Eric & Sookie Music Video: The Invisible Man

A fellow Eric & Sookie lover sent this video in to us and we just HAD to share it with you! We think you’ll like it! ;)

Synopsis: Eric and Sookie are in love and a couple. Warning: Bill is in it too, but Sookie only has eyes for Eric.

Song: The Invisible Man

Artist: 98 Degrees

Watch it below!

Haha! Love how no matter what Bill does, Sookie doesn’t even see him! It’s like he doesn’t exist! He’s invisible!

♥ Love how Eric and Sookie seem to be all about each other! ♥ And how they took all of the scenes Sookie had with Bill and turned them into scenes with Eric and Bill keeps looking all jealous!

Thanks Deb, for sharing this with us!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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7 comments on “Eric & Sookie Music Video: The Invisible Man

  1. So cute. It has to be the Eric/Sookie lovers to make videos of how it should’ve been. Love Eric and Sookie!

  2. Great video! It’s a shame that’s not the way it is. F*cking Ball.

  3. This video was Outstanding. and oh, so very true.
    Bill is the “invisable man in her eyes”
    She does “light up from inside when she sees Eric or hears his voice.
    She has wanted Eric Northman from the first night she met him.
    There was something about him and Sookie wanted to get to know him
    better,to find out what made him tick…he was like a firework exploding.

  4. I loved this video!!!! Yes, this is the way it SHOULD be!!!!!!
    Sookie and Eric 4Eva………………..

  5. I recommended this vid, aneksunamen creates awesome videos. You should really check out her channel and watch the others, she always makes up a whole new story along with the lyrics of the song. My favorites (beside The Invisible Man) are “It’s all coming back to Sookie” (heartbreakingly beautiful) and “All I wanna do” (You’ll squeeee at that one, won’t tell anything).

  6. How much I wish it were like that!!! Loved it!! Thanks!!!

  7. Yes just the way I would have played it…… lovely… sigh…..

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