End Of Show’s Top 5 True Blood Season 3 Moments

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers! :)

As True Blood Season 3 comes out on DVD, End of Show takes a look back at True Blood Season 3’s Top 5 Moments!

There is only one scene with Eric and only one scene with Sookie and neither one of them is together at the time.  :(  Not sure how I feel about that, but feel free to express your thoughts down below! :)

This is the one scene with Eric…

Eric and Talbot: Episode 3.08; "Night on the Sun"

It takes a man like Eric to break up a 700 year love affair and he does it in good style by seducing and then staking Talbot, thereby dragging Russell Edgington away from his plan to kill Bill and Sookie. Eric’s relentless pursuit of his father’s crown added a touching element to the blood fest.

Last seen – Talbot went down the garbage disposal and Eric managed to escape from the same fate as Russell, and told Sookie about Bill’s duplicity.

Here’s Sookie’s one scene…

Sookie goes to Fairyland ~ Episode 3.12; "Evil Is Going On"

Sookie’s fairy ancestry is a double-edged sword. It gives her the answers she’s been craving about her family and her gift, but it also puts something else on her already loaded plate. Her scenes with Claudine in the fairy realm leave more questions than answers.

Last seen – happily being transported to the land of the fairies.

You can see the rest of their picks here!

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2 comments on “End Of Show’s Top 5 True Blood Season 3 Moments

  1. I loved how Eric seduced Talbot and then preceeded to send him to his
    Final Death by staking him with a 2000 year old Porn Scroll!!! I would say
    that this scene was my favourite one next to Sookie sending Lorena to her
    Final Death while suspended above her child/lover Bill Compton!.

  2. When it comes to Sookie and her fairy ancestors~ I’ve got as many questions concerning them as Sookie does? The questions that I have began
    in the hospital when the women told Tara about Sookie not having a blood type~And where did Sookie go at the end of Season 3?? Is the Faery some kind of alien space craft?? Season 4 can’t get here soon enough in my book!

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