Alan Ball: Can You Please Read This?

Alan Ball, believe it or not…you are not the most favorite person in the world to Eric and Sookie lovers at the moment. There is an uprising in our fandom and people are wanting you to listen to them!

Are you ready? You better hope so…because we’re going to give it to you anyways…

One fan, a good friend of ours, has written an open letter to you (Alan Ball), in hopes that you (he) will see it and maybe it might make you (him) understand why so many are unhappy with you (him).

We hope that by posting it here – it might make the rounds over the internet – making it easily available to you (him). And maybe…just maybe – we hope it rips off those rose colored glasses you’re (he’s) wearing. We are not happy and we need you (him) to know exactly why! By the way…this has nothing to do with the books being different than the show either!

For those who haven’t read it yet – it’s a very good read and you’ll probably stand up and cheer after reading it!

Here it is…

An Open Letter to Alan Ball.

Dear Alan Ball,

I  am trying really hard to talk myself into watching season 5 but I am not sure it is possible at this point. The season was off to a great start and then things slowly started to fall by the wayside. I will get to those later in this letter. You have claimed time and time again that you were going to stay true to the ‘spirit of the books’ because “the books work” but yet you have strayed so far from the beaten path, that I believe True Blood has jumped the shark. Yes, the books do work and there is a reason for that, quite simply, that reason is character growth. I know that you like to shock people but to do so at the expense of character growth and development is simply appalling. A character’s growth stirs the plot and makes it grow, not weakens it as is the case here, as it stands right now. This is where I begin stating the issues I have had in seasons past and have gotten progressively worse as this season went on. I kept hoping for change and got nothing.


At the beginning of the season, we see Sookie returning from her trip into Fairy, where it is now a year later. That was the first mistake, if anyone needed a year’s vacation, it was Sookie. I chose to let that one go due to the fact that the season was just getting started.  When dusk approaches, she automatically goes outside to await Bill because, well she knows he is on his way over. Stop right there…..are you kidding me right now? In truth I can see her wanting to see him as it is one of the seven parts of broken heart syndrome. A woman is torn between wanting to see the man she loved so much and staying as far away as she can. Then she has some angry, bitter words for him as well as  behind his back. It is a whole long, complicated womanly process, but hey it is ours.

All we got for this process was her saying “I know you must have been worried for me but in my mind, it was only an hour ago that you broke my heart, and shattered it into a million pieces”. Really, that was all she had for the man who let her get beaten by two V-Addicted nut-jobs? Where was her anger? Where was her pain and lashing out at him? Am I supposed to believe that Sookie is a heroine or even a protagonist? At this point she is an antagonist in relation to herself.

I waited all season for Sookie to find time to tell Bill how the rat reveal made her feel and to get out her anger and I got nothing except I forgive you and I hope you can forgive me.  For what???? There were huge gaping plot holes as well characters being used a plot devices, (Sookie and Eric mainly) and it all just became one HOT MESS. I am tired of Bill being shoved down my throat when it is not even feasible for her to forgive him without going through the seven steps a woman goes through when having their heart broken. How did she get to the last step so damn fast?

Eric said that there were two Sookie Stackhouse’s and he was right about that, but I am thinking that there must be a third Sookie Stackhouse because from what I have seen of Sookie in the latter episodes, the two Eric described were no where to be seen. Sookie was used as a plot device to (1) prop up the character of Bill Compton and (2) to keep him in the mix with this stupid love triangle.  There really was no reason for Sookie to have been shot, other than the need to have Bill offer up another donation of his blood. At this  point, she is nothing but a damsel in distress yet AGAIN. Sookie and her microwave fingers of fail that she only uses when you writers decide it is finally convenient to be used, as yet another plot device. This whole “It only happens when I am upset” idea is just not flying anymore.

She used it in the Moon Goddess to stop Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica from walking into the “wall of sun” but could not use it moments before when the two men she claimed to love were about to off themselves in the name of love. Nor could she use her power while she was trapped inside the ring of fire, she was upset so she should have used her fear, to set her hands aglow but no such luck. Sookie should be made of stronger stuff by now.

Speaking of Eric, Sookie has no problem calling him out on every thing he has every done but can’t have a little talk with Bill about what he has done.  Alex and his character, Eric have truly been the saving grace for me in an otherwise up and down roller-coaster season. He played Eric beautifully, even through all the crap that made Eric so ‘out of character’. From what we have seen of Eric, he is a vampire with pride and after telling Sookie that he remembers everything and that he loves her, nothings changed, she throws in his face that she loves Bill too. He does not understand and he felt bitter and was not happy with her. Then you have him groveling at her feet, this was too much to take. Eric would not grovel at her feet, he may be a changed vampire due to his time with Sookie, but he still has his pride.  I really wish you would quit feeding us these little bits of nasty food, because I am no longer swallowing this unbelievable crap.

