Great Expectations of Eric & Sookie Lovers

I’ve been thinking about this a LOT lately – given the fact that True Blood Season 4 ended up being a huge disappointment for us. It left us with bitter resentment towards both Alan Ball and the show.

I was curious to see what you think about what you’re going to read below.

They always say, hindsight is 20/20 and we can learn a lot from past history.

That being said, this is my main question for you…

Do you think we (as Eric and Sookie Lovers) – have set our expectations too high for True Blood and its’ writers?

Let’s think about this for a moment…most of us are bookies, and love the Eric and Sookie love story in the books. We wanted to see something similar on our TV screens.

Sure, some of us don’t mind seeing something fresh and new, and don’t like to know what happens from episode to episode and from season to season. We want to be surprised to a certain extent. And others would like to see a visual representation of the books and would like to see Alan Ball not make any changes at all.

Either way, I think we all can agree on this one thing – we just want to see our favorite Eric and Sookie scenes from the books, captured onscreen on the show. We want to see the Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse – we know and love. Their relationship. Their wordplay. We want to see Eric and Sookie portrayed on True Blood, as true soulmates and the true heart and soul of the show. We want to see a couple we want to root for. We want to see them progress from strangers – to lovers, with some witty flirtation in between.

We want to see them involved in interesting storylines, which keeps us captivated. WE WANT TO SEE THEM LONGER THAN THE 10 MINUTES MAXIMUM WE SEE EACH EPISODE…FFS!

We are smart, intelligent people, who make up the largest portion of the True Blood fanbase. We are loyal, devoted and outspoken. We care. We are invested and are obsessed about our couple. You can even say, we’re RABID. ;) We devote hours and hours talking about our favorite couple and the actors who portray them. We read fanfictions. We ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ over Eric and Sookie artwork. We spend hours searching online for news, information and videos of Eric and Sookie. We know our Eric and Sookie quotes. Can recite our favorite scenes, etc., etc., etc…

What I’m trying to say is…looking back at the previous four seasons of True Blood…we have always found something to disappoint us – in one way or another. We should be smart enough NOT to fall for Alan’s Ballshit by now!

For example;

  • giving Beehl our favorite Eric scenes from the books (usually ones that show a softer side of Eric towards Sookie or rescuing her from dire circumstances)
  • turning the character of Sookie into someone unrecognizable from the books (making her appear like a damsel in distress, who can’t stand up or fight for herself, and is willing to forgive the worst of betrayals)
  • including plotlines from latter books, into seasons based on earlier books, which led to poorly executed plots

The list goes on…but I won’t bore you, because you could probably make a list yourself.

I have experienced this kind of disappointment before. I used to ship another couple, who were on a soap opera. When the actors were planning on leaving the show to pursue other acting options…how did they write them off? Not as HEA (happily ever after), like you would suppose…they killed off the female and the male took off on the run, after doing some pretty bad things in reaction to her death. Of course, that’s a soap opera – not to be confused by True Blood. But the feelings I got from that experience, feels just the same as now. It’s all because of Alan Ball and what’s he’s doing on True Blood.

I didn’t have any faith or put my trust in writers after that previous experience with a soap opera. It took me a very long time to build up my trust again. Now, because of Alan Ball and True Blood, I have this feeling once again. You have no idea how disappointed I am by this.

<< this is me...this is Alan Ball >>

Am I surprised? No, there has always been a part of me, who didn’t fully trust Alan Ball and his writing. He has a proven track record of writing stories the opposite of what the fans truly want. We are fools for putting our trust in someone like him.

This made me wonder if maybe we shouldn’t have put our faith in him, especially when it came to season 4? As most of you know, it was supposed to be based on Dead To The World, the proven fan favorite in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

one of our 'gifts'

Sure, he has given us ‘gifts’ here and there, like making Beehl worse than he ever was in the books, by revealing his involvement in the Rattray betrayal. But most of the time, there has been little we can fully appreciate and squeal about.

At the end of all of this, I keep wondering if our high expectations and hopes for each season as they progress (only to be let down in one way or another) has been worth it?

What do you think? Do you think we have set our expectations too high? Do you think we are asking too much out of Alan Ball, given his proven track record? Do you think we should lower our standards?

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with what I said? Share your thoughts below!

