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Charlaine Takes A Bite Out Of Seattle

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers! :)

Charlaine recently toured the Seattle area to sign autographs and read the latest Sookie book, Dead Reckoning!

One of Seattle’s premier websites, Seattlest interviewed Charlaine during her stay!

This is a portion of what was shared…

What is your favorite compliment you’ve gotten from a reader? Your strangest response to the books?

Several readers have told me that I got them through hard times in their lives: the terminal illness of a loved one, severe depression, and other terrible situations. What an amazing compliment those have been.

The strangest response? People who obviously think I write very racy and daring books. Some of the Sookie books don’t contain any sex scenes at all. I wonder what else they’re reading! My books seem so mild to me.

Have you changed direction in any of the story lines because of reader (or viewer) feedback?

No. Being a writer isn’t like running a democracy. I know that in these times of instant reader access to writers, that line gets blurred a bit.

What do you think about “True Blood”? How has it influenced your writing, if at all?

I don’t believe it has: Alan is filming Book Four, more or less, and I’ve completed the eleventh book. I love the show.

“True Blood” has featured some significant deviations from your novels in both story and characters. How does that make you feel?

Alan and his writers are all very smart and very experienced. I knew they would have their own ideas and sudden inspirations to change the story line. It certainly makes the viewing more interesting for me.

You can read the rest of the interview in its entirety here!

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One comment on “Charlaine Takes A Bite Out Of Seattle

  1. I love the books… mostly. Having said that first I’d like to say that I wish someone would call her out on the fact that the last two books were very disappointing!! I truly feel that she has lost her passion for the series and the characters. After all she is ending the series earlier than planned. If I had a chance to ask her a question or something I would simply say “How do you feel or want to respond to the fans who say that the series have taken a dive and are not as good as they once were? Have you lost your passion for the series?” Unfortunately me and other fans will continue to read the series even though they have gone down hill. I’m sure that most fans will continue to read the series. I already know some who have bought every book but after the last one have decided not to pay for this one and future books, they will borrow them from friends or the library. Don’t try to tell me anything about the fact that it is then eleventh so give her a break because the Morganville Vampires series and The Dresden Files are in a long run and have not suffered at all!

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