d had to figure out in my four years on ‘True Blood.’ I wrote three completely different versions of this script. In one version, Eric tricked Sookie into a surprise date at Fangtasia. He had a metal band serenade her and Ginger had prepared a feast of tube top sandwiches. Another version had Sam’s mother, Melinda Mickens, turn into a goat. I have no idea why anymore. We call figuring out an episode breaking story… and this one had been such a bitch to break, that when I came across this song ‘Beautifully Broken,’ I thought it was the perfect title.”

Notice the part in bold and italics?

What would you have thought if they had filmed that scene instead of what we got?

Sound off below!

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2 comments on “Heavy Metal Band Serenades Eric & Sookie?

  1. Honestly, I think that would have been hilarious, but not something I could have pictured. I think the version they went with was pretty good.

  2. I think it would’ve been funny too. I wonder what band they would’ve used?? LOL

    But I prefer what they went with.

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