Dead To the World -Chapter 6 Shower Scene! Listen here!

Need a reason to re-read book 4, “Dead To The World” again? Need a reason to remember how badly Alan Ball screwed this up on True Blood? Listen to this and remember!

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8 comments on “Dead To the World -Chapter 6 Shower Scene! Listen here!

  1. No, i don’t need a refresher of Chapter 6,pages 116-126.
    That scene is marked off and underlined!
    Was so hoping that Alan Ball would have filmed those scenes
    But instead what we got was another ” Mother nature commercial” it was nice, but not really what I wanted to see!.
    Sure we got to behold Alexander’s “World Class butt”
    But I was hoping for a shot of “The Gracious Plenty”
    But no can do??? Why not ? Starz, which is owned by HBO
    has Full Frontal Nudity on “Spartacus: Blood & Sand”
    So wny can’t we have it on TRUEBLOOD???

    I did love all of the scenes of Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse,
    Alan Ball showed Eric Northman’s hidden side, it’s the side he
    has kept deep inside of him, It”s the side that really loves Sookie.

  2. As I keep saying, what do you expect from AB’s demented mind? Its’ just proof that we have to stick to the canon that is the books by re-reading them, and reading the thousands of great E/S fanfics that are all over the web and when Sookie goes back to Bill, we (all E/S fans) dump out of the TV series and then TB will die the untimely death that it deserves for AB messing with the SVM storyline…………………………….

  3. I was hoping the ratings would start dropping after last week’s episode, but they just went up. I have to hope that if he keeps up with the B/S, that won’t last much longer. I’m just going to stick to fan fiction, that way I always get what I want and some of these writers are ten times better.

  4. Whenever the show doesnt go the way I want I always go back to the books and re-read sections with Eric and Sookie. With any show I’ve ever watched they always keep the main romantic characters apart just to create tension. So I have never expected things to go smoothly for my favorite couple (E/S of course) however I do hope TB stays true to the main plot of the book which includes Sookie and Eric together and in love. To hold me over until AB sees the light I will continue to read sections from the books and hope the light starts burning his eyes in season five, fingers crossed.

  5. I guess All bookie’s are reading book 4 again!! Lol!! I know I am!!!

  6. I don’t even need to listen because the shower scene is so vivid in the books I am totally participating! I am so disappointed in the TV show and I am so ready for the Viking to come back already because his amnesia self is BORING. ALAN BALL, THE SEXUAL TENSION HAS DISAPPEARED FROM YOUR SHOW! Everyone knows that is the best part of a relationship1

  7. even though I have never read the books, I have always hoped for Eric to hook up with sookie. Omg! just listening to the little clip above, I am bent on reading this book. I can’t believe Alan ball decided to ruin something so beautiful like this. Pleaseeeeeee…. Sookie should end with Eric. If she chooses bill i would be really pissed.

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