Spoilerish Snippets For True Blood Season 5

We have a couple of spoilerish snippets to share with you! The first one is from E! Online’s Spoiler Chat! The second was revealed by Kristin Bauer van Straten in another interview promoting her appearance on Once Upon A Time – this time with The Hollywood Reporter!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – please don’t read below!

This is what was said over at E! Online…

Whorelips: I know it’s a little early, but what about some exclusive scoop on #TrueBlood?
Never too early for True Blood scoop. The season-five premiere of True Blood will have a flashback to Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) childhood, and we get to see her use her powers in a deliciously evil way to embarrass a couple of playground bullies. What did they do to piss her off? They don’t pick her for their kickball team! That is a wound that burns deep forever, kids…so be nice when playing kickball!

Jarrod in Bloomington, Ind.: I heard season five will be the last one for True Blood. Tell me it’s not true. I will flip out!
Not according to Stephen Moyer, and he’s a pretty important guy on T.B. “There is certainly enough material for us to keep going and going,” he tells us. “And as you know, television contracts are six years, so I don’t think there is any need for it to be the last season. I don’t see any need or reason for it to stop when it is as successful as it is.” Feel better?

The first one involving Sookie was pretty much what all of us guessed would happen. :roll: As for what Stephen Moyer said…I’m sure there’s many who would disagree with his statement. Let’s see how many fans watch Season 5, shall we? As for the comment about SM being an “important guy on TB”? UGH!! I refrain from commenting, because my mama always taught me; ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’. So I won’t…but needless to say, it would contain EVERY SINGLE CURSE WORD THERE IS!

I just want to point out (to those who may have missed it) the username of the first person who had their question answered; was WHORELIPS! LMAO! I don’t know if this person is being serious or not, but it’s funny either way!


Here is what Kristin revealed to The Hollywood Reporter…this time it has to do with Eric and Sookie too! SQUEE!

Bauer van Straten is only currently booked for the one episode, but she might return in the future to take care of some unfinished business, which she says will become clear after Sunday’s episode.

She’ll have to balance that return with shooting on Season 5 of True Blood starting sometime in November and the actress tells us that she just received the first script this past week. “It’s pretty exciting,” she says.

She tells THR that the first episode picks up right after Season 4’s finale where the witches are finally defeated and Pam’s maker Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) love for Sookie (Anna Paquin) has remained strong after the amnesia curse.

“Definitely going to be more forced interaction between Pam and Sookie, I feel,” she says. “That’s the impression I get. You know there are so many story lines that you only get a little tidbit each script. But, I feel like Pam and Sookie are going to have to deal with each other.”

Uh-oh…sounds like Pam and Sookie aren’t going to have the same kind of ‘friendship’ they have in the books.

As for Eric and Sookie…it’s great Eric still is in love with Sookie, but how does Sookie feel about him? Will she still have ‘feelings’ for Beehl too? UGH…I feel like vomiting already, just typing this out. From the sounds of it – we should get ready for some angst, but I’m sure some of us aren’t looking forward to it AT ALL.

We want to say a special ‘thanks’ to our good friends over at Skarsgardfans.com for the head’s up about the spoiler from The Hollywood Reporter!

What do you think about these spoilers? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Sorry, if you want to be in here, you’re going to have to put up with that. A lot of us aren’t too thrilled with the direction season 5 is bound to go in.

    • Okay, never mind, now I’m talking to myself…lol!

      • Sorry, I deleted that comment…obviously the person didn’t READ the spoilers we posted and only looked at my comments below! LOL Everyone is entitled to speak their opinion on here, but you can’t tell me to “Please stop.” ;)

        • Yeah, at first I didn’t even realize what she was referring to, but that was kind of rude. Especially when this is your site, if they have a problem, they can just go elsewhere.

