Poll: Who’s Hot & Who’s Not?

This poll pairs up Eric Northman and Damon Salvatore VS. Bill Compton and Stefan Salvatore to find out who’s hot and who’s not?

It doesn’t matter if you prefer The Vampire Diaries or True Blood. It doesn’t matter if you belong to both fandoms. This poll is to determine which pair you think is hotter!

Why is that you ask?

It goes like this…while voting in an another poll over at True Blood Wetpaint – most of us felt it was somewhat disappointing to have to vote for Bill only because he was paired up with Eric. While they each have their own pros and cons – we felt it would be interesting to find out who would win if we paired the vampires who have similar interests and personalities, even though they belong to different shows.

It all comes down to who you prefer – the bad boys (Eric/Damon) or the good (Bill/Stefan)?

What do these pairs have in common?

There are many similarities between Eric and Damon.

  • They are both known as bad boys with hearts of gold, in which Sookie and Elena bring out their softer, more gentler side and make them do good things.
  • They love Sookie and Elena for who they are and accept their imperfections.
  • They are both good-looking, womanizers and love being vampires.
  • They are proud of who they are and use whatever means necessary to get the job done.
  • They both are charming and have great charisma.
  • They are both manipulators and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.
  • They have murdered, tortured and made lives horrible for the loved ones of Sookie and Elena.

There are many similarities between Bill and Stefan.

  • They had the privilege to meet the certain ladies first.
  • They appear to be good and do good things.
  • They both are physically pleasing to the eye.
  • They are both dark and handsome.
  • They both hate being vampires.
  • They both aren’t afraid to show how much they resent their fate.
  • They both try their best to save Sookie and Elena.
  • They try to tell the women what to do and what they think is best.
  • They try to live their lives for the better and try to do only good things.

For a reminder of their physical attributes, we’ve kindly posted pictures of the vampires shirtless!

Let’s vote and see how well each pair matches up, shall we?

Who’s hot and who’s not?

Please vote for the two vampires you think are the hottest!

In order for this poll to be both accurate and fair – you can only vote once – so make sure you vote carefully!

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12 comments on “Poll: Who’s Hot & Who’s Not?

  1. So not fair, now you’re making me vote for Damon…lol! As much as I love Stefan, Eric has to come first. Although, I hate seeing him be compared to Bill. And really, putting the poll in here, we all know who’s going to win.

  2. Tammy:
    I LOVE Eric & Damon!! Great combination!
    And anything that helps win Sookie for Eric I say ‘Go for it”
    Love Stephen Moyer~cant’s stand William Thomas Compton!

  3. Sure, it’s a great combination, but Damon hasn’t completely won me over like Eric has.

  4. Love Eric and love Damon….there is no comparison between the 2 sets of hottie vamps..lol

  5. I am team Eric and Damon! I just starting getting into Vampire Dairies! omg Eric and Damon are a lot alike! I still think Eric is way more vampire then Damon could ever be but i just love Damon too! I think its walks the evil line a little more then Eric but i think they are both way in love with Sookie and Elena! I think they would do anything for them!

    what is there to say about Bill and Stefan…i think they are some of the suckest vampire there… i think they = Edward from twlight there. I wont lie i do like twlight… well expect the sparkle (like really i hate that) and Edward! But i do think twlight has some vampire that are not bad.

  6. See, I don’t get why everyone is down on Stefan. He’s nothing like Bill, and there is no comparison at all with Edward. If you like Damon more, that’s fine, but I really don’t get all of the Stefan hate.

    • I don’t think he’s much like Bill either to be honest, beyond the very basics. ;) I still prefer Damon, but I see where you are coming from.

      I can’t stand Bill, at all. Stefan I don’t mind I just like Damon more.

      • Okay, that’s fine, I just hate when people keep comparing him to Bill, or Edward, that one really annoys me.

  7. Eric, Damon and Stefan any day . Bill who ? Him is a faker , boring and look pathetic old, the all combination make me want vomit , I like Stephen Moyer though . Damon is interesting , but Eric just have the hottest sex apell .

  8. Eric Northman all the way! I had no choice so i voted for damon cause he is in eric team but don like him at all! And Bill Compton is not one of my favorites but instead of Stefan… anything is better.

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