True Blood Critic of “Soul of Fire”


A follower of ours sent in their thoughts to us on True Blood Episode 11, “Soul of Fire”! After watching the episode, she had to write everything down because the episode affected her so much. We thought that many of you might find what she had to say interesting, and you might even agree with her. So, we asked her if it would be alright if we shared it with you!

Remember…these are her own thoughts and feelings about the episode! If you would like to see what she wrote…

True Blood Critic of “Soul of Fire”

This episode was the first time I ever saw True Blood and wondered if I should stop watching it.

So far, it has never happened.  Because, this time, Sookie looked like a little bitch. And I didn’t appreciate it.

Let’s not even start by the fact that Sookie walked once more into trouble. All the vampires stated “Fucking Sookie” and, let’s face it, they’re right. She always makes the stupid decision. She always walks into a god awful situation and ends up needing to be saved.

Really, “fucking Sookie”. But, I can forgive her for that. This is what Sookie does! It’s part of her character both in the books and on the TV show and we all love her for it. (Most of the times, at least.)

My real problem is that, in this episode, Anna Paquin (and whoever was directing her) forgot everything Sookie Stackhouse is about. That girl’s got attitude and fire and boldness to spare.

When Eric and Bill offer themselves in exchange for her, she doesn’t look nearly as desperate as she should. When Eric kneels to be the first to die, no questions asked, you don’t see a Sookie Stackhouse reaction. Sookie would’ve run for that barrier, would’ve done something even MORE stupid, so she could stop that slaughter. The way she just stood there, annoyed me like nothing before.

Next up, is Sookie’s stupid decision number two, in joining that circle when she knows Marnie is going to try to hurt the very same vampires that just offered their lives for hers.

WTF Sookie? “Is that bitch crazy?” was all I could think about at that moment. If she needed to be in the circle to shoot light from her hands, for story purposes, at least she could’ve been forced to join it. Like, physically forced.

But doing it like she did, after what Marnie said, was plain dumb. Sookie, who has been so fierce in the face of 3000 year old vampires, maenads or V addicted werewolves, should’ve been braver.

Even when she was surrounded by fire, I never thought she would erupt into shrieks of desperation and panic. I’m not saying a girl’s not entitled to be scared (I would get shriek too), but we have seen Sookie face crazy stuff without batting an eyelash. In a situation like that, I imagined she would yell at Marnie, call her names, scream at Tara for help. Not going down without a fight.

The only thing I think she did right was to not talk to Eric OR Bill in the final moments of the episode. If she doesn’t know what to say, it’s best for everyone involved that she keeps quiet. So kudos, Sookie (and writer of the ep) for one good decision amongst some really bad ones.

On Eric’s side, my review isn’t so drastic, but I wasn’t in love with it either. First, I liked when he asked Bill if he really expected Sookie to comply. It shows how well he knows the telepathic barmaid and that he accepts her for who she is, not a better version of what she could be, like Bill seems to.

At the end of this episode, though, I’m starting to think that Eric shouldn’t accept her that well, because she’s not doing much to deserve it.

When it comes to the “sacrifice” plot, it’s obvious that Sookie doesn’t expect Eric to do it, even if Bill is somehow expected to. So, in a way, it was Eric’s opportunity to prove his love. He was the one with something to establish: Bill loves Sookie and everyone, including Sookie, is pretty tired of that knowledge.

Eric ends up making the decision to die for her, and I’m not mad at him for it, like Pam is. In fact, it’s surprising (and courageous of him) that he’s not hiding from his feelings, like he did in the book. Let’s call that progress.

But the way it’s done, makes Eric feel completely unappreciated and it’s hurtful to see. He’s putting himself out there, for what? He’s getting into a huge fight with Pam, for what?

The writer of this episode stated that Eric and Pam will stay mad with each other over this, for some episodes to come (that means, it will still be an issue in season 5). I can’t see Pam liking Sookie anytime soon.

I understand where Pam is coming from and so should’ve Eric. He’s angry, ok, but it bothers me to see them angry over this Sookie. The one that doesn’t deserve it.

About the heart thing? Didn’t even make me blink and I thought it was smart of Eric, he’s stating something to Sookie, for all to see:

“Look, this is me. I’m a vampire. I’ll do anything to keep you safe. I’ll kill for you, I’ll give my life for you and I’ll even fight my best friend to keep you alive. I’ll listen to what you have to say and I’ll care for your opinions. I accept you. But it has to be mutual, because I’m still me. A thousand year old vampire who likes to fight and kill. I’m a warrior and I’ll always be. You either take it or leave it.”

And for once, nothing that Bill did bothered me. He loves Sookie and like Eric, he will do what he must. It’s Sookie that should’ve known better. Right now, I sincerely hope that she gets neither.

We want to say a special thanks to Joana, @coheny on Twitter for sending this in to us!

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with what she said?

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16 comments on “True Blood Critic of “Soul of Fire”

  1. I agree. I hate Sookie right now, and this feeling is not gonna go anywhere if she doesn’t choose Eric..PS. i hate AB

  2. Brava! I agree with every single word. I feel the same way.

  3. Well, you read my mind, I completly agree with every word. What happened with Sookie???!!!

  4. I was starting to like her again in the beginning of the season, but as soon as she got more of Bill’s blood in her system, it all went downhill.

