New Season 4 Trailer from the TCA conference

All right, Eric and Sookie lovers…this is a good one!! Check out the following trailer that was shown at the Television Critics Association conference. I think this might be the best Season 4 trailer I’ve seen yet!

True Blood 2011 TCA Trailer from Michael Coelho on Vimeo.

Or, you can watch it on You Tube below!

What do you think?

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6 comments on “New Season 4 Trailer from the TCA conference

  1. This was a wonderful trailer~Season 4’s going to be very interesting~it’s interesting so far and only going to be getting
    better as the next episodes come down!.
    As of Sunday we have only 6 more episodes to go!!!

  2. How awesome does Anna look in that red underwear!I Nice work lady.

  3. Except that scene worries me because we know she was wearing that in the supposed dream with Eric and Bill, I so better not see any threesome action going on. I’m so tired of Bill always invading their moments, even if it is just a dream. Why can’t she just be done with him already? There are obviously much better men out there.

  4. Looked like Hoyt literally kicked Jessica out of the house. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that Hadley was supposed to be back this season as a witch. Guess that either didn’t pan out or wasn’t a reliable source.

    Also, maybe someone can clear this up with scary baby. I thought that the reason why Arlene thought the baby was Rene’s was because the first time she and Terry had sex they were under the power of Maryanne and didn’t remember it, so she just assumed the baby was Rene’s.

  5. Was that Hoyt’s voice yelling to Jessica when she was about to go outside? It looked like she was at Bill’s house.

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