11/5: Quopic of the Day

First of all…please accept my apologies for posting this so late in the day. I had to work and deal with a few important personal things first.

Secondly…when coming up with today’s Quopic of the Day; I was pretty sure of which picture I wanted to use, but couldn’t decide if I should have a book quote or a quote from the show? I have now decided…hope you like which one I picked!

Are you ready?

Without further delay…here’s the Quopic of the Day for November 5th!


“Andre, let me offer a suggestion,” Eric said in a much cooler, calmer voice. Good. He was keeping his head together. One of us needed to. “She must be kept happy, or she won’t cooperate anymore.”

Oh, crap. Somehow I knew his suggestion wasn’t going to be, “Let her go or I’ll break your neck,” because Eric was way too canny for that. Where was John Wayne when you needed him? Or Bruce Willis? Or even Matt Damon? I would be glad to see Jason Bourne right now.

“We’ve exchanged blood several times, Sookie and I,” Eric said. “In fact, we’ve been lovers.” He took a step closer. “I think she wouldn’t be so balky if I were the blood giver. Would that suit your purposes? I’m under oath to you.” He bowed his head respectfully. He was being careful, so careful.
That made me more frightened of Andre.

Andre let me go while he pondered. His wrist had almost healed up, anyway. I took a few long, shaky breaths. My heart was racing.
Andre looked at Eric, and I thought I could detect a certain amount of distrust in his gaze. Then he looked at me.

“You look like a rabbit hiding under a bush while the fox tracks her,” he said. There was a long pause. “You did do my queen and me a large service,” he said. “More than once. If the end result will be the same, why not?”

I started to say, “And I’m the only witness to Peter Threadgill’s death,” but my guardian angel shut my mouth to seal in the words. Well, maybe it wasn’t my actual guardian angel, but my subconscious, which told me not to speak. Whatever. I was grateful.

“All right, Eric,” Andre said. “As long as she’s bonded to someone in our kingdom. I’ve only had a drop of her blood, to find out if she was part fae. If you’ve exchanged blood with her more than once, the bond is already strong. Has she answered well to your call?”

What? What call? When? Eric had never called me. In fact, I’d out and out defied him before.

“Yes, she heels nicely,” Eric said without a blink of an eye. I about choked, but that would have ruined the effect of Eric’s words, so I looked down at my chest as if I was embarrassed by my thralldom.

“Well, then,” Andre said with an impatient gesture of his hand. “Go on.”

“Right here? I’d prefer somewhere more private,” Eric said.

“Here and now.” Andre was not going to compromise any further.

Eric said, “Sookie.” He looked at me intently.

I looked right back at him. I understood what that one word was saying. There was no way out of this. No struggling or screaming or refusal would prevent this procedure. Eric might have spared me from submitting to Andre, but that was as far as he could go.

Eric raised one eyebrow.

With that arched eyebrow, Eric was telling me that this was my best bet, that he would try not to hurt me, that being tied to him was infinitely preferable to being tied to Andre.

I knew all this not only because I wasn’t stupid, but because we were bound together. Both Eric and Bill had had my blood, and I theirs. For the first time, I understood there was a real connection. Didn’t I see the two of them as more human than vampire? Didn’t they have the power to wound me more than any others? It wasn’t only my past relationships with the two that kept me tied to them. It was the blood exchange. Maybe because of my unusual heritage, they couldn’t order me around. They
didn’t have mind control over me, and they couldn’t read my thoughts; and I couldn’t do any of those things to them. But we did share a tie. How often had I heard their lives humming away in the background, without realizing what I was listening to?

It takes way longer to tell this than it did to think it.

“Eric,” I said, and tilted my head to one side. He read as much from the gesture and word as I had from his. He stepped over to me and extended his arms to hold the black cloak out as he leaned over me, so the cloak and the hood could give us some illusion of privacy. The gesture was hokey, but the idea was nice. “Eric, no sex,” I said in a voice as hard as I could make it. I could tolerate this if it wasn’t like a lovers’ blood exchange. I wouldn’t have sex in front of another person. Eric’s mouth was in the bend of my neck and shoulder, and his body pressed against mine. My arms slid around him, because that was simply the easiest way to stand. Then he bit, and I couldn’t choke back a gasp of pain.