  5. Yes.. but I will say this… there was a poll asking is this the make or break season for you.. i answer No…. but let me now say that if the last episode ends the way i think it will… that really will be my last show… because True Blood which had me ….. hating the wait… has me now as .. awww it Sunday… And I think having AB one more yr was a mistake that HBO made … but all I can say is … I dont have to buy CH books and I dont have to watch True Blood… and I can walk away … before this television show really ruins the books for me… but i have to tell you… I LOVE THIS SITE and everyone on here IS AWESOME…. i never use the word awesome… but it fits…

  6. I felt the same way, Fu king Sookie!!! When I saw here joining hands with the witches o almost hit the tv!! And Eric doing all for what exactly??? And I agree with Theresa too this Site is Awesome!!! Thanks

  7. I’m a turning into a fading fan. Book 4 is my favorite and so far the storyline has been as far away from book 4 as it can be. It seems like the writers are making up crap as they go along. I’ll watch the finale and hope for the best, but I’m not overly excited with where things are going.

  8. I hate to admit,but I agree with this review 101%. And as much as I try very hard to start liking Sookie this season, the way writters, directors, producers as well as Anna Paquin represented her this season, didn’t help much. It was absolutely necessary to force this redicilous triangle situation, especially after so many and so obvious true love moments between her and Eric. All those contrasts with relationship with Bill seems to me very useless, having in mind that she thinks she love Eric and Bill the same way. It is confusing and difficult for her to act as someone of her age, because she is mentally like sweet 16 naive dummy, but she seems like complete idiot and nobody’s love worthy bitch. She is written like a stuborn stupid individual with much more luck than brain in her sad life. Even Bill was not so irritating to me this season, because he acted like majority of us expect him to me: fake good guy with love for power and control, with so called emotions for her witch probably he don’t even understand, but it makes him feel as a good person because he thinks he loves her. She was his puppy from the beginning, and his love for her is like someone’s love for lost puppy you found somewhere down the road. And she can not stop loving him! Hallo!!! And as much as Anna Paquin is in love with her houseband, she should to be professional actress who works on her love and sex scenes with other actors properly, not young amateur i.e. young break trough star uncapable to do her job if her sex scene partner isn’t her hubby! Most of the time she looked in those scenes like she is hurting or in big pain, not enjoying the incredible sex, as it was described and expected to be. And all those talk about making those scenes between her, Alex and SM destroy the pleasure of watching that for me.
    Eric’s character is for sure the most interesting to watch and follow, as well it was painfull to watch how writters destroy Pam’s character. Skarsgard and Moyer gave us brilliant performace this year. Skarsgard is probably one of the most talented and dedicated actors I ever seen. In every scene he was this season, his acting never seemed like heavy acting – everything was so naturall and believable. That was watch worthy for me. And that’s why I can not give up from the show. I didn’t expect Allan Ball to be less pervert in his presentations of love and happiness this year.

  9. I really agree with most of your recap. When Eric knelt down to be shot by Bill (btw, I suspected Bill of not keeping his side of the deal afterwards), he looked at her this very last time as if he wanted to ask her, “Look, I’m dying for you without hesitating. Do you love me now?”.
    And Sookie? She should have run to that barrier, trying to get through – or at least saying something like “Eric, no!” or “I love you, Eric!” or even maybe “Eric, I’m yours!” I didn’t get what was the reason for them to accept Marnie’s offer so easily – even a dumbhead could have guessed that Marnie would kill Sookie anyway.
    When Sookie joined the circle, I thought that she did it intentionally so that she could break the circle with her magic and prevent Marnie from harming the vampires. Actually, it seemed quite clear to me; but now I’m not so sure anymore.
    Dumb, dumb Sookie!!!

  10. Why are the writers going against all our wishes…they know exactly that this is not show we wanna watch but still they’re continuing to ruin what WAS the best show ever….!!!! Just fkin give us what we want already!!!!!! They think that a couple of sex scenes satisfied our eric/sookie needs, well NO , we want a real deal!!!

  11. Actually, I’m almost over the Eric Sookie thing. I think she and Bill should get back together. Honestly, they deserve each other. (That’s not a compliment, btw) Let Eric find a real woman he can love, then let Sookie and Bill leave the show and I’ll be quite happy, lol.

    This show got ruined the minute Anna and Moyer hooked up in real life. She just hasn’t been putting her all into the show since then. I really find myself wishing they’d found someone else to play Sookie now.

    • I think exactly the same about the whole thing;
      And I think nowadays that the show would be better without Sookie, because lets be honest, True blood sookie is seriously annoying, I see more and more people complaining about her and saysing that she is stupid; last episode she was probably the worst…
      I only watch the show for Pam and Eric now, thats the only thing I am looking forward to next season, their flashback/s; but knowing BAll he gives them like 5 minutes for this (eyeroll), because he rather gives Bill major screen time to show his Billsh*t…

  12. All of your comments “took the words right out of my mouth”. I couldn’t agree with all of you more!!!

  13. Yes! Sookie does NOT deserve Eric! Can someone tell her that she will always have feelings for her first love! It normal! Now she thinks she is in love with Bill. Yes, why didnt she run to the barrier, i you really love someone that is exactly what your first reaction would be. In this episode why would Bill lead and eric follow? Even in the very last moment of the episode they played Bill and Sookie’s love song vs. Eric and Sookie’s, wtf!

  14. Well said – Sookie was a totally different character….except I think Eric was angry at Pam because this is the second time she has disrespected him: first, when she revealed to Bill where the amnesiac Eric was staying and second – when she disobeyed his direct command to back off – this is sacrilegious in the vampire world. Remember when Bill was compelled to obey his maker…?

  15. Can someone please tell me what “UNCLE JOHN” means? Please!

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