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33 comments on “Great Expectations of Eric & Sookie Lovers

  1. iamerika, i don’t think that we have set out expectations too high. the main draw of the books was eric pursueing sookie..eric’s hearts desire….the surprise deception of BC.. to me that’s what made the books. so how could we not expect the same from TB… TB’s first two seasons were good because they basically followed the books…unfortunately things were getting switched around and bill was taking the limelight…secondary characters were taking the main stage. the storylines with arlene and terry were ridiculous and unnecessary..total waste of eric and sookie time. ratings were high season 4 because of the eric and sookie storyline…if AB doesn’t give the fans what they want and take advantage of the better actors like kristin bauer, alexander skarsgard and anna paquin and bring the story to the heights it should be at with niall joining the cast and ‘rhodes’ being a season 5 focall point then he will tank the rest of the show…so far AB is introducing more unknown characters that we don’t need.. i am so sick of tara and arlene taking center stage.. give us sookie eric and pam. loved russell i will give AB that and jessica but enough now. AB is ruining the charm of the books so let’s hope he gets back on track… can’t believe he would add another bomb to his career…maybe that’ s why AS will probably leave after his contract is up. seven months of filming for ten minutes of screen time. no your article is dead on and we should be able to expect the best because we are the book readers.

    • I agree about the fact we SHOULD expect the best, because the books are the best. :D It’s disappointing…the show that is supposed to be ‘representing’ those books, isn’t living up to our high expectations and actually, is giving them a bad name, IMO.

      All the time, I’ve had to answer questions from non-bookies, who want to know if such-in-such scene really happened in the books…and it’s difficult having to tell them, no. :(

  2. Great article here iamerika, (I see you share motto’s with that of some of my dearest friends). I am inclined to agree about the expectations. I really think that Askars has the part of Eric nailed (aside from the butchery bestowed upon his script this last season) and that led us bookies to feel a false sense of security. After all, if he is such a true Eric then would Ball not also mean for him to play the part he was created to play? Just my perspective on things. I am going to watch the next season but I am skeptical about how happy I will be with it. I am trying to lower my expectations. After all, even if this season 5 sucks, we still have book 12 coming out in May. 2012 might not be so bad after all. And who knows, maybe Ball will Kill Bill and give us 12 consecutive shower/tight biting scenes with E&S. A reward for watching faithfully for these past 4 years. That would be an unexpected surprise (I admit that lowering my expectations will take some more time).

    • Very true…at least the “books work”! ;) I WISH AB would Kill Bill…but it’s highly unlikely, since he’s the ‘star’. :roll:

      Yeah, lowering my expectations will be painful and time consuming for me too. Hopefully, by not having them so high, we will be more likely to like the show better! :)

  3. Sadly you are right about everything you posted. But since season 3 I didn’t have a lot of hope for this show. I just didn’t voice it that much. Why? I didn’t want to be a Negative Nelly. I hung in there with TB to season 4 hoping for a glimmer of SVM’s (Dead To The World) we all love so much. Our favorite and sacred book of SVM’s. But sadly because of seasons 2-3 I didn’t have a lot of hope in AB and Co. Was i disappointed and bitter with season 4? Yes I was, but not as much as the past seasons because AB and Co. has taught me this is the Bill and Sookie show.

  4. Typically I do like books better than the shows/movies however I don’t ever remember feeling having such strong negative reactions to any of them like I do for TB. AB made way too many changes. I do appreciate some of the things like Lafayette, Jessica, and Russell but there are too many things I don’t like to even list. Top of it goes to no longer liking the show’s supposed heroine. Really?!? I love her in the books. Giving TB another shot next season just because I love Alexander Skarsgard but know I won’t continue if more of the finale crap continues.

    • Oh did you see the recent results of true- blood .net survey. Hoping TB writers do.

      • Oh YES, we posted our thoughts on those results…somewhere on here! LOL With our ‘own’ twist of course! ;)

        I hope the TB writers will see them too…but I doubt it will make any difference anyways. :(

  5. you ARE so RIGHT …. i wanted to see more like the books,i know some thing will be change but it is going in a way yhat i dont think it can be fixed now. i did not care for season 4,but i still love the show bill is not the big man no matter what it is all eric…………

  6. When a tv series or a movie is based on books there’s a possibility to allow some changes, but adding a pile of characters and stories that doesn’t make sense is absurd. Sometimes I feel I’m watching the video of Bola Loca’s fan fic.

