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SFX Sci-fi Awards 2012

The SFX Sci-fi Awards 2012 voting has begun!

Alex has been nominated for the prestigious title of Sexiest Male at the 2012 SFX Sci-Fi Awards, and he’s counting on you to help him win this thing! We’ve done it in the past…we can do it again this year too! Plus, who can possibly argue that he’s not sexy?

We’ll let the image below speak for itself…

Eric Northman: Sex on a stick

There is also a category for Biggest Disappointment and the fairies were mentioned from True Blood. I kind of wish it was the way Season 4 ended…but we agree with this one too!

Cast your vote here!

PS. You can only vote once, so please make it count!

Eric Northman has something to say to you…

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers! We've got this covered!

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One comment on “SFX Sci-fi Awards 2012

  1. The biggest disappointment in Season 4 was the Fairyland that looked
    like an “I can’t beleive it’s not butter” and then turned into 1000000 years
    BC~ and turned into a major waste of time and storylines..
    We didn’t need to meet Queen Mab, it was nice that Sookie met her
    Grandaddy Earl,~that’s what you would hope would happen in real life,
    but you know that is all fantasy not real life.
    I would have loved more time between Amnesia Eric and Sookie.
    And I really didn’t need the Witches also, especially Antonia/Marnie.
    All that Marnie ended up in doing was getting Jesus killed.
    I loved Jesus and LaFayette as a couple.
    I hope that LaFayette finds love again……..

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