What is the point of introducing things as part of a major storyline and then do nothing with it? In regards to the Rat Reveal, you stated it as a fact and then LET IT GO. Bill faced no consequences for it at all, in fact he was rewarded for it. Sookie did not hash this out with him and let her feelings be known about it. It all made no sense, it well and truly might as well have never happened at all. EPIC FAIL at best. Now he is the King/Queen and I had to watch him lord it over Eric and every other vampire when his position was earned at the expense of a woman who did not even know she was being used.

Now, I come to Hotshot, what was that bit of nonsense even for? Was it just to tell us about “Ghost Mommy’ and “Ghost Daddy” hinting at the fairy connection? We could have done without all the raping of poor Jason by multiple woman to hear that little nugget you dropped us. Sometimes you go too far with this “shock value” crap. I needed my brain bleached after that and for what, Jason did not even become a were-panther. It was a big Epic fail and I will never get those minutes back.

This season has been full of hits and misses, mostly misses, especially in relation to the last couple episodes.I voted for Alex to win Best Horror Actor for the Scream Awards but picked Game of Thrones for everything else because it was much much better. Why I picked Game of Thrones to win over True Blood, a show I love (yes I do still love it) is really quite simple. That show stayed true to the “spirit of the books” and proved that the “books really do work”. Changes were made but not at the expense of a character’s arc and motivations. I am all for changes of a book series for a TV adaptation but not at the expense of beloved characters.

With all that being said, I hope you, Alan and everyone else associated with this show take heed to what is in this open letter, as well as read what is on the HBO site discussion board. That will give you an idea of what people are wanting, and make the appropriate changes to ensure that you keep viewers. The show does not have to be an exact replica of the books in order to succeed, for that has been proven already, but it does need to be believable and consistent. There are so many things that have already been established on the show that is changed at the drop of a hat to suit the current story-line you are trying to sell us. I could go on and on about all the other things that really made no sense but I think you got my point.


Concerned Viewer,


Thanks Diane for writing this great letter in your Own Little Corner of the World!

Alan Ball, if you’re reading this…we would LOVE for you to leave a comment and/or better yet…make sure you fix this next season! Thank you.

What do you think? Do you think Alan Ball might venture over here to read this letter? We certainly hope so!

Share your thoughts below!

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46 comments on “Alan Ball: Can You Please Read This?

  1. Thanks for this letter, Diane.
    I think the true blood fans in germany do totally agree with your opinion.

  2. I disagree. He may have gotten off point a few times but I thought he stayed closer to the books than some realize but the “Eric & Sookie” situation has clouded some judgement. I for one do want Bill & Sookie back together, eventually, but for now Eric Is definitely what she needs. I dont think Eric & Sookie will even end up together in the finishing books. I also thought this finale ending was A LOT better than her just disappearing last last season. With that said, I do think some parts could’ve gone another way but he has followed through with his shock factor and like he has said before, if it were like the books then there would be no surprises.

    • Personally I don’t care at all if he stays close to the books or not, I just want a good show, and season 4, IMO, was just NOT A GOOD SHOW. The writing has gotten progressively worse and the whole thing felt sloppy, uninspired and full of huge plot holes and character inconsistencies.
      The handling of Eric and Sookie is just a symptom, not the root of the problem…

      • I don’t believe I said Eric & Sookie was the root of the problem, just that the die hard Eric & Sookie fans are disappointed that they weren’t the main interest in every show. I am aware that this is an Eric & Sookie fansite page so I didn’t expect many to agree with me but I also don’t want them to misunderstand my point which was I thought the season was great, maybe off track a little, and the finale (besides the zombies) was fantastic. I can’t wait to see the return of Russell Edging and Steve Newlin next season.

        • To be honest Lisa, this had nothing to do with how things went for Eric and Sookie. It had to do with the plot not being driven and the character assassinations. The plot holes and devices as well as inconsistencies are doing people in. The first part of the season rocked but the latter half left much to be desired. As I said in my open letter, it was full of hits and misses. As someone who pays for HBO, shouldn’t I (and we collectively) get something for the $18 bucks a month? That is the point in a nutshell

    • MY point was that even outside of E/S fans, this season has received VERY poor reviews from almost every critic and reviewer. Just take a look around the net and you’ll see. There’s a widespread disappointment this year that wasn’t there before, and as I said it doesn’t have anything to do with shippers, but with the general quality of the show.

