Eric & Sookie Music Video: “Unbreak” by Ryan Star

Found this beautiful fan-made Eric and Sookie music video and wanted to share it with you! It includes scenes from all of the seasons, including Season 4!

Song: Unbreak

Artist: Ryan Star

Editor: TheSanaazzy on You Tube


Thanks for making this video, TheSanaazzy!!

We enjoyed it immensely!

What do you think? Did you enjoy it too? Share your thoughts below!

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5 comments on “Eric & Sookie Music Video: “Unbreak” by Ryan Star

  1. That’s a good one! I added it to my favorites. But so far, my fav video is still SilverVintage’s I See You. It’s absolutely perfect.

    • I loved this one but “I see you” is my absolute fave! It fits them to a “T” I also loved “”It was real” by Kirwani90 and “This is the beginning” by Kirwani90 and
      “: If Your Not The One” by SurferBabe4Ever. I have more trust me. I always get a new favorite!

  2. I agree… I’ve never seen better video than SilverVintage’s one… But this one is OK…

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