          • this troll person probably has never read the books and glorifies the ground on which AB is walking on; I don´t understand how you cannot see how messed up the3 show was this season, you just have to go to normal sites, non fansites who discuss about the show and lots of people are critisizing the show for its plotholes, cheesiness and writing inconsistencies and well it is true…

  2. I totally agree with you, iamerika. I’m not looking forward to a renewed love story b/w Sookie and Eric because I feel like I’m not interested at all. The season finale was pretty disappointing, and I don’t feel like the fact Sookie admitted she always had feelings for Eric repaid from the total embarassament of what they did to Eric. I’m speaking frankly: I didn’t like at all the threesome-couch scene, neither how they made Eric behave (I’m just complaining about the script, not hte beautiful job ASkars does). I’d rather gone with a face-to-face talk and not a group-talk… hope you get what I mean. By the way, when Kristin dos Santos says Bill is an important guy, she’s right: he’s Alan Ball pupil so expet more and more Bill and eventually a reunion between Sookie and Eric, because I’m pretty sure things are headed in that direction. Btw, I’ll be watching S5 just to watch Eric’s dynamic with her sister and this new character, Salome. Not to mention Russell Edgington!! Sorry for the long comment, but several weeks have passed and I still didn’t get to swallow this season finale down. Btw, I love your site, this is my first comment, but I always read your latest posts ;) And let me add: thanks Charlaine Harris for that beautiful character that Sookie is in the books!! Pretty different from tv show but – again – fortunately we have the books!!! :D

    • obviously I meant “and eventually a reunion between Sookie and Bill” ;)

    • Awww…thanks for the compliments about this site!! It’s always nice to hear we’re doing great things here! :)

      BTW, I’ll be watching it too…for the same reasons as you, and also to recap the episodes, since our favorite recappers have all quit. Plus, I’m a trooper…I’ve done it before in another fandom.

      I agree…I can see a reunion between Beehl and Sookie too! UGH! Soooo not looking forward to it. But I’m stubborn and I refuse to give in, until it happens. Then people (including AB and Co.) will see my evil side…I call her, Evil E! Hehe…and people think SVB on Sookieverseblog is snarky…??? Just wait until you meet Evil E! ;) She has got me into trouble before…and I talk about her in the 3rd person! LOL

      And I love ASkars and the job he is doing too! He has to work with what he is given, so the blame lies completely on the writers!

      Thanks for coming out of lurkdom! Hope to see you post more! :)

    • Sadly, AB and company don’t realize that Sookie’s inability to move on from Bill no longer makes for any sort of dramatic storyline but rather makes her pathetic. We’re well past that point at which a reasonable woman would have dumped him. I get they want someone to pit Eric against but Bill is just not that guy and they had Bill do so much to Sookie that watching her go crawling back again and again is somewhat sickening AND makes her a poor match for Eric.

      The story lacks credibility. King Bill? Really? That was the best they could do after burying Russell Eddington in cement?

      • I agree, Larissa! :) I think it would make better sense for her to date Alcide. (Yes, I said it! LOL) It would be extremely boring…but at least she wouldn’t look pathetic and wishy-washy! That to me, is one of the worst things to happen on the show…how they have destroyed the character traits of Sookie. Book Sookie wouldn’t take the sh*t that TB Sookie has. And even burying Russell in cement lacked credibility, IMO. Book Eric would’ve sent him to his final death. He wouldn’t care about what Godric said to him. He would’ve gotten rid of the ‘problem’ then and there, because he’s a problem solver.

        I won’t even get into how badly this sends the wrong kind of message to women who live in abusive relationships…obviously AB doesn’t understand women.

        • Book Sookie’s approach to Bill was much more realistic. After the final reveal regarding the Queen when Eric forced Bill to come clean, Sookie simply avoid Bill and had nothing to do with him. It took her a very long time before she’d even say his name to herself. THAT was more realistic than anything and you could tell that a woman had written that book ;) I absolutely identified with Sookie’s reaction having felt that way (and reacted that way) a couple times.