      • Ok, it wasn’t my intention to piss anybody off or to argue over something that cannot be changed. And I have taken a look around the net and the reviews are mixed, not MOSTLY very poor reviews like you claim. Look, I was voicing my opinion just as everyone else is and whether anyone on here agrees with it is no nevermind to me but to reply as you did informing me to look around the net? Really? I appreciate your reply & opinions but no need to be rude or condescending, we all are on this website for the same reasons, we love True Blood and are sharing our thoughts & views. Not to argue with opinions. That is all I have to say about this. Thank you Eric & Sookie Lovers for allowing us to comment on this;)

      • Yeas you are right, the season really has received mainly bad reviews, I also have seen this all over the net, and on youtube there are also video reviews and so many were making fun of the show and the inconsistent writing…

    • I’m not pissed off at all, and I’m truly sorry if I came off condescending, it was not my intention :). I just wanted to clarify my opinion.
      I saw a vast majority of pretty negative reviews but you are right, I have no data to prove it and it could have been a false impression, so I should have phrased that differently.
      Still, it’s undeniable that as a whole this has been the least well received season in terms of critical praise.

      • Oh yes, Season 4 has been the most criticized so far! And I do thank you for your last reply, I’ve always looked at True Blood lovers as a big vampire loving family and I love to meet or chat with other fans;) I just don’t know if they’ll ever top Season 1 or 3, those were the best to me. I also didn’t intend to be harsh with last comment, the past few times I’ve disagreed with something TB related the replies I get are terrible! That is too why I appreciate your last reply. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that next season will go beyond our expectations and blow our minds!

    • are you fvcking serious right now?? You want Bill and Sookie together, you are on the wrong site, the guy who let her get beaten up almost to death, wtf?? and in the books he is already out of the picture a long time ago, it looks more like it will be either Sam or Eric. I am so sick how Bill gets constantly propped up in the show and they make him look like the hero, give himm scenes of other characters from the books and let him interupt every Sookie Eric scene…it pisses me off how Alan Ball has turned the show into true Bill, I have seen enough of this…I am pretty sure the main reason why he pushes Bill so much is because the actor is married to the lead actress… And Sookie is so weak on the show, most people dislike her now, they turned her into a weak depandent woman, while in the books she is strong and independant… AB does not know who to write strong femal characters…

      • Wow, did u just have a panic attack? I’m out of breath just reading your rant and I’m also a little shocked. Who the hell are you to tell me that I’m on the “wrong site”? When it comes to True Blood sweetie, there are no wrong sites. Did you even read all my posts or do you prefer to come across as a raging lunatic? First, I said EVENTUALLY I would like them back together. Second, I’m so tired of hearing “in the books…” because AB had said repeatedly that if it were like the books, then there would be no surprises and TB isn’t “by the book”. Lastly, who is Sookie depending on? How is she weak? She stands up for herself and doesn’t take flak from anyone, or atleast that’s the Sookie I’m watching. You just sound like an E&S super freak fan that hates anyone for liking Bill and that just sounds immature and judgmental. Your shouldn’t be so rude to us Bill AND Eric fans, we’re not that bad;)

        • Okay, guys…we don’t want to have this on our site! You both have very good points, but we want to clarify some things…

          Laura, please no personal attacks on other visitors and their opinions. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and while we may not agree with them, it’s not polite and it’s one of the rules on our Posting Guidelines found underneath “About” at the top of the page. Please respect that, okay?

          Lisa, you have made it known to us that you’re both an Eric AND Bill fan and that’s fine. As I mentioned to Laura, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But since you already know this is an Eric and Sookie site, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that people get offended when you tell them how much you want to see Bill with Sookie at the end. You are cheering for someone everyone here sees as the “competition”. ;) Please don’t get offended, but contrary to what you said in your post above; “When it comes to True Blood sweetie, there are no wrong sites.” There is, if you personally attack individuals who belong to sites that are blatantly biased. It’s in the name and we don’t pretend to be something other than we’re not. If you want to find a site which is neutral, you can find them under our links. We don’t mind you visiting here and joining in the discussions, but please don’t take offense and take pot-shots at others, because just like you, they are entitled to their own opinions too. Again, this is against our Posting Guidelines. And yes, you are bound to find MOST of us here to be “E&S super freak fans” because, afterall, we ARE an Eric and Sookie fansite. This is our home and we’re proud to be that way. You’re more than welcome to join us in our fandom though! ;)

          I hope I made myself clear and that there will be NO more comments like these! And to act like the smart and classy people I know you’re parents raised you to be!