    If I still see TB is because of Alexander Skarsgård, I think season 4 started fine but it went downfall after the Narnia Magical Mystery tour scene. Sookie became a fool having the battered wife syndrome, apparently forgetting her reaction when she found out the truth about Beel. I don’t care about Jessica, Arlene, Tara and so many other characters that take time on screen of the real main characters of the story. Actually I have no expectations for season 5.

  7. Actually I don´t think at all that we have set our expectations too high, like already mentioned by others, Ball already left out important sookie eric stuff in the first 3 seasons, but the thing that bugged me so much this season was that every single eric sookie scene was so butchered by letting bill be a part in almost every scene of them, sookie was pissed at bill and basically after 1 day she found out about bills lie she constantly ran back to him to get help from him, were the hell was the anger? I seriously think that ball ist just too enamoured by paquin and moyer and doesn´t want to separate them too often on set, its annoying that AB cannot be professional when it comes to them… you can barely rewatch season 4 eric sookie scenes without seeing bill in them, these two couch scenes were so bad, and I am pretty sure that not only bookies also neutral viewers thought these scenes were ridicolous an cheesy…

  8. Perhaps my point of view will ease the op’s doubts. I didn’t read the books until after season 3, however I read them all before season 4. I was a Sookie and Eric shipper from the first moment those 2 set eyes on each other. The first 3 seasons the Eric and Sookie chemistry was REAL, not something bookies were making up. I was disappointed in Season 4, not because it didn’t follow the books, but because the chemistry was gone. Part of it was the writing, no question, it was horrible this season. Part of it was the fact they had so LITTLE screen time, seemingly less then the previous 2 seasons which was odd considering it should have been the MAIN storyline. The biggest culprit in my mind though, was Anna. When she and what’s his name got married, it really effected her acting abilities. If you look to TalkTrublood’s site, you will see I made comments on this all season long. Nobody agreed with me at first, but I think looking back many people will.

    Just my point of view of course.

    • I totally agree with you. I like Anna and Stephen IRL, but I think their marriage has affected her, the writers, and even Askars negatively, in regard to the show. The chemistry between Eric and Sooke is not as great as it once was, the narnia scene was lame, and most of their love scenes were shot blurrily or from far away. I think Alan Ball is too enamored of Bill/Stephen, so I’m not getting any hopes for Eric/Sookie HEA.

      Also, Alan Ball has become so lame that the show ended on a cliffhanger over a character (Tara) that most people don’t care about. Season 4 was marketed
      towards the Eric/Sookie fans, but , once again, Eric didn’t get more than 10 minutes of screen-time per episode.

  9. I am a bookie in my heart and always will be, but I came to the books after S1 (the closest of all the books), I love books and I will always prefer them.
    But most of the problems with TB has nothing to do with books. The lack of consistency, plotholes, the inexplicable changes, these are all problems of show in your own.
    Although I did not like the changes to benefit Bill’s character on the show, my biggest complaint is that it feels unnatural to their own previous story in S1 to S3. And the extremes they took to erase everything that made his character in S3, they made a deliberate decision to become him worse than the character in the books, the relationship between Bill and Sookie toxic peaked in S3, it was hard to watch, but I thought they had a purpose, which was offset by the S3 finale, at least I and we all believe in this. Now anyone who watched the S3 finale, could have predicted what happened in S4? That same woman who rescinded the invitation of Bill and said in his face that he did not know what love was, would do what she did in S4 finale? One might imagine that? This is the big problem the writers of TB led to the end of our suspension of disbelief, and insult our intelligence all the time. They could have given more prominence to Bill, in a more natural, but they wanted the character to equal to Eric, or even surpass him. Why? For vanity? Why the character is and always has been the principal in the history of AB?
    I could even tolerate it, I could, if it’s not meant to diminish the characters around him to make it him better: this season was Pam, what they did to her character is montruoso, but Sookie is in general that has been most impaired. Why in hell Sookie had to apologize to Bill? Why she had to break up with him if they were no longer together since the end of S3, and he made no attempt to return to her? Or apologize for everything you did? We saw instead she forgives him for everything and excuses for all his acts? WTH?
    But I have two examples of series that one followed the books and one not, and that both are successful: The Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones. TB for me, looking as adaptation, or as for one series only, it is simply bad.
    only my love for Eric e Sookie in the books that do I still care about, a little, for the show (at least for now, I dont know how much I can take)

  10. I’m not a screenwriter. But I do know that some books just don’t translate well to the screen and change is necessary. If AB followed the books, the majority of the characters would be background and Eric and Sookie would always be on the screen. I get that he had to further develop other characters and give them plot lines so that Eric and Sookie wouldn’t have to work nonstop. But he could have held true to their personalities. In book one, it was all about Sookie and Bill and we got that. But the books moved toward Sookie and Eric. They were still together in the last book but for how long? I think SH may be setting the stage to split them up. Then who will Sookie choose? I digress. Anyway, I think we should have expected more from the writers. Season one followed the book best. It went down hill from there. Now that we know not to expect anything resembling SVS, we need to stop and start looking at TB independently. Maybe they have too many writers that do their own thing and do not consider what the other writers have done or are doing. We can’t blame AB for it all.