          TB Sookie was obviously written by a man and written by a man who had no idea how a woman would react to 1. an abusive relationship and 2. to essentially being procured by a pimp who only reconsidered when he discovered he liked the goods himself.

          It was vile.

  3. I’d love to see Pam and Sookie become the friends they are in the books. I really don’t like Pam’s attitude toward Sookie in the show but I don’t really like Sookie too much after this last season so maybe it’s best Pam feels the way she does.

    • As long as men are writing for TB it will never happen. B*tches fightin’ over a man or lesb*an love seem to be all AB and his crew understand. Actual female friendship are beyond them. Look at what they did to Tara and Sookie’s friendship.

    • I love Pam in both the books and the show. She is just a devious as Eric and and comical. I like the friends idea so long as its not a best friends sort of thing.

      • True blood Pam was shown as a weak woman this season, I don´t think she was shown in a good light this season, they turned her into a jealous brat who doesn´t know how to handle anything on her own because AB once again needed to give away a storyline of an other character to Billy boy, the direction the show goes is ridicolous!!

  4. what kristin said in that interview was just speculation, she probably only has the script for the first episode so far, last season lots of actors on the show had interviews and they claimed stuff that never happened later on on the show, and the writers on true blood always only seem to write episodes during shooting thats why at the end of the season they always turn into a mess with lots of plotholes…

    • You made a great point, Laura! :) They have said a LOT of things that didn’t happen on the show or it got left on the editors’ floor!

      AND the fact that they write things ‘on the go’…is EXACTLY what’s wrong with the show. None of it makes any sense and the continuity becomes an issue. I think they need someone to keep track of it, just like CH does. At least she was smart enough to admit she has issues with it, but AB seems to think what he’s doing is great.

  5. I actually never doubted that Sookie loved Eric last season. In fact, I question whether or not she actually loves Bill. I think she’s seriously confused and probably messed up thanks to his blood as she’d probably never would have started WITH Eric if she still thought she loved Bill or would have even considered going back to him. After all, she resisted temptation all those other times, so something happened to really confuse her. Had to be the blood. What really has her confused is that she has forgotten that she was interested in Eric before she had his blood unlike Bill. If she does go back to Bill, it will be the influence of the blood making her forget that he’s a manipulative sh*t. I’m firmly convinced that his blood overrides her common sense. It is probably why she was acting like such a stupid jerk after the scene in the graveyard. Because seriously? It’s like she had a brain transplant. Pretty much like what happened after she met Bill and people couldn’t talk any sense into her until she had the facts shoved down her throat that she was nothing but a pimp for the queen and he attacked her in the back of the van. Remember, she’s always forgiven after she’s had his blood again. There’s a problem there. That’s not “love” nor is that really “forgiveness” and I wonder if Sookie is ever really going to figure it out.

    As to a relationship with Eric and Sookie. Seriously? I’d like to see them go back to bickering for several episodes like they were in S3. Sookie needs to work for it.

    • “her throat that she was nothing but a pimp for the queen and he attacked her in the back of the van. ”

      OOps, that’s that HE was nothing but a pimp for the queen. See, thinking of Bill as Queen bill will do that.