      • Sorry Lisa if I jump in, but I couldn’t resist commenting on the “if the show were like the books there’d be no surprises” excuse. Thats’ what I’m tired of. Mostly, because, it’s not true. they could do what they want with the side stories and tweak the main plots or even totally change them, while STILL remaining true to the basic structure of Sookie’s story. And more importantly staying true to the core of the characters and their dynamics.
        They could easily do this, they just chose not to, and IMO its damaging the show because the handling of the main characters feels forced. THe way the triangle was written is just bad, bad storytelling with no emotional believability. Not because it’s not true to the books, but because it’s not true to what would be the natural development of of what the show itself set in motion.

        But the worst thing is the way they treat Sookie; she’s by far the most inconsistent character on TB, little more than a mere plot device. As I read somewhere, she could be replaced by a magical vase everybody really wants and it would serve exactly the same function in the story.
        Not to mention how, once again, the writers robbed female characters who have big roles in the books (Pam and the queen) just to prop up Bill’s storyline.
        Again, this is a deliberate choice, and these adaptation choices are always made to benefit Bill at the expense of others. If the writers are so inventive why can’t they give him something original?? Once again it just proves that the show is built around BIll instead of Sookie.

        • To iamerika: I thought my first post was fine, I just disagreed & explained why, I never thought I would’ve gotten the response I did. Yes, I am aware this is a E&S fan site, that’s why I read you everyday & follow you on Twitter, because I AM an E&S fan. I also didn’t think that because I defend my opinions & not lay back while its being criticized was the wrong thing to do. And let me clarify a “E&S super freak fan”, its someone who automatically dislikes a person because they cheer for both teams, I wasn’t aware that this site was like that and now you’ve made it clear that it is I will be glad to find another source for TB news. And I’m sorry but I do take offense to what you said regarding “wrong sites”, I don’t discriminate against someone because they cheer for Alcide & Sookie, I just welcome them to the conversation. I didn’t personally attack anyone first off but I will strike back at rude or hurtful comments. But I must say, I read and comment on multiple TB sites & enjoy doing it, meeting new people and sharing views & predictions and this whole experience here has been a flippin nightmare. You’ve basically told me to take a hike and that does burn a little. I apologize if I offended anyone or stepped on anybody’s toes, when I read the tweet intro for this “open letter” it said “what do u think? Do u agree?” That’s what confuses me I guess, it should say “if you agree please come take a look & tell us what u think” then I would’ve avoided this whole negative experience.
          To the rest of you: I apologize if I offended you. I do love E&S together but I guess the mention of Bill discarded that part. I just left my opinion like everyone else and didn’t know I was on my way to being booted out, its almost embarrassing. I always thought of True Blood fans as a big dedicated family and never thought my opinion of Sookies lover would ever cause me this much trouble. I haven’t been reprimanded like that since high school:) Well, I’ll get out of the conversation now, I just wanted to let you all know that I meant no harm, it was supposed to be all in good fun and hope you guys understand there was no negativity intended & I’ll find another site!

        • To Lisa: IAMERIKA was not rude to you. She was just trying to get you to calm the heck down. She was very fair and gave you some good healthy criticism.
          Can you take it with some grace?

        • To Lisa: I’m sorry if it made it seem like you were unwelcomed here. You ARE welcomed here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What did you think would happen if you mentioned how you wanted Sookie to end up with Bill, on an Eric and Sookie lovers site? Yes, they don’t agree and I’m surprised that you are surprised by that. You HAD to know by checking out this site that Bill, Alicde, Sam and even Quinn are not characters well received. I assure you, that those who like those characters are welcomed too, but you have to realize visitors here might take offense to those names! If you can’t take what people tell you, then yes, this isn’t the place for you. Our sincerest apologies for your terrible experience here. Good luck and hope you find a place where you can fit in! :)

        • To katfromjax: Calm me down? Wow, what a mess this turned out to be. I’m responding to u because I clicked “notify me” if there was a response. I clearly made the first mistake by posting on this letter so can’t we just agree to disagree on the whole subject? It really sucks though that since I was the only one who didn’t agree completely, I got negativity from people, I didn’t give any until I got it. If I could rewind today, trust me, I would. Also I thought I took it with “grace” actually, I apologized for any offense to anyone and tried to express my point. I had no idea I needed criticism from anyone or that I needed calming down. It was just an opinion, I’ve never been responded to like that and hope I never am again. All against one was a first for me and hopefully the last. It’s not fun being cursed at and receiving nothing but negativity. You would’ve thought I said terrible things about Eric when I said nothing negative in my initial post. And if someone lashes out at me, I return it. Especially when I didn’t deserve any criticism. So yes I do think I handled this with grace, I will gracefully leave this forum and find one where all opinions are excepted and not judged. I do still love this site & will continue to follow on twitter, I know now though to keep my opinions to myself when it comes to this forum.

