Dead Reckoning: A Great Book Review

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

We found this book review of Dead Reckoning and just had to share it with you! The writer brings up many great points and gives you something to hope for the rest of the series!

She feels, Dead Reckoning is only the beginning of what’s yet to come in the series and gives you a different perspective for those who didn’t like the book for whatever reason(s).

Will Sookie fight for Eric? Will Eric be Sookie’s HEA? Burning questions we’re all dying to know! You will have to read this review and see what the writer says! ;)

You may read the review here!

PS. To Tiffany (the writer), I couldn’t agree more and I’m glad you feel the same way as I do! What happens in Dead Reckoningisn’t the end of the world for Eric & Sookie…but only the beginning!  Thanks for writing your review!

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10 comments on “Dead Reckoning: A Great Book Review

  1. I also thought this book showed a lot of promise for Eric and Sookie. It forced them to start relating to each other as a couple. “What would I do for this person I love so much?” She’s spot on about the moment the bond was broken. I was just heartbroken at the line: “And I lost Eric.” She definitely didn’t think that through, but his franticness when he sees her popped off the page. I

    I’ve been trying to find two interviews CH gave. In one, she says Sookie will never be a vampire; and in the other, she says in the end, Sookie won’t be with a vampire. Put those two together and I keep coming back to the idea that Sookie is going to use the cluveil dor to turn Eric human. I need to go back and read that because I think I missed a clue.

  2. Glad you liked the review. I really enjoyed the book and couldn’t figure out why it upset so many people.

    Im2xshy, that would certainly be a big finale if she turned Eric human. I can’t see him approving of that but who knows…. love takes us strange places.

    • I think I know why it upset a lot of Eric & Sookie lovers…it’s because of the way Sookie reacted to Eric after Victor was killed, turning away from him and Eric biting her the way he did. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but it wasn’t that big of a deal to me.

      Eric was happy because they won. Sookie was in shock. They just weren’t on the same page at that point in time. I wouldn’t sweat it. There’s many times I’m not on the same page as my own husband! :roll: Or, so he tells me…Haha!

  3. It sure would! Before Dead Reckoning, I would have said I don’t think he would go for it. But seeing the lengths he’s gone to to get out of the marriage to Oklahmoa and not wanting to hurt Sookie with that information until it was aboslutely unavoidable, I see him changing. He’ll have to ask himself just how much he loves her and whether or not he can get through her death. I’ve seen it done before in another book and I’ve seen it done well. Sometimes I think “That’s an injustice to that character!” But as a writer, I think “It’s her character and her story to tell.” I’d be on board if it’s done well.

  4. Same here, and I want it to be something he chooses. I’ll be pretty pissed if Sookie makes that decision for him, but I don’t really see that happening. Not after she broke the bond without talking to him first, I doubt she’ll make that mistake again.

  5. I don’t think Eric would ever decide to be human…no matter the circumstances. He’s proud to be a vampire and doesn’t think much of humans.

    As for CH’s comments. I remember the one where she says Sookie won’t become a vampire, but I don’t remember the one where she says she won’t end up with a vampire. I know CH has commented that Sookie’s ending won’t be like “a white picket fence” type of ending…

    I will have to check it now out myself! LOL

  6. Well, I’d rather her end up with Eric as a human than someone else, and I don’t believe he couldn’t ever choose that. He was willing to give everything up for her when cursed, so it’s not completely out of the question.

  7. Interesting. Maybe she doesn’t make it through the end of the last book. That would really suck.

    • I think Sookie will…I don’t think CH will kill her off. It’s just not going to be a typical ending with Sookie living a normal kind of life. At least, as far as humans go. That’s all that CH meant by that “white picket fence” statement.

  8. I remember CH saying that she would never kill Sookie off, that would kind of suck if the heroine dies in the end.

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