  6. I have just found this site….crazy huh?
    Anyway, I see that you have some idea as to how Season 5 will be and there is a LOT of hatred going on about how bad Season 4 was as well as how some o the characters were handled. First and foremost, I want to say that I love the Eric and Sookie dynamic in the show as well as in the books. No, I don’t think that AB should follow the books, but I can see where certain things are followed. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were some things that I couldn’t get behind…no matter how hard I tried like Bill being king (Eric would NEVER bow to him!)
    I can also see what they were trying to do….some better than others. They wanted to show an emotional progression in all of the characters…show that what you saw of them in the beginning is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Bill was seemingly weak and they wanted to show him as harder core…okay…
    Eric was always a hard-ass, so they wanted to show that he has some kind of feelings within him…got that too. (Actually, in this contest…Alex wins hands down to the acting!)
    Like I said, I get it…but, because he chose to take this show in a direction that NO ONE expected, there are a lot of folks that can’t get behind it. From what I read about the next season, it seems to be moving things along to the were problem that was introduced in the later books. I am more than sure that they are aware who the TRUE stars of the show are…they KNOW most watch the show for Eric and now, Alcide (Hell, I know I do!). AB has always stated that this was a love story between Sookie and Bill, even though throughout ALL the books Sookie’s savior was always Eric.
    Even Charlaine Harris has posed the question as to WHY everyone LOVES Eric so much…
    Personally, I don;t think that either TB or SVM are going to let Sookie be with Eric for any longer than necessary (she brought Bill back in Book 11….which I HATED).
    I also understand how everyone HATES the writing…some of that is true. I WILL say that I did not hate this past season…I found things that I liked about it and I didn’t feel that it was a failure. From all the hate that I have read all around, it basically fallls into two catagories: not following the books or constantly harping on Bill…
    Granted, both are happening but a few things have to be remembered…
    The books are told fromn SOOKIE’S POV…and even in the books she’s as dumb as a brick. She never deals with her feelings immediately and she makes the most stupid, rash decisions ANYONE could ever make. I agree that in TB she forgave Bill awful quickly and constantly gives Eric hell, but it kinda reminds you of being on the playground…how a little girl or boy generally hits or dislikes the person they REALLY LIKE.
    Sookie is only a stone’s throw away from grade school with the mentality she has been given by both AB and CH. THe other characters have to be told, on TB, from another POV. They have to basically MAKE UP how they think they would truly act. That process is hit or miss.
    Secondly, because the dynamic has been switched from Eric being the “protector” to Bill, AB gave himself a lot of playing room. I can’t see Bill being SOOOOOO important in Sookie’s life in the books or TB because of how he is. Bill disappeared in the books until the Witch War…in TB, he’s king (althought with some of the stuff Nan was saying…might not be for long).
    And lastly, this show, despite how you guys on here feel and as well as the other sites have been complaining…IS A HIT!!!!
    I went to the Comic Con…I saw old women in wheelchairs wanting to get into the panel. As much as there are those that bash what has been done so far, there are as many that cheer it on. Hell, my HUSBAND JUST started watching this season!
    I am willing to give the next season a chance because simply I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
    As much as we may want it and as much as it may make sense…the writers are going to do what they are instructed and we may like it…or we may hate it. Our opinions are exactly that…opinions and as much as we want them to LISTEN, THAT is never a guarantee.
    So, with that…I’ll get off my soapbox and continue to enjoy the website here…
    Hope I didn’t offend! :)

    • “Personally, I don;t think that either TB or SVM are going to let Sookie be with Eric for any longer than necessary”

      Hmmm. no.

      There have always been dire predictions regarding the end of a series i.e. Harry Potter will die in the last book. They almost always turn out to be false. People tend to forget that authors have to rely on the CONTINUED sale of a series for income. The books don’t stop selling once the final book in a series is released. New readers still buy the series from beginning to end. If CH deep sixes the Eric/Sookie relationship from some new suitor in the final book, what incentive does a new reader have to follow the series from the beginning? None. The author knows this as does her publisher. Fans of a series will be brutal if an author disappoints and the old days of releasing a book and waiting for word of mouth to spread regarding the ending are over. Fans can kill the series within a matter of hours. Many people won’t even continue a series if they know it won’t end the way they want. Besides, do you honestly believe she’d invest as much time as she has in Eric and Sookie if she was going to put her with someone else? She’s essentially ruled out all the other men introduced unless people haven’t been paying attention.

      As for Bill and Sookie and the great love AB says they have. He can say whatever he wants. He’s marketing TB. People marketing programs lie. The end.