    • well, if you read my post I tried to analyze TB, more like show than as an adaptation. And AB failed IMO. I do not know how many examples is needed give for to believe.
      As for books specifically, no matter how will end, but it is undeniable that the main romance is between Eric and Sookie , if they will end up together or not (which in fact I believe they will be together at the end). I’m not a writer, but I am part of the public that they tried to sell his story, and as a consumer have a right to criticize if they try to sell apples instead of oranges like promisses. And AB knows exactly what he is doing, then he have chosen it must endure the critics like any other professional.
      if you allow me I want to point out a very interesting article on adaptation of the books:

  11. what still pisses me off the most is that the writers just don´t listen to the fans in any way, there were so many complaints about the show, and its frailities, its not just about the eric sookie storylines that get messed up and Bill who gets glorified that it makes people vomit, its abaout the general writing inconsistencies and the huge number of plotholes… and just look at all the online votings or the recent one on trueblood.net, eric and sookie are always winning over bill and sookie even alcide seems to get more votes than bill nowadays and its not only that the majority of the people want to see eric and sookie (but not in such a messed up way like in season 4) they are also the main couple in the novels the show is based on, even when sookie is not with eric after the amnesia, eric is constantly around her and you know there is so much more between them, bill should be over but the fact that the writers seem to be so into moyer it seems to me they cannot stomach to see his character getting less and less sookie love on the show like it was in the books, but they way they brought in bill as a possible suitor for sookie again was just cringe worthy, it started all with the 8th episode, which was written by Alan ball himself, so it was really probably his decission to go into this direction and make up this ridicolous love triangle with stupid couch scenes, probably the worst love triangle I have ever seen on television, at least other shows like Vampire Diares for example know how to handle a good love triangle, but the True blood writers make it so cheesy and bad that I am really wondering wtf they were thinking when they were writing the lastt episodes of season 4;

  12. I loved Season 4. When William Thomas Compton and Eric Northman woke they both felt
    Sookie’s presence they’d not felt in over twelve months .
    Bill Compton was so glad to see her again he was almost like a kid on Christmas morning.
    Eric only wanted to make sure she was safe and when he tried to tell her something Bill
    ordered Eric to go and “make his appointed rounds”.
    But before he left, Eric told Sookie this: ” When everyone gave up on you,including
    Bill Compton, I was the only one who didn’t. I knew you were still alive!”

    William Thomas Compton loves to send other people to do his own dirty work.
    He’d rather keep his hands clean~just one problem, he’s got blood on his hands.
    He knew what he was doing when he sent Eric to Moongoddess Emporoium,he was
    hoping that Eric would anger the Witches and they would do something to him.
    But what happened was a suprise,the Witches erased Eric’s memory and allowed him to
    be with the woman he truely loves. The scenes were so beautiful,so touching and funny.
    The Eric Northman we got to see in these scenes was the “True Eric”,the Eric that lives
    inside of Eric Northman,Sheriff of Area Five,Owner of Fangtasia.
    The “face” Eric wears for the crowds at Fangtasia is a mask,that Eric hardly laughs and
    he won’t show his emotions for fear of looking weak.

    I love the “True Eric” he wasn’t afraid of telling Sookie his feelings for her.
    What I really loved was after Sookie zapped Eric with a burst of white light he still
    remembered what happened while he was cursed by the Witches and he uttered these lines:
    “I remember what happened, I remember it All. I remember US, I remember making love to
    you,I remember holding you, I LOVE YOU! Sookie look at me….Look into my eyes
    Look behind my eyes, can’t you see the Eric Northman you fell in love with?
    He’s still here,I’m me only there’s more of me to love”
    Sookie looks into Eric’s eyes,then smiles~ “What is it, what is the matter?”
    “But I still love bill!”
    Girl what the hell is the matter with you???
    Are you nuts???
    Eric Northman will jump through hoops of fire for you!
    And you still have feelings for someone who has betrayed you numerous times?
    Give me a break and WAKE UP!!!