  3. I agree with the letter. I never even heard of the books before True Blood, so it’s not at all about the books for me. What it is about is being disgusted by such a weak lead character, Sookie, who doesn’t even seem to be the main character any more. When did Bill become the star of this show, that’s what I don’t understand.

    Personally, I think Alan has a crush on Bill, or the actor that plays Bill. I also have a very strong feeling that the real life relationship of Anna and Stephen Moyer is the absolute worst thing that could have happened to True Blood. Honestly, I wish now they’d found a different lead actress to play Sookie.

    • I so TOTALLY AGREE with you- I truly believe that the real life pairing of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin changed the whole plot and Alan Ball is pressured to keep them up even on-screen. Aaaaaaaah!!!!!! So angry. I haven’t seen yet the last episode of Season 4 as I can’t make myself
      watch stupid Sookie feeding both the Viking God and mere pathetic Bill
      as a King. I will wait for next season and depending on the reviews of
      each episode- I am not watching it!!!!!!!! Eric deserves so much better!!

  4. diane you did a great job.. i would love to add to that letter. thanks diane.

  5. I agree with Diane and also hope that Eric and Sookie do end up together, get married and have children. The story doesn’t have to end , they can have a spin off of their lives. We just love watching them together in all that they are involved in. He gives her freedom, protects her and is so loving to her when possible. She is like his little girl woman that he needs and feels protective towards. I started watching in season 2, read the books because I could not wait, fell in love with both of them and hated how season 4 ended. With just the way Diane articulated. I hate Sookie is being made out to be so stupid and people wanting her to be replaced. I think they work together so well when the opportunity arises and yes they are making people dislike her with the lines they are giving her due to the writers lack of character depth for her.

  6. I totally agree with you Diane. I am a diehard bookie and I fell in love with the SVM series due to the development of the characters over the course of each book. TB has really taken a turn for the worst this season, and I am sorry that happened, what was once a fantasy Drama has turned into a Campy non-sensical show.

    I hope that Alan does read this letter and gets his ideas and his group of writers all on the same page for the upcoming season 5. I will tune in for it simply because they are bringing back Russell and I want to see how that plays out. As far as watching the “Bill Show” not so much.

  7. Diane:
    Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    If I could add to that letter I would say this “Mr.Ball you have this thing about not seeing
    Anna paquin with anyother man who’s not her Husband,Stephen Moyer~especially if that man’s
    Alexander Skarsgard. Now I love StephenMoyer to death, and I thank you for letting the fans see
    them fall in love before our eyes as a *real life couple* but William Thomas Compton’s all WRONG
    for Sookie~All he’s done is lie to her since day 1/Episode 1,and he’s still doing it.
    She’s got a connection to Eric Northman,and it goes deeper than just from that initial meeting
    at Fangtasia, Eric recognised her the minute he saw her!
    And if anyone has ever been honest with Sookie it’s Eric Northman. NOT Bill Compton.
    You had to let Sookie forgive Bill all of his lies? WHY????
    He doesn’t deserve her or her forgivness . If I were Sookie I’d never forgive him.
    Women don’t get over being betrayed so easily. I know I’m not over the betrayals I’ve gone thru.

    Please, we beg of you let Sookie and Eric Northman be happy together.?????
    One thing that I did love was when Eric got his memory back,the scene in the living room and
    he said “I remember everything,I remember US,I remember making love to you,I remember holding you, I LOVE YOU…..Sookie,look at me…The Eric Northman you fell in love with is still here
    he’s inside of me. Look into my eyes,look behind my eyes~ can’t you see him? he’s still there,
    but I’m better there’s more of me” then you had to go and spoil that whole moment by having
    Sookie tell Eric that “It’s Bill, I still love him. I think that’s why I was able to zap you ”
    That was like having Eric face the True Death, you put a stake in his heart!!!