      As for CH not understanding why people like Eric? She’s playing with her fans. She wrote Eric and Bill to be opposites. Bill is a lying, manipulative, adulterous rapist. I don’t think I need to explain further.

      As for CH not understanding why people like Eric? She’s playing with her fans. She wrote Eric and Bill to be opposites. Bill is a lying, manipulative, adulterous rapist. I don’t think I need to explain further.

      • Oops second paragraph repeated twice. I copy and pasted and for some reason it didn’t show up until it posted. Weird. Either that? Or I really, really meant it!

      • In my opinion not to talk ill of AB, Steven Moyer, or Anna Paquin, but seems to me that when the show was cast for the first season with the knowledge that Sookie dumps Bill in the books early on that a light went off in Steven Moyer who said “oh no” if I want to maintain a starring role for future seasons I better do everything I can to keep my strong hold to include dating then marrying Anna Paquin (who is over ten years younger) which he did. Now he has to big guns he can pull out if needed because if Anna says that the Bill character will remain a large part of the show so that her hubby maintains a job then I guarantee that AB will oblige so not to loose his star. Just seems fishy to me. What do you think?

    • It’s very true…True Blood is a popular show and many ratings records were broken this past season 4…but I think it will change come Season 5. Most of the fans were interested in Season 4 because they wanted to see Eric and Sookie’s relationship and how AB would portray it or change it from the books. It was merely out of curiosity and hope. Since AB kind of destroyed it by his ‘changes’ (meaning the shower scene and the fact Sookie forgave Bill so quickly and being portrayed as a woman who is denial and makes excuses about all of the bad things Bill has done. ie) Wife-beater syndrome) I think this angered, insulted a lot of those same fans who attended Comic Con and other appearances. I don’t expect next year’s Comic Con to have the same amount of fans.

      “Like I said, I get it…but, because he chose to take this show in a direction that NO ONE expected, there are a lot of folks that can’t get behind it.”
      What we can’t get behind is the fact that he destroyed character traits (of his own making no less. ie) Tara) and left plot holes open wide enough a car could drive through. Fairies anyone? Jason’s rape? Most of them were unbelievable to the casual viewer. If Jason were raped…he should’ve been affected by it for the rest of the season, not jumping into bed with Jessica. Blood or no blood. To anyone who is a rape survivor, this is an insult to them.

      “The books are told fromn SOOKIE’S POV…and even in the books she’s as dumb as a brick. She never deals with her feelings immediately and she makes the most stupid, rash decisions ANYONE could ever make. I agree that in TB she forgave Bill awful quickly and constantly gives Eric hell, but it kinda reminds you of being on the playground…how a little girl or boy generally hits or dislikes the person they REALLY LIKE.
      Sookie is only a stone’s throw away from grade school with the mentality she has been given by both AB and CH.”
      I can see what you’re saying…she does come off as insecure and immature at times, doesn’t she? Plus, Eric and Sookie do have that kind of boy/girl “pulling out pig tails” kind of teasing too. But here’s the thing…I think in CH’s case, it’s a lot different than how AB is choosing to portray it. CH is great at showing the good side of Eric to Sookie, whereas, AB doesn’t. He’s changed things up so much on TB, by giving those Eric moments to Bill. That is where it has gone wrong, IMO. It’s hard to get behind the B/S relationship, because AB has actually made Bill worse on the show, than he ever was in the books. That’s why it makes all of us go, WTF at Sookie’s decisions.

      “As much as we may want it and as much as it may make sense…the writers are going to do what they are instructed and we may like it…or we may hate it. Our opinions are exactly that…opinions and as much as we want them to LISTEN, THAT is never a guarantee.”
      I’d be REALLY surprised if they ever listened to what the fans want! LOL They live in their own little world….but what we can do besides voicing our opinions is quite simple…stop watching the show. They would be forced to listen then. We do have the final say because HBO can’t run without subscriptions. But I agree…the writers are going to do, what they want to do and we can’t change that, but we CAN make a difference, if we REALLY wanted to. The choice is always up to you (the viewer)…

      BTW, I’ll be watching next season too and you didn’t offend anybody. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…glad you found us and hope you enjoy it!