    • how the hell can you love sesaon 4 when it already foreshadowed another sookie bill reunion? Sorry, I don´t want to be offensive, but I think its kind of delusional to think you will get your eric and sookie love, its pretty much obvious that ball favours bill over every single character on the show, next season Bill is probably even becoming the king of the world LOL…and bill seemed to have even more screen time than Sookie, the character who is supposed to be the central character on the show, lets be honest, the show should be called True Bill, because its more about his stupid redemption than anything else, its just meh…

      • Laura:
        I’m an Eric Northman Lover.
        And I’m proud of it.
        I can’t stand William Thomas Compton III.
        I Love Stephen Moyer his portrayer.
        I have a major problem with all of the lies that he’s
        told Sookie since the Series began.
        And Alan Ball keeps on pairing Anna & Stephen up
        because he’s in love with them as a couple.
        They’re a *Soul mate couple in real LIFE”
        But NOT in the SHOW!!!!!
        In the Show the ones who belong together are
        Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse!!!!
        And NOT Sookie/Alcide or Sookie & SAM!.
        When AB went and had Sookie say that she
        still has feelings for bill after all he’s doned I
        wanted to scream and slap her silly!!!
        I agree with your saying that the show’s all about
        William Thomas Compton’s stupid redemption for
        his past deads,only problem is that he’s still comitting
        dirty deeds up the wazoo!!!!
        Don’t feel bad about letting off steam at AB.
        I do it all the time,last year when Season 3 ended it
        took me over 10 months to get over the Finale.
        I like Stephen Moyer as an actor,it’s his character I
        have a Major problem with.
        But if you ask me which Vampire/Man I would chose,
        my answer would always be Eric/Alexander.

  13. I think that first caption, of Eric looking at Sookie right after he gets his memories back says it all.There was such potential there, for ES, to be this grand love story. It did not have to be identical to the books, I was prepared to wait longer, infact I was prepared to expect nothing, but instead AB decided to piss all over ES had to turn it into some stupid pointless menage trois just so Beel could once again be brought to a level playing field with Eric. All in one fail swoop trashing Sookie and trashing Eric. It breaks my heart.

    I dont do games. After Lost I learned my lesson. So was I expecting too much, no. But thanks to S4 of TB, and the way they cheapened Eric and Pam, and Sookie, I now expect nothing, and do not intend on watching them do further destruction in S5. Bill and AB can keep this train wreck of a show.

  14. It really sucks because the beginning had so much potential, Sookie was starting to be likable again, but the second she gets more of Bill’s blood in her system, it all goes to hell. I just think that was such a lame plot device and makes her an even worse role model, doesn’t give me much hope for next season. It was good that she didn’t choose Bill, but the fact she could still love him after all he did, and to even ask for his forgiveness, it’s just ridiculous and shows AB knows nothing about women. How CH could be happy with any of that is beyond me.

  15. The writers don’t seem to coordinate storylines. Its almost like that game where one person starts a story and every subsequent person adds a line to it. And in the end, the entirety of the story makes absolutely no sense. There is no coordination of storylines and no real character development. TV Sookie, as the “protagonist”, is very unlikeable and decidely stupid. She is not the strong, independent woman that exists in Charlaine Harris’ world. TV Sookie has allowed herself to stay in an abusive relationship with Beehl and gone so far as to apologize to her abuser and ask for forgiveness for doing things to invite the abuse. She is not a character I can find myself rooting for. And when the audience starts rooting against the heroine of the story, I’m sorry to say that the end is near. Outrageous, bloody, and nudity can only take the show so far. Its the storylines that’ll keep the audience invested in the show. And after the debacle of Season 4, I can’t say that I’m willing to invest anymore into True Blood.