    • I agree with you Marlene! The writers are dropping the ball infuriating the fan base that was interested in the build up of characters we were rooting for and wanted to see evolve to the next step. I also think there are too many characters taking precious time away from Eric and Sookie. Everyone has their favorites ,but keep them to make the story flow and just have a daily guest now and then. I totally agree with wasted plots taking time away from the story of the vamps and the barmaid. I do not want to hate Sookie. She and Eric play well off each other

      • Thanks for Youtube at least I can just watch the eric/sookie scenes without being so angry about the whole plot. And I turned to Eric/Sookie fanfiction stories- provides me with all the entertainment and contentment that I am missing from watching True Blood. Just like what I said depending on the reviews of each episode, I am not watching TB anymore!!!!!!! Justice for Eric/Sookie perfect pairing.

  8. I love your letter, Diane! They absolutely massacred Eric Northman in the last few episodes. I actually grieved for him :(

  9. I agree with all of you but know that Alan Ball has his own agenda. To get him to listen, we can’t just harp on how much we love the Eric/Sookie romance. We need to explain how it has always been Eric who has been honest with her and Bill who has always lied to her. Why is Eric constantly villified for the things he has done and Bill gets a pass? Hotshot could have been a good storyline if (staying true to the books) Calvin Norris was a strong pridemaster (is that right for panthers?) and guided the troop over there. Instead we got major inbred hillbillies, and they killed Calvin off so quickly. Also, what is with Jason NOT turning into a were? I am actually fine with that, but then why did we have to watch all that Hotshot crap? It led NOWHERE. If AB wanted to set up a triangle with Jason and Jess, he could have thought of another way to get her bood into him…mainly something doing with the witches since they took over the show just like Maryanne. Note to self and others….If a character’s name starts with M and they are new, look out, that is the only storyline that is going to be shoved down our throats! Diane is right. It is ALL ABOUT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and AB is not staying true to the spirit of the books or even the spirit of previous seasons! Sookie is one Hot Mess and just comes across as stupid, selfish and impulsive. Eric has gone from a one note villian, to wonderfully complicated (thanks Alex) only to be reduced to groveling for Sookie’s love? IT DOESN’T FIT MR. BALL! I actually don’t even mind Bill staying part of the show but to make him King was ridiculous. He could have still become a major player in the AVL or had some story that kept him in BT and near Sookie, but King? not puleeze. I have am with Diane, I am talking myself into watching Season 5 after the debacle of this season. 3 Seasons of B/S and 3 episodes of E/S does NOT stay true to the spirit of the books Mr. Ball, so just stop saying that is what you are trying to do! Just admit you are using the idea and characters of the books and doing whatever you want to do with them. Fans of the show are far from stupid and pandering to us with your quips makes us even more angry

    • I totally agree Kristin. If we want Ball to take us seriously (as fans), we cannot make our problems with the latter part of season 4 all about Eric and Sookie. Sookie’s character arc and growth has always been a little lacking, but this season, that lacking just went from bad to worse. As a woman, I find it hard to believe that she would just forgive something so atrocious as the Rat reveal and just let it go, without a moment’s thought about it. It really saddens me that the protagonist and heroine has been reduced to a weaker woman. Quite simply, it makes no sense in relation to how she is with other characters, calling them out on their misdeeds but never calling out the MAJOR one that she needed to, in order to heal to start the forgiving process. IT IS NONSENSICAL.

  10. I sincerely doubt the ignorant fool will read it. I was also hoping for some character growth, but it’s just the same old sh*t. In just a few day, after the rape, Jason was ready to get under the covers. Did he secretly suffer from amnesia too? Now I’m finally convinced that show Sookie is a dumba**. She can easily forgive anything that beel does to her. Hell, he slept with the help and sookie still groveled to beel. So sad. Then there’s the fearless viking, whom finally expresses his love to a human but sookie just threw him out. WTF! Quite frankly I don’t want the nitwit(sookie) to be with eric. He deserved A LOT better. I’m just really pissed off that AB made eric look like and idiot. If it weren’t for GOT I would of canceled my HBO subscription after seeing this season of Tue Beel.

  11. I could handle Eric and Sookie not pairing up anymore – it would be painful, but I would have continued being devoted to the show if Mr. Ball hadn’t done exactly what Diane described in her open letter to him….. destroy the characters. Eric groveling, Pam hysterical and Sookie apologizing to Bill – I am definitely done with the show.

  12. i totally and competley agree with your letter. i feel everything that you said. but i will say Alen Ball doesnt listen to us even if he does read the letter im sure he wont do a damn thing because his head is still up his ass about Bill and Sookie being Soulmates. well if he doesnt change or do anything to make the show better well then there will be less and less viewers each week and that wont be anyway to get the show back on track. i hate that Bill weezles his way back in Sookies life and im sick and tired of it. i dont know if i will keep watching it if Alan Ball keeps making Eric the bad guy and Bill the good guy. and Sookie being so helpless then im pretty much done with the show.

