Taylor Swift’s “Haunted” To Be Featured In Episode 9

True Blood music supervisor Gary Calamar confirms to Rolling Stone that this Sunday’s episode will feature Taylor Swift’s “Haunted.”

Credit: Jeffrey Mayer - WireImage/Courtesy of Rolling Stone

Calamar said, it was the episode’s writer who came up with the idea to use Swift’s song. After Swift’s camp initially refused to allow it, the singer came forward and said she wanted it to happen.

As for the rest of the season, the last episode’s title – and, as per the True Blood format, also the track that will play over the closing credits – is titled “And When I Die.” “That might be a hint that one of our characters is in trouble,” Calamar says. “Vampires don’t really die, so I’ll say it’s not a vampire. They won’t face the true death. But some of our main characters do run into a little bad luck in the final episode.”

You can watch Taylor Swift’s official music video in NBC’s Thanksgiving Day Special below!


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5 comments on “Taylor Swift’s “Haunted” To Be Featured In Episode 9

  1. Thanks for the advaced warning so I can get my earplugs ready.

  2. I think it’s jason who will be in a life or death situation. I remember seeing a sneek peek while they were filming. Jason was lying on the sidewalk after an explosion. His face was half burned and jessica was calling his name. There was no response.

  3. And she gives him more of her blood, so he might be okay. I’m still hoping for Tara and Debbie to bite the dust, maybe Crystal while they’re at it. As for the song, I don’t know why everyone is making a big deal over this. Maybe because this isn’t normally the type of music used in True Blood, but I happen to really like the song, even made a TB video with it once.

    • I totally agree with your hit list. I almost forgot about crystal. I hope she doesn’t come out anymore. She was one crazy a** bi*ch.

  4. I adore Taylor Swift and her music =P So I’m glad this is happening haha, though I would never have imagined it would have… I mean, you don’t exactly equate TB with Taylor Swift. Both are awesome though.

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