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Hey Eric & Sookie lovers!

We need your help! We’ve been asked to give our opinion on what we think of True Blood Season 4 – so far – by LocateTV.com! They’ve asked us to be a guest True Blood blogger for them!

We feel extremely excited, honored and happy about this, as you can imagine! ;) We would like YOU to give your opinion too! Please help us by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

Thanks Eric & Sookie lovers!

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41 comments on “We Need Your Eric & Sookie Lovin’ Help

  1. That is exciting! Congratulations! I think its the best season yet. I think the work of the actors and the writers is better than everything that’s come before it.

  2. I think it has been a good season where Eric and Sookie are concerned but that there has been far too little of them. Bill being King is absurd but he has also interfered too much in the story of Sookie and Eric but then again there are far too many main characters and stories. Sookie has felt a bit more like book Sookie in recent episodes and that is all to the good. i do think that Alan Ball is determined to keep Eric and Sookie apart because he is obsessed with SM and Bill and I think that ultimately that will destroy the show. I’m glad that locatetv.com are interested in the views of actual fans of the show.

  3. Too much Bill, not enough Eric. Also, lose at least half of the non-main characters. If it’s not directly vampire or Sookie related, I’m not interested.

  4. GREAT Eric/Sookie season. Have no complaints about that, other than the screen time. Need MORE E/S! There are WAAAY too many characters and, jumping from character to character is extremely distracting. Don’t like Bill as King but I do enjoy the potential Jessica/Jason. HATE Tara this year. Basically, more E/S time and, what we do have of E/S is amazing. :)

  5. With the exception of season one, i think it is the best season yet. No complaints other than more E/S screen time and less Bill in between. I understand that it is a triangle, but given that a majority of fans want E/S over S/B, give them the attention that they deserve. I too have loved what we have gotten so far. I love that they have centered their relationship around an emotional connection- it is believable. They are genuinely falling in love with each other. It is slow, but sweet. But, i want to see more and i just hope that the relationship continues into other seasons because the dynamic we now have and the possibilities that could occur if and/or when Eric gets his memory back is great. There is so much more that can be done.

  6. More Eric and Sookie time. Make True Blood a longer show or have more minisodes. I like all of the different stories. I LOVE the witches!!! I Love Queen Mabv, and what they did with the fairies. I like Sookie better this year too, and Tara. I love the references to mythology, and philosophy that are so effortlessly and humorously woven into the stories. I am crazy about this show!

  7. So far the Alan Ball has done an excellent job with the show! I love how the major plot line (where Sookie is concerned) is kept very close. I do believe Alan should stay true to the essence of the books. I think it is important to keep bookies and trubies both equally entertained. I am a fan of both and thus far have very little complaint with what Alan has done. His adaption is beautiful. I do have to say that Alan does seem to undermine the Eric Sookie relationship, The thing I personally miss the most out of the books is the snarky/flirty conversation between Eric and Sookie.

  8. I think season 4 is the best season so far, I’m actually impressed with some of the twists that Alan Ball made to the story line rivaling even book 4 in my opinion, for instance the twist with the witch having an actual credible reason to come after Eric and cast her spell on him and all other vampires, as opposed to just wanting to sleep with Eric. I also like that Fairy blood enables vampires to day walk, and thought it was an amusing twist Eric Killing Claudine. I do however agree that we have not seen enough of Eric and Sookie, as main characters they should be dominating the screen as oppose to just being background figures. another aspect that concerns me as a viewer is how much they are changing Eric’s character, even amnesiac Eric in the book would not of bowed to weak Bill, and Pam would never have betrayed Eric. I don’t care for Tara’s character, nor do I want to watch Tommy. But baby Vamp Jessica and Jason will be interesting and what can I say Lafayette is as funny as ever.

  9. How wonderful! Congratulations.
    As of last Sunday’s show I’m a very happey Camper!
    On Sunday, I got the Episode that I’ve been waiting 4 years for:
    Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse making love for the first time!
    The setting was Perfect,under the moon & the Stars Eric and Sookie
    made Love,in a totally enchanted setting.
    There was a Full moon,a slight breeze was wafting thru the trees,owls and
    the houwls of wolves could be heard,the water was laping the shore line.
    Eric gently laid Sookie on the slightly damp grass, and then he slowly began to kiss her body taking his time building her Passion till she exploded.
    It was such a difference from the hurried love making of Bill Compton.
    If you were to ask me which I’d rather have , the hurried lovemaking of
    William Thomas compton OR the enticingly erotic love making
    of Eric Northman~ I would choose Eric Northman’s style every time!.

  10. As a lover of the book series, it is hard when the show takes such a strange turn… season 2 with the Maenad, and this season with Bill being King. But apart from that, season 4 has been interesting and entertaining. I think the chemistry between Sookie and Eric is electric, but they don’t seem to be getting enough screen time in. Give the fans more Eric and Sookie!!!!!!

