Three Recaps About Eric & Sookie’s Moon

Greetings Eric and Sookie lovers! Hope you’re recovering nicely from the fangover we know you’re experiencing because we’re feeling it too! How many times have you re-watched this episode by now? We don’t know either, because we’ve lost count! Haha!

It’s a good thing we’ve found three recaps and reviews about the episode, so we don’t have to say anything. It’s hard enough as it is – just typing this! LOL Let’s just say, we were extremely pleased by this episode! ;)

What do others think? We have links to three different websites, who have posted their review of True Blood, I Wish I Was The Moon! Most of them, say some great things about Eric and Sookie and what happened between them under the moon and the stars!

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Here are the links and our favorite quote(s) from their review!

Washington Post:

Last things first, let’s just get this out of the way: Sookie and Eric finally do it, having sweet swamp sex as the episode ends. (Why in a swamp, when Eric could have had them home in a couple of seconds? Because they are just too passionate! Don’t kill the mood with these practicalities.)


We’ve seen what Real Eric’s capable of with Yvetta, but he was tender and slow with Sookie. Nice Eric is a total breast man, but he wasn’t interested in biting her. I kept waiting to see if he would as he kissed her neck, but if he’s as scared of snuffing out the light in her as he said he was, he wouldn’t risk it. As it stands now, I’d say that was the most beautifully filmed love scene in the show’s four seasons. We live in a world where Eric and Sookie have had sex!

Hollywood Life:

Seriously, if you thought last week’s Sookie/Eric kiss was epic, this week’s outdoor excursion must have blown your mind. King Bill (Stephen Moyer) was all set to stake Eric on the lawn, when the Nordic beauty’s final request prompted a change of heart.

Eric said he was willing to die — especially considering all the horrible things he’s done in the past — but that he wanted Bill to end up with Sookie afterwards. (That makes ONE of us…) He said Sookie deserves happiness with whomever can give it to her. Clearly Bill’s cold, selfish heart melted right along with ours.

On the Hollywood Life link, there’s a poll to cast your vote on who’s first time was better – Eric and Sookie’s or Bill and Sookie’s?

Cast your vote here: Vote Eric and Sookie

What do you think about these reviews and the episode, I Wish I Was The Moon

5 comments on “Three Recaps About Eric & Sookie’s Moon

  1. Way to go TB!!! Beautifully played!! Eric and Sookie for life and beyond!!

  2. Beyond a doubt, being an E/S fan from when the books first came out. I thought I’d never see the day on TB. Maybe, its’ because of the anticipation of whatever, but, I thought that approx. 90 sec. of screen time for the big scene wasn’t quite enough. I would of appreciated a bit longer to gaze upon one of the most important points of the whole storyline.

    I do look forward to the next six weeks to see how the rest of the story plays out.

  3. I knew that scene would be at the very end of the episode, so I wasn’t expecting it to be very long. I’m hoping there will be more to come.

  4. I was waiting for last night Epidosde for 4 years!!
    I love it. from brhinning to end.
    Sookie & Eric making Love for the first time was just perfect.
    It was supposed dto be under a Full Moon,with the stars twinkiing,
    A slight breeze wafting thru the air,and the sounds of the rorest
    filling the skies around them.
    More love making will be coming~Sookie will want to take a
    Shower before she & Eric climb into her bed.
    So that means Chapter 6,Book 4 pages 116-126 .
    Thank you Alan Ball.!

  5. I could just watch that kiss in the woods over and over and over.

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