  16. I don’t think our expectations have anything to do with what a fucking train wreck this show has become. I started watching this with NO expectations…NONE. And then I saw this sookie…and I thought…”ok..not quite what I expected..but lets see where they’re going with this”,then…Bill staked longshadow.,and jessica was born. Season 2…the disaster that was the maenad storyline for starters,and which had NOTHING to with eric…shockingly…I mean come on..how hard was it for AB to incorporate a little bit of the original eric story line from the books into the show (he has done it to a certain extent for almost every character even if they have by now become unrecognizable), And the ridiculous bill proposal (how long had bill known her??ugh), season 3 only made it because of eric and russel, (and I really don’t want to go through the list of all the plot inconsistencies and moronic “twists” in the story). Then came season 4 which the asshole MARKETED to the eric fans,and PROMISED the soul of the book. The season started off with all these threads of stories that seemed so promising,yet (lets face it) a lot of us were thrown off by the whole laughable king bill thing…it threw off the ENTIRE dynamic of the story..the characters. Off the bat,our laughing stock of a “heroine” doesn’t even question why eric is suddenly listening to Bill,what happened while she was gone,defending billy boy to arlene,etc. And then we started realizing…all those “promising” threads….were just going to be left hanging there limply. THEY WERE GOING NOWHERE. jason got raped for shock value and to get jessicas blood,sookie temporarily gained her senses so eric fans could be pacified by a fuckfest between the two (didnt work btw) only to get shot FOR NO REASON by NOBODY CARES WHOM to get bills blood in her again so we can BELIEVE she would have that ridiculous dream (btw alan ball..when women have sex dreams of ANY kind the dialogue doesn’t first defend and justify the right of a woman to have a threesome dream to start with and then go on about how its ok cuz she loves em both COMPLETELY *barf*. Would have been more believable if she had just told em both to shut up and fuck whats left of her brains after bills blood out).
    NOTHING made sense this season…I was going to go on but honestly it upsets me that he WORKED on fucking up a great thing. He obviously has NO respect for his audience. I mean come on….not a single cliffhanger has anyone worried.. THEY NEVER KILL ANYONE you already dont expect,the characters are acting like they’re under the influence of some dangerous mind warping drug. Not a single story ended well. And if I forget all this,just put it behind me,there is one thing I would never be able to wrap my mind around……..THE MAIN CHARACTER. Sookie stackhouse is an insult to her book namesake. Hell,she’s an insult to women (or men who have been in relationships with a TB Bill) everywhere. He hacked the character into tiny bits,set the bits on fire and flushed the ashes down the toilet.
    I’m going to stop now LOL. sorry for the rant.

    • Actually, while you were iterating AB’s crimes, you failed to indicate how serious one of them was.

      AB wrote a three way with Eric/Alex and managed to make it quite possibly one of the least sexy – no, no downright unsexy – scenes I’ve ever seen.

      Don’t get me wrong, it was seriously, amazingly, awesomely ten kinds of hot when it was just Eric and Sookie and then that bit of anti-viagra – King Bill – showed up and once that happened? It might as well have been an ad for cat litter. I’d ask what goes through AB’s head but if he can write scenes like this and think they’re hot? I don’t want to know.

      The man deserves the harshest punishment available. Time alone with King Bill while he whines about how he’s no longer human?

      • LOL like I said, I couldn’t bring myself to actually list every thing he royally screwed up. I’d be at it for hours.starting with Stupid Sookie and our forced Beehl dose to brat pam,annoying tara and the jason jessica “love” story.

  17. I loved your post so thanks for that. You mention lowering your expectations. I just wondered if that is even possible in this context? I’ve kind of found that after reading the books certain expectations of TB are kind of ‘hardwired’ into me, whether I want it that way or not. But even if I hadn’t read the books, like some of the good folks here are saying, I still couldn’t help wanting a better standard of writing, character development and overall continuity on the show. It’s all over the place in season 4. Weird and nonsensical at best. I think the fact we all talk about the show is more a testament to the star quality of some of the actors and their screen presence (like Mr Skarsgard for example) than what actually plays out in terms of storyline. Season 4 feels like a great big missed opportunity by the writers and producers of TB, to me. That’s what drives us all crazy. We can’t help but think how great it could have been. I think it’s kind of down to anybody who wants to create a great show to meet and exceed its audience’s expectations. TB clearly isn’t doing this if its devoted fan base is asking itself if its expectations should be lower. Expect the best and maybe, just maybe, the producers of TB will raise their game. If not and they continue in the same vein as Season 4 they’ve failed us, audiences will leave in droves, and the show will rightly be cancelled. We can always hope for a reboot sans Alan Ball in a few years if this happens, and at least noone will be describing him as ‘genius’ anymore.

  18. The reason CH doesn’t speak out for all the stupidity that is the show, She is getting paid. Plain and simple, she can’t. As for us having high expectations, every year AB throws us bones, saying what we want to hear. Then he laughs all the way to the bank. Until it hits HBO in the pocket book things will continue to piss us off. I’m afraid by then it will be to late. It could have been so good.