      • perfect post iamerika, I agree with everything you said; and I agree that AB and his writers never ever listen to the fans because otherwise this season wouldn´t have turned out like this, we book readers and eric fans in general got shown the middle finger this season, now I am more and more convinced that AB plans a sookie bill reunion, I mean, if Sookie can forgive bill for his lie in a week how long will it take for her to run back to him and nail him to the ground (ew, I don´t even want to think about it, their sex scenes are so gross) and I seriously don´t see the spirit of the books on the show, the characters are totally unrecognizable (especially Sookie, eric and pam this season)…
        I am just sick of the fact that the writers don´t give a sh*t about the fans and everytime Ab says at panels like comic con that he doesn´t want to follow the books more closely because he wants to “surprise” the viewers is bullsh*t, the main reason all these ridicolous changes were done (especially the awfully done vampire politics on the show) is to keep Bill the main presence on the show, the most ridicolous thing is that even though ball propps bill up so much, he still won´t turn into a fan favourite… and I have seen the videos of the comic con panel and the reaction of the fans for a possible Bill sookie reunion and who shocked AB looked, seriously he probably really thinks everyone loves his favourite bill; and what also pisses me off is the way Alex get treated on panels or interviews in channel, they did let him sit far away from AB, moyer and Paquin and he had to sit next ot the supporting cast, it was sweet to watch him interacting with Kristin, but why did Alex not get seated more closely to AB?
        And has someone looked up how much screen time bill got this season in comparison to eric for example? This was based on book 4, the most eric centric book and bill had more screen time than eric, 6 minutes eric sookie stuff each episode, sorry but no wonder why some people may think it was forced,l I am so pissed of that AB doesn`t care for this couple, I have never seen an interview in which he said something positive about them, he even seemed to have invested more time into the jessica jason hookup (eyeroll)..
        And I am not going to watch season 5 completely, I wait and read comments about it and if there is something good (what I seriously doubt) I will maybe watch it; I think there is no realy reason to watch the whole show when eric gets only 6-8 minutes screen time each episode and that we have to watch this whole billfest, him killing older vamps and getting all the eric or pam storylines from the books , I can also watch the important scenes on youtube, some people always post there the eric scenes…you know I waited for this season to consider to buy all of the dvds of true blood, but I got so disappointed that I am going to buy none… I just cannot stomach all this Bill glorification anymore…

      • “That’s why it makes all of us go, WTF at Sookie’s decisions. ”

        Also, don’t discount here that SVM is written by a WOMAN who is writing about a woman who was abused as a child and then had bad interactions with men because she ALWAYS knew the vile things they were thinking when she tried to date. In addition, her first true love turned out to be an abusive rapist. Yeah, she’s going to have issues. CH wrote Sookie much differently than say a male writer like AB who just doesn’t get it AT ALL and made her apologize to her abuser.

        What I want to know is why more women aren’t worried and insulted by this? And by the fact that he’s ignored these issues and made her a doormat while rewriting a female author’s series and stripping out the woman’s issues?