  13. I think the letter is great. If read by Alan Ball, I don’t believe it would phase him one bit. In the interviews I’ve seen and read of him (A.B.) he strikes me as being too high on his own ego and not open to anyone’s view outside of his own; especially fans. He has knocked questions and comments on the Eric/Sookie issue, time and time again; along with other elements he has been called out on. His major defense mechanism is “the series isn’t meant to be like the books”. He isn’t tactful when he addresses fans points of view or contradictions of his misguided comments; he becomes defensive and says things like, “I don’t agree with your statement” as if what he says must be actual fact. If True Blood at any point falters there is a huge posibility it will be due to something Alan Ball did as a result of something he didn’t do. I hope True Blood doesn’t live to see a similar lifespan of Six Feet Under (lasting a bit over 5 seasons); and I hope that show isn’t any indication of where True Blood will be.

  14. Well I think the letter is great. But I don’t think that Mr Ball would read it. I really don’t. I suspect that his ego really won’t permit him to. Hopefully someone at HBO who holds the purse strings will.

    It is baffling to see how such a previously tightly written, fast paced show with so many charismatic characters can fall apart in the unspectacular fashion that it has this season. It’s been cringeworthy, and it does nobody involved with the show any favours whatsoever. I feel genuinely sorry for the actors, when watching it. I really do. I know they won’t say anything negative for fear of their character suffering a ‘Dr Drake Ramore’ ending a la Friend’s Joey Tribbiani. But they must be thinking ‘What the hell am I doing for a living’. A prime example of this is the great robot walk of death into Marnie’s vampire zapping fence. It was so bad it was almost good…almost. Nah! I take it back it was just bad. This season’s True Blood couldn’t excel at anything.

    I have no clue what the audience profile is for ‘True Blood’ and what proportion is female, but what I can say is that few self-respecting women will have been able to watch what the series has done to the female characters in the show with equanimity. So if the greater proportion of the audience is women, this show is in trouble, big trouble. Because few of us will bother to subject ourselves to further portrayals of women in the style of True Blood this season. It’s irritating, it’s infuriating and I for one don’t like having a tv show provoke that response in me. It’s not fun.

    So, writers sort it out in season 5! Give us character driven stories. Give us charismatic characters who we feel compelled to watch to find out what they do next. And for goodness sake give us female characters we can believe in and get behind. Because believe me or don’t if you continue in the same shoddy vein as Season 4 you’ll have lost the majority of your female audience.

    Nuff said.

  15. Sookies’ character, or lack there of, made me wish she had died from that bullit. We did get some good Eric/Sookie scenes but Bill definitely should have been on Sookie’s hit list in terms of his betrayal.

    As far as Hot Shot goes…well it would have been better to never go there. Season 3 took all the decency and pride from that communtiy and perpetuated the debaucle into Season 4.

    When I rewatch the episodes I end up fast forwarding through most of the scenes and just watch Eric/Sookie and Pam scenes. I would like to have seen more of Ginger. Love her! Tara either has to go or bring in book Tara.

    Did anyone notice that Alcide had no trouble holding those silver chains with his bare hands?

    As far as acting…kudos to Sam’s driver and Alex.

    Anyway, I will watch Season 5. I still hope Alan Ball can redeem himself or let the female writers take over. Can’t wait for Russell to come back with a vengence.

  16. I agree with EVERYTHING. Sookie in the books is so well-developed and such a strong woman. She’s been turned into a sack of wimpy shit and I do NOT approve. She never would have forgiven Bill like that! The scene where she rejects Eric – I was SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER AT THE TV. SOO AWFUL. He finally grows a soul (although I did kind of prefer soulless sexy murderer Eric . . .) and she kicks him to the frickin curb! And when he says, “Bill lied to you!” and she was like, “To protect me!” All I can think of is the scene in Season 2 where she says (and I think this is the last time I respected her): “That’s not protecting me, that’s lying to me.” FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, REALLY! And there is so much more that was wrong with Season 4 that I’m just not gonna get into – the convoluted, suddenly ensemble cast, with all their wacko storylines somehow fitting together? Forget it. What was with the whole Hotshot thing? Made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I WILL watch Season 5, if it’s only to see Dennis O’Hare in action (I swear, he was the saving grace of Season 3 – without him it might have been as bad as this past) and to catch a glimpse of sexy Mr. Northman. Who hopefully will still be sexy. Alan Ball has got such a raging Bill-boner that he might just off him. If he does that, I think I speak for all women when I say that we will form an angry mob and burn down HBO. I have lost all respect for Sookie Stackhouse, who in the books is one of my favorite characters ever. Thanks a lot, Alan Ball-sucker.

