Charlaine’s Graphic Novel: A Done Deal

Charlaine Harris’s new graphic novel is a done deal – according to USA Today.

The first book, Cemetery Girl, will be published by Ace Books in 2013. The trilogy is a collaboration between Harris, dark fantasy writer Christopher Golden, and illustrator Don Kramer.

Cemetery Girl will combine fantasy and paranormal mystery to tell the story of a teenaged girl with amnesia who has grown up living alone in amid the gravestones. As the series unfolds, the truth of who the girl is and how she came to be there will be gradually revealed both to the reader and to the character herself.

It will be Harris’s first venture into the world of graphic novels.

In a press release from her publisher, Harris said;

“I’d had the bones of the plot for Cemetery Girl in my head for a year when Chris suggested I re-imagine it as a graphic novel. Suddenly, the project made a lot more sense. Since Chris has more experience in the graphic novel field that I do, we agreed to team up for my first-ever collaboration. This is an exciting venture for both of us.”

This sounds like it will be a very interesting series, but unfortunately, not about vampires. Maybe she’s had enough of them for awhile?

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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3 comments on “Charlaine’s Graphic Novel: A Done Deal

  1. Well, I have to hope and pray that this book will be a bit more interesting
    than the Sookie Stackhouse novels. When it comes to writing sex scenes
    there are a few thing that Charlaine Harris could learn from some of her
    fans who write explict sex scenes better than she does!!!
    Charlaine seems to be “a bit stuck up” when writing sex scenes.
    You have to think dirty to write dirty. Works all the time for me.
    I’ll give you an example when I look at Eric Northman i think of all of the
    things I so would want to do to the Vampire.
    You can’t write a sex scene “Cold” you have to set the mood.
    You light a candle,put on some sexy music and maybe have some wine
    And then think of a conversation between youself and the character
    you’re writing about. It works every time.

  2. Sex scenes are not easy to write. I still have trouble in that area, but I think I will be passing on this series.

  3. Yep, this series of 3 doesn’t hold any interest from me. There are much better writers out there such as JR Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood series for one). so I think I’ll skip this one too.

    The only reason I got caught up in the SVM novels is because of the characters, although Charlaines’ writing is weak, the characters were interesting and thats’ what got me. If you have a good imagination, you can dream……………I am very, very thankful for FanFic stories, which really bring these characters to life to me.

    Just pray it isn’t made into a Cable series someday and that AB buys it, cause then it’ll turn to
    sh_t just like TB has!

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