  7. I’m glad that what I have said didn’t really tick anyone off…:)
    The prospects of what could happen in Season 5 are vast right now…there are some spoilers and a LOT of people hating (and they JUST STARTED shooting!)
    I must agree that I am tired of all the “swinging off Bill’s left” that AB does all the time. I also agree that the fact that Anna and Steven are married holds a GREAT deal of influence in the relationships on the show (at least in AB’s eyes). But, I still hold that they are trying something with them that vothers a lot of folks…and whether or not we can agree to it…the genreal consensus is that the show sucks because it’s not following the books.
    Think about it, if they followed the books, Lafayette wold have been dead after season one, and personally I LOVE LaLa!
    If they followed the books, Sookie would now be sleeping with Quinn (who can stomach that?)
    If they followed the books, everyone at Merlotte’s wouldn’t be needed (some don’t, but I would miss Terry!)
    I think I kinda like the idea of Eric having a sister…maybe she can get through to dim-bulb Sookie, who knows?
    I have read a few fanfics about what people think should happen for Season 5 and they all hold valid ideas on how it should go. I think we should send those links to AB…hell, some of the writers there are WAAAAAYYYYYY better than some of the writers on the show! LMAO
    As far as Comic Con is concerned, I was front and center at the panel. It didn’t matter where Alex was seated…ALL ATTENTION WAS ON HIM!!!! When him and Kristin had there little moment after some asked if they would see how Eric made Pam, the whole place erupted. There was more chanting of “TEAM ERIC” in that place than a little bit! (Ryan and Nelsan got some major play too, but Alex was center square)
    Stephen answered questions that were aimed at Alan, but there weren’t many of them. And BTW, seeing Alexander Skarsgard up close and personal is BEYOND AMAZING!!!
    The heart throbs are Ryan, Joe, and Alex…everyone knows it. I know Alan didn’t think that would happen…he wanted the so-called forbidden love between Sookie and Bill to be the pull. What he should have counted on was, after Season One, people were going to go get the books to see what the real deal was…and see the drastic changes he made to the original story line.
    He will NEVER be able to make Eric out to be the heavy…people LOVE the dangerous part of him as much as they love the fact that he can feel.
    He just better face it…Bill’s character is just not going to be that strong and any reconciliation with Sookie would kill it. People love the tall, strong, growling types! LMAO

    • That’s exactly what I did, ended up getting the books after season 1 and immediately fell in love with Eric. I saw the Comic Con panel online and I agree, it didn’t matter where Alex was sitting, he got the most attention. I personally loved that he was with Kristin, their interaction was great.

    • well, some changes they did were good lafayette, jessica and godric, but most of the other things they did were just awful, and you mentioned Quinn in the other post, I think it was already clear that they cannot really bring him into, the show will probably end in seaason 6, so they have to skip that part, and Quinn has never been that popular anyway, so I doubt that people would be so pissed if they skip that…
      And I think most people are highly disappointed how ball interpreted amnesia eric, I wasn´t that happy that he barely had screen time and his and sookies relationship loked forced, we book readers got all stealed our great moments from the books and these horrible and badly written couch scenes were like the worst thing ever, after the final, I knew I am done with this show, they made eric look like a lost puppy even after the amnesia and I am so pissed to see some people saying that he has lost the edge and has become just as stupid as bill and slookie, they could have handled this stuff differently by let eric not remember his time with sookie instantly, but no, we had to see this couch crap which made eric look like he got pussified by sookie, that is so not eric, that was so out of character, I believe that AB on purposely tried to butcher eric so that this huge book reader/ eric sookie fanbase would shrink and so that he can continue to shove his stupid bill agenda further down our throats…

      • Yeah, but it didn’t. Eric is still the more popular choice, no matter what this show does to him. My opinion will never change, he could never be worse than Bill.

        • Can anyone be worse than Bill? Really?

          • If we’re talking the show, not so much. As for the books, I actually loathe Quinn more.

          • Tammy, I should have been specific. I was talking about the show. You’re right, Quinn is worse in the books.

            In some respects, I do like book Bill slightly better than TB Bill. While book Bill did rape Sookie and did have the affair with Lorena, he at least was a bit more honest with Sookie with regards to who Eric was and he did tell Sookie to seek out Eric should anything happen to him(Bill). He recognized Eric’s ability to protect Sookie if he could not. TB Bill is an absolute moron in this respect.