  11. I am not a bookie (think the show is MUCH better) and I want more E/S!! AS is amazing and I want a true, heartbreaking lovestory between them with something to build on for season 5, where hopefully they will find each other again .. and fully aware of themselves – as they are. I thought the first few episodes, especially the “Sookie, you, are, mine” part was lame and uncalled for. He could have made a genuine move on her without the harshness. How about just keeping Eric flirty?
    Episodes 3-6 have been amazing and I hope the screentime will evolve as in past seasons to eventually dedicate more time to the main characters, so it does not feel so all-over-the-place..

  12. Totally agree with all that Kristin :)

  13. So far the show has been great developing the characters and of course our favorite couple Eric and Sookie!! There has been IMO, a little more stories than we are used to but the main characters are well develop and better yet awesomely acted!! Two thumbs up for True Blood!! And Eric and Sookie love moments, keep them coming!!!

  14. This season has been beyond good. The writing and acting are excellent. Pam’s make-up has been unbelievable. If Alex does not receive an award for his work this season there is no justice in the world. I could do with less of the “bad baby” and “Sam/Tommy” story lines. To be honest I would be happy with an entire hour of Eric.

  15. I’d be happy with an entire hour of Sookie :)

  16. this is the best season yet. I have always been Team Eric and having him and Sookie together makes my heart happy. If Sookie and Eric were the only two characters on the show, I would love it even more…

  17. i think this season is good so far. the Eric and Sookie moments are great but i want more. i want them to spend less time on Bill and more time on Eric. its the only reason why i watch the show is because of Eric. i dont like Bill as King i think that went to far and overboard. i never really liked Tara but this season she is getting on my last nerve. i think they should focus more on the vampires and Sookie and Eric and less about the other characters then it would be a lot better. i like this season so far better than the other ones but it would be better if there was more Sookie and Eric. i love them together and im hoping that he remembers about what happened and tells Sookie about it. im hoping after this season they do put Eric and Sookie together because in the books there the it couple. more Eric less Bill thats what i would want.

  18. By far best season yet! I accually started paying for hbo just for this season and I am not the only one I know. Congrats!

  19. It’s okay.. I’m so glad Eric and sookie did it cause if they didn’t I probs would have stopped watching. There needs to be more flirting between Eric and sookie when he gets his memory back cause it never really happens.. Eric just demands her all the time and she tells him to eff off.. Not really flirting.. I love the whole bill being way too jealous thing but he also needs to time it better… Total cock blocker… Can’t wait for the scene with Eric bill and sookie :P

  20. Im the same as Savannah, I just started paying for HBO so I wouldnt miss an episode. Love E/S scenes cant wait for more if Sookie goes back to Bill (booo) I will cancel my subscription and just get it free online. The only reason I am paying for it is because of the E/S relationship. Too many stories I know AB said just watch the ones you want but that would amount to only 10 min an episode. Cant stand Tara or Tommy and whats up with the weird baby story, also waisting too much time watching Bill sleep with everything that has a pulse. More Eric and Sookie please or even those characters interacting with other characters (liked the sookie/jason and eric/pam scenes from last week). From what ive read looks like eric gets his memory back soon so please give us great stuff to hold us over until he gets remembers his time with Sookie (my vote is for episode 12)

  21. As a former Bill and Sookie shipper I can honestly say I like Eric and Sookie better as a couple. (although I have always loved Eric and I am totally Team Sookie). I do love the ” love triangle” of Bill, Sookie and Eric, but now that we have had 3 years of B/S , I want 3 yrs of E/S! They compliment each other better and have a much more loving and genuine relationship. I think that will still be the case when Eric gets his memory back. Sookie seems a much happier person with Eric. And they are so cute together!
    I am loving this season more each week! Also, I say this as someone who has never read past the first book. Eric and Sookie are the best couple on TV and certainly the hottest!!

  22. One more thing, my only complaint- not enough Eric and Sookie!! I want more, more, more!!

  23. I love Sookie and Eric. It’s perfect. Team Eric since Book 2!! It might not last but it’s gonna be one helluva ride! <3

  24. This season started slow, very slow. I had been waiting for Eric and Sookie forever, so maybe I just had unreasonable expectations. But I was worried for the first few episodes. I was totally uninterested in the other storylines. Now I find every one interesting, except for Tara, she is on my nerves now with her crazy anit-eric/vampireness. Nonetheless, the season is strong as ever and I have faith it will go out on a high note. The only thing I do miss most is the suspense and mystery. I feel this season is lacking in that area. This is the first time when we have known right away who the bad guy is. I feel we are always waiting for something and with impatient people like me, that is not a fun wait all the time. Oh and needs more Eric and Sookie lovin’!

