Alan Ball Reveals Spoilers For Seasons 4 & 5

*scratches eyes* Are my eyes deceiving me? Did Alan Ball reveal some spoilers tonight? :shock: In case you’re wondering why we said that, read below!

WARNING: If you want to remain spoiler-free, please don’t read any further!

Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer took the stage at the Television Critics Association’s (TCA) summer press tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

This is what TV Line.com revealed;

* True, HBO has yet to pick up True Blood for Season 5, but based on Ball’s announcement that he recently “closed a deal to do another [year],” it’s looking likely. “Everything ends, and there will be an end for me on this show at some point,” he offered. “But I don’t have any desire to leave because I’m having more fun than I have in my entire life.” What’s more, Ball explained that the writing staff is already breaking stories on the fifth season, which will “explore how one of the vampires was made,” as well as introduce new characters.

* If there’s a standout moment between Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), Sookie, and Bill, in Season 4′s ninth episode, Paquin gets all the credit. The actress says she gave Ball some rare input on an upcoming scene, and it may end up on air.

* That super creepy baby storyline has really just developed organically — much to the amusement of Ball. “I had no idea where that was going to go [when we first showed the doll],” he explained. “And now the creepy baby doll has found its way to creepy baby. They’re teamed up now. There’s something going on between those two, I can tell you that.”

* Moyer confirmed what TVLine readers already knew: That the Queen of all Things Zing, Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam), has a “one-liner coming up that is probably one of the great lines of all time.”

This is great news! Not only will there more than likely be a 5th season of True Blood…but we have a zinger of a one-liner, from the Queen of Zing! (I love that name! Haha!) I wonder what scene Anna gave imput on and will they actually air it?

If Alan Ball follows, “Dead As A Doornail” (book 5) in True Blood Season 5, we have many great Eric & Sookie scenes to look forward to! Hopefully, Alan Ball and Co. will put most of them in!

The only downside to all of this is…more characters…? Isn’t there too many already?

What are your thoughts?

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12 comments on “Alan Ball Reveals Spoilers For Seasons 4 & 5

  1. I LOVE the fact that we’re talking Seson 5 already!!
    I’m going to be watching that’s for sure!
    Now I LOVE the photo above of Sookie & Eric.
    Mr.Ball Please ccntinue Eric & Sookie’s love story????
    I love Kristian Bauer Van Stratten’s new nickname!
    The Queen of the Zingers! Yes,Pamela can really lay them out!
    Can’t wait to see how Eric & Pamela met in London.
    I’m looking foward to seeing all of the wonderful Victorian clthes
    she and Eric and maybe Godric & Lorena will be wearing????


  3. I’m very curious about this line of Pam’s, I’m really looking forward to how she was made. I’ve wanted a flashback with Pam and Eric for so long now, but I agree, we don’t need anymore new characters. I’m still hoping Quinn won’t be one of them.

  4. i love it…please no QUINN…..and i hope for more sookie and eric…

  5. For some reason I never even considered that there wasn’t going to be a Season 5, 6 or 7 for that matter. Like most trubies, I hope True Blood never ends, but like all great things do, I know it will. I just never considered it to be before Season 9 or 10 atleast ;) It also worries me that Mr. Ball isn’t guaranteed to head all of them. I can’t imagine anyone being able to follow in his footsteps. I also hope they don’t go by the books for the rest of the seasons mainly because they really haven’t before this season. Season 4 has almost gone directly by the book with a few exceptions of course but that’s what I love so much about it, everything is so unexpected and unpredictable. And honestly, the books have gotten more and more boring unfortunately, I do LOVE the books, but compared to the show, they’re boring. No offense to Mrs. Harris, the books are still amazing and I can’t wait for the next one because I want to see how she ends the story.

    • It is the love story like with Damon and Elena and Eric and Sookie that we are all hooked on and can’t get enough of them yet they get so little screen time. Concentrate on them more since they will only be around another season. I want a happily ever after for them. Alex said he was leaving after two more seasons. Get the show on the road before he leaves. When actors keep your attention like these do it is so fun and exciting to get lost in their make believe world for a while.

  6. I want the rest of that picture! :)

  7. I really hope they don’t bring Quinn in the show. Book 5 and book 7 were great and I would love to see them played out. Book 6 is my least favorite, so I hope they change that one. I think after season 5, Alan should make a movie on the rest of the series since will end the books. Can’t wait for Sunday’s episode!

  8. so happy there is a season 5…hope sookie,eric and pam get more much more screen time. so far eric’s screen time in season 4 has been averaging about 7 minutes per episode. sorry but IMO, tara and lover i can do without, terry and arlene i can do without, sick to death of them and tommy and jesus. story lines are stupid and going no where great…. i know AB loves bill…so give bill his own storyline away from eric and sookie. love alcide and hopefully debby turns crazy and villianous. the witches storyline is good but without jesus and lafayette…what are they doing to lafayette he is too talented to have such a stupid storyline. don’t like sam’s storyline but like sam.. so get rid of terry, arlene, jesus, and tommy and more time to the vamps….it is true blood remember….sometimes i wonder if AB did read the books.

  9. I love Terry, but I don’t care for the whole evil baby/doll story line.

  10. For some reason i want Quinn to come into the picture, so there be more drama =)

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