Celebufight Match: Jensen Ackles VS Alexander Skarsgard

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted one of these: A Celebufight Match-up between Alex and _____ (fill in the blank)!

This poll has placed Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) from Supernatural against our Alex and – hate to break it to you…Alex is LOSING!


You know what to do…click on the blue star at the bottom left-hand corner of the post on the link we share with you!

Cast your vote here!

Thanks Eric & Sookie lovers!

Please pass this on to everyone you know in order to help Alex win! Thanks!

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8 comments on “Celebufight Match: Jensen Ackles VS Alexander Skarsgard

  1. I’ve voted in polls s before wehre it’s been Alexander VS Supernat
    Jensen Eckles ~ and the Supernatular fans CHEAt!!!

  2. Oh, yeah, Jensen always wins everything. They don’t even have to cheat.

  3. This is a joke right? There is no way to choose the blue star. The only one you can choose is the red star.

  4. At least he’s losing to someone decent this time, I love Jensen and if he wasn’t already so far in the lead, he would have gotten my vote.

  5. Thanx, will pass this to my fellow /jensen fans,,, not that he needs the help!! :P

  6. ok…ALEX for ever…

  7. I like Alex, but Jensen is the love of my life. So….sorry! But Alex lost against someone who cant be beaten so….no shame in that.

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