11/4: Quopic of the Day

The school/work week is over, and we thought you would like to kick off the start of the weekend to something you’d really enjoy in today’s Quopic of the Day!

If you guessed it already – yes, it’s Skarsporn!

WARNING: You may find yourself doing this below…Are you ready?

Here’s the Quopic of the Day for November 4th!


Would you pick up a hitchhiker who looked like this on the side of the road? I know I would! Notice how the headlights shine on the hairs on his chest? YUM.

It was great seeing this famous book scene on the show! It was almost exactly how I had pictured it – except for one small thing…Eric attacking Sookie in the car! I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I for one, didn’t like it AT ALL.

What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

Now back to gazing at Skarsporn

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8 comments on “11/4: Quopic of the Day

  1. It was almost as I pictured it – in the book it was Jan. 1 and very cold. Also note he has shoes on, but when he got to Sookie’s house there was mud on his bare feet. In the book he did not have on shoes. I am glad he lost them somewhere and we had Sookie washing his feet – but I sure missed the red underware! I was also looking forward to him walking around in Bill’s to short robe. I have read AB says he makes changes so the book readers will find somthing new … as a book reader – I would be a zillion times happer if he just filmed the books. I guess since I am a reader and always like the book more than the movie I should not be suprised that I love the books but only like True Blood…I like it a lot but not a much as I love the books.

    • That should be underwear.

    • well, true blood is basically True Bill, just look how much he gets propped up its just sickening, I still cannot get over these couch scenes and to what extent he got propped up this season, ew, its just disgusting… And season 4 was extremely underwhelming and such a huge let down, AB has really fvucked up the books, the show looks more like its based on the bill compton novels.

      and this scene with eric on the road was one of the few scenes I actually liked in season 4, but eric and sookie just didn´t get enough screen time and Ball with his usual bill love fest made everything just cringeworty…meh…

  2. Since Eric was being portrayed like a baby vamp, I think that him coming through the car window was a characteristic thing to do. But I’m not totally happy with the way memory loss Eric was portrayed from book to screen .

  3. Would I pick up someone like Eric Northman?
    YES, I would help him out if he needed it.
    I loved how they showed it when Eric had Amnesia.
    We got a chance to see the person inside of Eric Northman,
    owner of Fangtasia, Sheriff of Area five.

  4. Yes I would so pick him up! As far as Eric attacking Sookie, Book Eric would never do that. But we all know that Alan Ballsack has to try and make Beehl look good. It doesn’t work though, with us true bookies. It just makes us long for the way it should be.

  5. Sadly? No. I live in Washington State near where the Green River killings took place. I do not pick up hitchhikers no matter how hot and no matter how much I wish they were mine.

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