    • Do not believe AB either way whether he says something you want to hear or something you don’t want to hear. He only wants publicity i.e. you talking about the show. Whether you’re complaining or praising the show it doesn’t matter. He’s accomplished his task of free publicity. Besides, they’ll never give you a straight answer regarding potential upcoming plots. No writer/showrunner will. They lie. They all do(for all shows).

      As for CH? Nope. She’ll never say a negative word. Not only because she is getting a share of the profits but because I’m also sure there is some sort of gag order in her contract. HBO is not stupid. They’d not leave a loophole like that.

  19. Adaptations can never remain 100% faithful to the books. Something always has to be cut whether it’s for time, budget or simply because the scene is impossible to film.

    That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an adaptation attempt to rewrite the core of a story such that the characters failed to retain their purpose. Nor have I see an adaptation change the outcome of the main pairing and it’s road to it’s HEA.

    When writers do DO this? It’s called OOC/AU fanfiction and you can find it on fanfiction.net. Generally not on television or in a movie theater.

    So no, I don’t think E/S fans are asking too much.

    • First time here. I haven’t even looked at anything TB related since the finale. I was THAT pissed off but what had gone down. Honestly, I haven’t been able to watch any episode from all 4 seasons since those four words were uttered, “I still love Bill”.

      I don’t think fans of the book have too high of expectations, because I had never even read one of the books until watching Season 3. Then I started reading them and was sooooooo excited for Season 4 and Eric & Sookie finally getting together. Then……….just….wow. The show might as well be called “Bill”.

      Now to me, there is nothing wrong with changing things up a bit to keep it fresh for the people who know the source material. Little surprises or new characters keep it fresh. And the books are just from Sookie’s POV so I have no problem with exploring the other characters to round out the show. The problem comes when you completely disregard the MAIN storyline/relationhip. Could you imagine the Twihards reaction if Bella chose Jacob instead??? It feels like this is what he is doing….well along those lines anyway.

      He needs to watch a great adaption of a series airing on TV right now. That is The Walking Dead. Sure there are characters that are not in the books, sure some characters that were supposed to be dead are still alive and some characters that should be alive have been killed….but ya know what? The MAIN story line is still intact! The main relationships are still going correctly. AMC has not s**t all over the source material and given the finger to the fans of the books. Alan Ball has completely flipped the bird at us. I don’t even know if I will be checking out Season 5 at all, and if I do, it’ll be OnDemand and fast forwarding to King Russell.

  20. I honestly don’t know. I’m more of a Truebie than a Bookie, I think, since I discovered the books via TrueBlood, read them all and appreciated them, but not exactly fell head over heels with CH’s writing. I’m not even a hardcore fan of Book4 and to be honest I expected Book4 plot to be kind of disappointing and dull, when translated onto the screen. So I’m not completely surprised by the fact that Season 4 was perceived badly.
    In all honesty, I think the season had many, many highllghts, but went through a downward spiral starting with episode 4×08, when Bill has been forcefully thrown back in the mix. Until then, everything was going ok. But then it’s almost like the writers suddenly fell into a frenzy to re-establish Bill as one of the main love interests for Sookie, if not “the” love interest. That’s my biggest problem with TB, actually: until s3 the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly, and it was clear that Bill was going to be revealed as the master manipulator that he is while Eric showed his nobility more and more; now? Every effort made in that direction seems to be ruined, since basically the show, with the last 3 episodes, tried to establish that Bill and Eric are equals.

    I wanted one thing, from this season: that the romantic focus of the story shifted from Bill/Sookie to Eric/Sookie, just like in the books. That didn’t happen and I’m sad to say I don’t think it will, ever.

    • I don´t think the book 4 storyline was dull att all, amnesia eric wasn`t totally pussified and he still had the certain something, but Alan balll seems only be able to make every love story on the show cheesy, but I still think the threesome dream was the most ridicolous thing on the show and it wasn´t even sexy, they just wanted to bring beel back into the picture…and I think BAll called amnesia eric even Emo eric in an inside the episode, that says enough that he really doesn´t read the source material well enough, the only thing he seem to care nowadays are the “shock value”, but there is not even anything shocking anymore, Tara death, no they cannot kill of the bigger characters so she is coming back *eyeroll* and its just nudity and sex, that is just ridicolous…

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