      • Even Eric without his memories or that scene with Eric on the sofa with his memories? Still not as bad as Bill at his best or worst. Because even when Sookie was breaking his heart, Eric still didn’t try to make her responsible for HIS feelings and/or saving him or whatever the hell Bill thinks he’s doing half the time. Eric owned up to his own sh*t. He may have been heartbroken? But he still owned it. He didn’t expect Sookie to go running after him and accept responsibility for his feelings.

        That? That right there is the brilliant differences between Pussyass!Bill and Eric. Bill would have begged and pleaded and told her she was his life and that she couldn’t dump him etc etc and then he would have found a way to dump his blood down her throat.

        Eric just walked away. I may not have liked the scene but I wouldn’t say he was pussified by it.

    • Oh so true. However, I do love some of the dialog that AB has given Eric making him even more devious (and scrumpcious) such as when he tells Bill and Alcide in S3 “…if you two are done eye fu**ing each other…” Priceless. Eric is the star male character for TB and SVM even though we don’t see him much in S1. The more devious he is the more Sookie “the good girl” will fall for him. And I believe that AB is staying true to the books in one stand point… The idea that Eric does not lie to Sookie as she states “you always know where you stand with Eric…”
      I know that AB is telling us his story and I am OK with that as a matter of fact it gives a different story of those fabulous characters that we love and hate. Hate Bill and Love Eric, but need Bill because the more I hate Bill the more I love Eric (and all of the other men)!

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  9. hopefully bill does something else really stupid so she will want eric even more

    • Oh, I’m sure there’s a big chance of that. He’s always screwing up.

      • He’ll probably betray Eric again and try to kill him. It seems to be a pattern. Hopefully Sookie will wise up this time and realize this is NOT okay.

        • wishful thinking; every bad thing bill does on the show gets downplayed immensiley, the worst thing is that the writers themselves even think that bill is an honest guy and a tragic hero…they even said something like this in one inside the episode and eric of course got described like he is the bad guy *vomit*… I doubt there is ever going to be a chance on the show, because the writers themselves see bill as a saint, its disgusting how they destroy every other character on the show for the sake of bill…

          • Honestly? The writers can say whatever they want in an attempt to set the fans against each other to promote TEAM this and TEAM that. The actual text doesn’t support this theory i.e. Bill is good. You can pick any episode, any season or the current series as a whole, break it down and his character is manipulative, greedy, adulterous, violent, sexist, misogynistic, murderous, traitorous, duplicitous and selfish.

            Marketing people lie – a lot – when discussing characters, plots, spoilers, and other show items. They’ll tell you that one couple will be together forever when they have no intention of keeping that couple together until the end of the season. They’ll tell you that a certain cast member is NEVER returning when they have every intention of bringing that cast member back at the end of the season. Basically? You can’t believe a word they say about their plans for the show because they don’t want to give anything away. You can’t trust it when they say character A is good and character B is evil. There goal is to get publicity not tell you how they really feel.

            AB can say all he wants about how good and decent Bill is but the show itself simply doesn’t bear this out. It may not follow the text of the books word for word in the way we would like i.e King Bill but you do have to admit that King Bill was still a raging asshole who had vampires killed, attempted to have Eric assassinated for essentially no reason except jealously and basically screwed up his entire reign. Had they wanted to make Bill an efficient, good King, he would have managed to diffuse Marnie, rescued Sookie and would have never set up Eric. Not only that, he wouldn’t have managed to expose Sookie to the Authority and he wouldn’t have angered Nan and had to turn to Eric for assistance.

            Not a good King. He’s certainly not a good example of someone with power, like say the Sheriff of Area 5.

            If you have to keep comparing him to Eric and he keeps falling short? The writers can say whatever they want – as I said – the text doesn’t match their comments and the text is what counts.

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  11. Well i now i cant wait for season 5 :) i hope sookie feel the same for eric like he dones for sookie but then theres bill ugh …….anyway hope we get more spoilers of eric and sookie :)

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