Latest Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Vampire?

 This latest poll is brought to you by the Vampire Book Club! They would like to know which vampire is your favorite – based on books! This poll is not based on TV shows or movies!

Eric Northman is representing Charlaine Harris’s novels. He is up against characters like Bones from the Night Huntress series written by Jeaniene Frost and the Black Dagger Brotherhood brothers from J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series! :shock:

As you can see…Eric could really use your votes!

Cast your vote here: Vampire Book Club

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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8 comments on “Latest Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Vampire?

  1. It looks like Eric is in the lead so far. As much as I love Bones, it will always be Eric for me.

  2. Do you really have to ask who my favourite Vampire is?
    You should know by now, I love my Lord/Master and boss
    Eric Northman,owner of Fangtasia,Sheriff of Area Five.
    I loved Season Four, Especially when we got to see him show
    his softer side, Amnesia Eric is the “person who’s inside of
    my Sheriff. It’s the side only his closest friends see.”
    When his memory was returned to him he told Sookie these words:
    “I remember everything that happened. I remember US,
    I remember making love to you,I remember holding you, caressing you.
    I remember the way you smell,I remember exchanging Blood with you
    I LOVE YOU! Sookie,look deep into my eyes~look behind my eyes
    The man you fell in love with is still there,he’s inside of me.
    I’m only better, I’m more of me. Don’t you see me?”
    Eric raised her chin so his eyes met hers,Sookie smiled “Yes”.

  3. Yep, of course I voted for Eric. I will remain loyal to him as far as the books go. It was tough though, as I do also love the BDB series too. But, then I think I also think of Eric when I read these books too.

    • I know what you mean…I love Bones from the NH series. I love the BDB too. It’s a tough choice, but I went with my first love…Eric Northman! I read the SSN first, before the rest of them.

    • I agree Eric as a brother. Although Alex does not want to be typecast as a vampire he would be such a perfect Rhage if they ever did a BDB TV series.

  4. Here’s an update from the Vampire Book Club…Eric is in the LEAD! Thanks to all of you for voting! Let’s keep it up, because the other vampires DO have many fans!

  5. […] new poll out, where we need you to cast your vote for Eric Northman as your favorite vampire! Click here for more […]

  6. Eric is kicking ass, that makes me all kinds of happy. I also love that Bones is coming in second=)

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