  25. LOVING this season! Eric and Sookie are the best part of the show. Anna and Alex have amazing chemistry. Wow! Eric and Sookie are just the more compelling couple all around, for many reasons, and I love that the show has taken that extra step and had Eric say he loves Sookie at this point. Sookie didn’t hear it, but that makes it so delicious! I like that Eric said that out loud.
    I do wish they had a bit more time, but the time they have onscreen is amazing, so I can’t complain too much. I’ll take the 8-10 minutes if it keeps up the way it’s been going.
    I even like the side storylines better this season. I’m actually really loving Jason and Pam’s stories, and the witches are getting more and more interesting. My only complaint is I don’t really like where Tara’s headed, but hopefully she’ll snap out of her hate by season’s end.


  27. I’m loving the Eric sookie bits… Not liking the Jason storyline much. Its disappointing. Like the witch stuff :D

  28. Amazing!!!…nuff said :)

  29. I think well let me rephrase that…… I KNOW that this season is amazing because everyone can see a side of Eric that no one knew was there and its just amazing to watch Sookie fall in love with him. I think its what everyone’s been waiting for i hope they stay together forever. <3 <3 <3

  30. BTW I’m totally gonna see that BATTLESHIP movie that looks awesome especially because Alexander Skarsgard lolz I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!

  31. In the books it took a while for Eric and Sookie to get back together after Eric’s amnesia but True Blood doesn’t have that sort of time if they’re going to have them together as the main couple of the show, so they can’t leave it too long before Eric remembers what happened while he was at Sookie’s and for him to come to terms with how he felt about her and presumably will still feel about her. I’m nervous about the next episode and have no idea what to expect.

  32. ohh yeah…. forgot to mention… THAT’S TOTALLY AWESOME FOR YOU!!! Congrats on getting that interview! You RAWK!

  33. So far loving the 4th season. I agree with other comments that there isn’t enough Eric and Sookie time. I know we were promised a shower scene of sorts but I still want to see the pink spandex! lol. I enjoy the side stories. I think that the cast of actors is fantastic and I’m glad to see them all get a chance to show off. My only complaint is the gang-banging of Jason. Whether it is a man or a woman, I think it is derogatory. Love the witches. Fiona Shaw was a great choice.

  34. I’m loving this season. Also the scene with Eric and Sookie during this season so far are all awesome;)

  35. I think this is the best season yet. Every episode gets better and better. Sookie is finally Book Sookie, kicking ass and taking names. Eric is wonderful with his amnesia. Sookie and Eric together are just perfect! They make me cry happy tears :’)
    Even the side stories are better and more enjoyable, although I wouldn’t miss Tara if she was to leave the show. Only thing is, I want more E/S screen time! Sookie and Eric are the core couple of the books and should get more attention on the show.

  36. I totally agree with that freyja. We wait 1 week and get only 4 or 5 minutes of Eric and Sookie together and we’re already half way into the season. Even though this is TB and not the books, the fact is that thousands of book fans have been waiting for this season since TB started. We could have skipped the entire Tara story and devoted those wasted minutes to more Eric and Sookie time. The other stories I am ok with but Tara has never done anything for me and the sooner she is gone the better. Apart from anything else I don’t think that RW is that good an actress but mostly I just want more Eric and Sookie and I hope this episode coming up is going to pick up where the last one left off and for longer.

  37. Eric and Sookie are amazing together! love them , but we need to see more if them, they are the best parts of the epiosdes but still not enough of them is shown and they are the main couple of the books, please do not ruin that, i get the show will not go page by page of the books but dont ruin the essence of the books either.

  38. This season is awesome to this point! I love the E/S scenes but honestly the entire cast makes the show what it is. There wouldn’t be much of a show if it was exclusively Sookie and Eric all the time. The show is a great mix of humanity, absurdity, and comic relief loveliness. Nobody has mentioned Andy Belfleur (spelling?) here but he is a comic genius on this show. Love his dark humor! The only thing that I find off-putting on the show is the odd concept of time…It’s strange that Lafayette can be in Mexico one minute and in the kitchen at Merlott’s the next. Hmmmm……? But I do love this show. I wish that they would do something about Sam’s newfound shi##y attitude though. I have always liked the “thing” between E&S; he was always protective of her and she always knew that he had good in him. Waited so long for this coupling. I must admit though that I was also looking for some sort of Alcide and Sookie hook up. It is ALL good!

  39. I agree more screen time with E/S.Season 4 is indeed the best season yet! Each story has their own twists and turns, even though it’s far away from books. This season had been entertaining. I’m a fan of E/S but I also enjoy Pam’s.. and from the books she really does have a good friendship with Sookie, though I hope it would be the same with the series. I think, if they will continue on putting more E/S on screen, Pam should too. :)

  40. Finally the eric & sookie time!! Those two characters need to end up together; their character strengths and weaknesses compliment each other perfectly. They are the modern day Scarlett & Rhett- make it happen true blood!!

  41. […] We wanted to say a special “Thank You” to all the Eric & Sookie Lovers who helped us out with writing our review of the first half of True Blood Season 4! In case you may have forgotten, you can find our original announcement here! […]

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