Video Interview With Charlaine Harris

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

Charlaine Harris was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal recently!

In it, she talks about Eric & Sookie, her thoughts on True Blood and incorporating Hurricane Katrina into her novels!

You can watch the interview below!

While we’re at it…check out the new book cover of Dead To The World, with the True Blood tie-in! What do you think?

Here are my thoughts…WTF?  :shock:

Why are Alcide and especially Bill on the cover of this book? Bill was in Peru the entire time…Alcide wasn’t even mentioned.

What are your thoughts? How does this cover make you feel?

Share them both below!

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5 comments on “Video Interview With Charlaine Harris

  1. Interviewer was a bit “stiff” for my tastes.
    It was interesting to see Charlaine’s reaction to the interviewer’s comment
    about how from the start of her reading the books that “ERIC/Sookie must
    Be together”~ Ms.Harris you wrote ERIC NORTHMAN~YOU SHOULD
    expect that there would be readers who are obcessed with him.
    Alan Ball picked the “perfect actor” to bring ERIC NORTHMAN to LIFE.
    Alexander Johan Haljmar Skardgard .

  2. I understand why Eric and Alcide are on the cover with Sookie. But Bill?!
    Bill’s ass was off to Peru for most of the book. WTF!!!

  3. I am deeply disappointed. My first impuls was not to watch the interview and I sadly was right. AB would tell us on TB diffrent Sookie love story than she did in books…. and her reaction on book fan regarding Sookie and Eric story… CH is a big faker and teaser and she just distroys my weekend!

  4. I think CH was purposely trying to not show any emotions whatsoever because she wants the BL’s to keep buying her books, so she can’t show any kind of emotions other than what we see here.

    BUT…I didn’t like how she seemed to accept that AB could have a different ending than she would have in the books. If I were her…I’d be upset by that. He’s trying to re-tell HER story and that doesn’t sit well with me. She’s okay with it?? :shock:

  5. Whether she’s okay with it or not, she signed a contract and can’t do much about it. She’s probably accepted by now that Alan Ball will do things his own way, even if she doesn’t exactly like it. She’s not exactly going to come out and say how much she hates what he’s done as that would be unprofessional. Charlaine, to me, always comes across as a polite and respectful woman, I don’t think it’s her nature to bad mouth anyone in public.

    As for the cover, Alcide played a fairly significant role in Dead to the World, and there is chemistry between Sookie and Alcide before she ends up sleeping Amnesia Eric, so it makes sense for him to be on the cover. Bill spends most of the book in Peru, though he does turn up near the end, so that’s a bit off. It’s still better than the current book 8 cover that features MaryAnne (Seriously? whose idea was that!) or the current book ten cover which has Layfayette and Jessica included.

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