He didn’t stop, thank God, because I wanted to get this over with. One of his hands stroked my back as if he was trying to soothe me.

After a long few seconds, Eric licked my neck to be sure his coagulant-laden saliva had coated the little wounds. “Now, Sookie,” he said right into my ear. I couldn’t reach his neck unless we were lying
down, not without him bending over awkwardly. He started to hold his wrist up to my mouth, but we’d have to rearrange ourselves for that to work. I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it open. I hesitated. I always hated this part, because human teeth are not nearly as sharp as vampire teeth, and I knew it would be messy when I bit. Eric did something that surprised me, then; he produced the same small ceremonial knife he’d used in marrying Mississippi and Indiana. With the same quick motion he’d used on their wrists, Eric sliced a cut in his chest right below his nipple. The blood oozed out sluggishly, and I took advantage of the flow to latch on. This was embarrassingly intimate, but at least I didn’t have to
look at Andre, and he couldn’t see me.

Eric moved restlessly, and I realized he was getting aroused. There was nothing I could do about it, and I held our bodies apart that crucial couple of inches. I sucked hard, and Eric made a small noise, but I was strictly trying to get this over with. Vampire blood is thick and almost sweet, but when you think about what you’re actually doing and you’re not sexually aroused, it’s not pleasant at all. When I thought I’d done it long enough, I let go and rebuttoned Eric’s shirt with unsteady hands, thinking this little incident was over and I could hide somewhere until my heart stopped pounding.

~taken from book 7, All Together Dead

For those who have read the books…you probably recognize this as the famous blood exchange, when Eric and Sookie cemented their blood bond in the books.

What’s interesting about this is – they exchanged a blood bond similar to this one on the show too. Both were willing participants. (Although in the book, Sookie was more reluctant, but agreed to do it anyways because it was better than being tied to Andre.) Getting back to the show for a minute…it seemed like Eric and Sookie wanted to become even closer than they already were (in the biblical sense ;)), and Sookie readily agreed to it (much to my surprise). I don’t think the blood bond on the show is as bonding as the one in the books, but I do find it interesting…what will it mean in the future?

What are your thoughts on Eric and Sookie’s blood exchange? Share ’em below!

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6 comments on “11/5: Quopic of the Day

  1. Well . . . this we will never see on True Blood. Since Sophie Ann is nomore there will be no need to introduce Andre and he could be so evil!

    • But Russell is back. There is the Authority and there are other Kings and Queens. Actually, I think AB would use this precisely because it was so good at causing conflict between Sookie and Eric.

      What better way to get Eric and Sookie together but NOT together than a forced blood bond?

  2. I don´t think this was the real blood bond like it was in the books, I think they just wanted to show a sort of blood bond to give the book readers something, but after this I think the weird Narnia scene followed, thats why I think this happened, so that they can have that weirdo on V narnia shower scene, great AB, so great…meh…

    • Yep. If they had a true bond, Bill’s blood would not have affected her after she was injured. I think they need to exchange a couple more times before attempted a bonding.

  3. Eric needed to feed and a trueBlood would not do the trick.
    Sookie offered “you could feed from me”?
    “Don’t say this if you’re not sure”
    “I’m sure”.
    Eric slid his fangs into Sookie’s neck and then drank in her essence.
    “here, i want you to feed from me” Eric said offering his palm after
    taking a bit out of it~ “But i don’t need to”
    “I want you to we’ll be ONE we’ll be together”.
    Sookie gave herself to Eric without question,without any reserveration.
    Sookie offered herself to Eric out of Love.
    And Eric offered himself without reserverations or questions.
    He knew it was the right thing to do.
    He chose to make the bond stronger and he did it out of Love.

  4. I believe Ballsack was throwing us bookies a bone. I’m not reading anymore into it than that.
    It was a great part in the book.

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