    • Very very well said!
      Sookie has become a doormat, Eric a grovelling mess, Bill the one in power???
      AB has taken the series SO off the mark it would have been better making it a series on its own, rather than linking it to the books.. Oh he couldn’t, could he.. THAT’S what got people watching in the first place!.
      I wonder how it feels to Charlaine Harris, watching her strong independant heroin turn into a woman who accepts betrayal, lies & faithfulness cos Bill is now a superhero?.. AB must have read different books to me!

  17. I agree with all of what is written in this letter, but there’s one thing missing that should be said clearly – after this season, viewers want to see Eric and Sookie as a couple. Main reason that the fans are so upset and agry is that they feel misled and plainly cheated. This season, the Eric amnesia plot was told beautifully, and every scene (even the sex, which was positively shown as lovemaking, actually) and dialogue made us believe that this all would lead to a real love story.

    They even both agreed in a blood bond (without someone being injured), and Sookie was very well aware what that meant. So when she told Eric off in the season finale with that ridiculous cliché phrase “What we had was unforgettable, but it’s over”, I thought “What the heck?” The only dialogue line even worse would have been “But we’ll stay friends.” And to let proud Eric beg her like a puppy while, most of all, Bill watched, was too hard to take. I can’t stand to watch that scene anymore. At this moment, I finally stopped even caring for Sookie. You tried to convince us later of Eric’s bad*ss-ness when they killed Nan and her stormtroopers, but it’s not that easy. And Eric as Bill’s future sidekick? No, thanks. There are always other (and sorry to say that, better) TV shows to watch. This is so sad because I really loved True Blood, still do – up to the first half of season four.

    You know what, Mr. Ball, those teasers so commonly used on TV shows are great to keep the tension and coax viewers into coming back, but sometimes you need to give them what they really yearn for … a happy end – even if it doesn’t last for long. If you overdo it with the c**k teasing and never give real satisfaction, people stop caring and go away. It’s just like in real life.

    Kind regards,

    Deborah Court

  18. Hey, for all the people who are so disappointed what Alan Ball has done with the show, you know, not staying close to the spirit of the books what he always said he is going to do and turned it into a Bill show;
    Here is a link to the contact site of HBO and people can write to the guys who are responsible for the show:
    http://www.hbo.com/true-blood/index.htm … ct-us.html

    I know there are LOTS of people who are so disgusted what they have made with the characters Sookie, Eric and also Pam this season, so I think we FANS have the right to give our opinion and to complain what we are not happy about!!!

    The thing I am still most annoyed about is that they let Sookie ask Bill for forgiveness, sorry but this is not Sookie, this is weak, book Sookie would have never done that and to make Bill always the front and centre of the show is annoying, he is not even that popular…
    I am probably quitting the show and I think they have lost a lot of the bookies and Eric and Sookie fans in general after this season, they constantly showed promos with ERic and Sookie this seaon, everyone was anticipating their relationship, but then they came up with this bullsht*t, I feel cheated, how could they think that we would like it that Bill is involved in almost every ERic sookie scene? Sookie and Bill had the complete first season and also most of teh second 2 for themselves and we don`t even get a real Eric Sookie time?? This season was based on book 4 and we got shown the middle finger basically, Bill was all over the place and I couldn´t enjoy anything this season, I am so disappointed…

  19. I love TB, but this season was way out there for me. I sat myself down and watched season one again to remember what I so loved about it. Something has gotten lost over time and I truely hope that Alan will get back to that “feel”. I loved the small town, southern feel about it all.

    One peeve I have is that we never got to have Bubba. With so many Elvis impersonators around, you’d think that one could be slipped in. I mean, he is in EVERY Sookie Stackhoue book! Having Jason call Hoyt Bubba just didn’t do it for me. :(

  20. I think if you really want AB or someone else who is resonsible for the show to read this, then you really have to send a real letter to HBO or ABs production company or some of the writers, I doubt they really go to fansites of a certain fanbase to read their opinion and acknowledge it, if you want to achieve something, you have to send it directly to they guys who do the show…

  21. […] her thoughts on True Blood Season 4 in her “Open Letter to Alan Ball”, if not read it here. Now she has written a review of what True Blood Season 5 will be like – based on the casting […]

  22. […] aka. TruBookie, who previously wrote “An Open Letter To Alan Ball” – recently shared her thoughts on the spoiler about Sookie and ‘those pesky […]

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