True Blood Season 5 To Have 13 Episodes?

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

Here is the latest casting call and the episode title for True Blood Season 4: Episode 12!

TRUE BLOOD, Episode 412, “And When I Die

Writer: Raelle Tucker

Director: Scott Winant

Start Date: Approx. 6/15/11Location: LA


[PATRICK DEVINS] 30-45, tough, and ruggedly attractive, he served in the military with Terry, and they share a serious history: Terry saved Patrick’s life twice. 7 out of 13 episodes next season.

[DOUG] this schlubby guy in a hard hat is Alcide’s construction foreman. 2 lines, 1 scene.

Source: IMDb.com

Wow, 13 episodes next season?  :shock:  That’s good news…BUT it could be a misprint too. HBO has confirmed there will be 12 episodes, but we haven’t heard anything more about there being 13. While I think most of us agree that 12 is too short of a season, I think whoever wrote this casting call had a little slip of their fingers when they wrote it up!

Don’t worry…we will keep you informed once we hear more from True Blood and HBO!

What do you think of these latest casting calls and the episode title?

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28 comments on “True Blood Season 5 To Have 13 Episodes?

  1. Truely love the idea of 13 episodes!!
    Like what I’m reading about Terry’s buddy Patrick~ can’t wait to meet him.
    Alcide’s forman sounds like he’s a rough and tumble guy~ wonder what kind
    of a wolf he turns into???? Wonder what color he is??
    Black or grey???

    • i just started watching this show and at first i was iffy but then i kept watching it and its so darn addicting lol i love it :-)

  2. I love this show! I can’t wait for more to come out. I like the idea of 13 episodes!

  3. isnt there only 6 episodes in seasson 4. Is there a seasson 5 ??

  4. Oh, there should be more then 13 episodes for sure! For the fact that 12 episodes is just to short for so much information to be crammed in. And at the end of 12 episodes we as viewers have to wait another year for the next short ass season. I think it would be freat to have 15-17 episodes!

  5. In the last sentence, there was a typo (freat instead of great).

  6. When does Season 5 start??????????/

  7. just watched season 4 ending and i can’t wait until season 5 welcome back Edgington

  8. This show has me sooooo engaged!!! The writers are awesome! I need more and more often…..I think I’m addicted! lol

    Eric is one hot son-of-a-vampire!

  9. I have been hooked on this show since season 1…I wish the season was longer..I hate going all winter without it….

  10. We need to have some of the lesser characters in subplots in the off season. There is so much information in the books you can do that. A calendar year between seasons is ridiculous. I read all or the books in a few weeks after the last season. By the time it comes back we’ll be crazy. I am thinking about cancelling my cable in protest. I appreciate the writing, but frankly the Sookie and Eric seemed almost holkie in the beginning more fairytale than relationship. They needed to spend more time together and why did they leave us hanging on the threesome. Next thing you knew she was breaking up with them. It felt like an interim season, just to get you to the next part of the action…I wanted more!

    • I just cancel my HBO until it comes back on…I do the same for Shotime(Dexter) LOL. I have to the prices are gas station robbery!! Cant wait til June 2012 though :)

  11. Is it really true that we’ll have to wait for next year for season 5???? I can’t wait that long everyday i watch an episode its become a routine for me and now its just gonna stop for that long???…….shit. Can someone please reply to this: ive watched 12 episodes for season 4 is there really a thirteenth?

    • Yes, we have to wait until June of 2012 for Season 5. There’s not a 13th episode in Season 4. When we wrote up this post, and their casting call mentioned this character being in 7 out of 13 episodes, we aren’t sure if that’s a misprint or what? HBO HAS confirmed there will be 12 episodes in Season 5 though. Hope that helps!

    • I think you misunderstood, there was only 12. Believe me I now!!!

  12. I will wait for the review of each episode from of course Eric & Sookie fans before I decide to watch it. I still would like to see Luke Evans as a vampire- he really looks yum as Zeus in “the immortals”- I wonder how he looks like with fangs. Maybe as King Felipe de Castro- if the character is even going to be adapted in TB.

  13. i cant wait for next season !! getting so excited already lol !! i loved all of season 4 !! eric and sookie need to be together !!! MASSIVE TrueBlood fan !!! <3

  14. I cant wait to see Season 5 with Eric again and NOW Chris Menoli !!!!

  15. I have finsihed watching the season 4 and now im reading the books omg this show is soo addicting.. :P


  17. I would love to see Sookie & Eric spend more time together alone! I wish that TB would stick to the books! I love the books! If sookie ends up with Sam in the books, I’m going to be pissed!!!!!!

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