11/6: Quopic of the Day

I’m terribly sorry for the delay…you see, I got this special thing in my email…want to know what it was? It’s a sneak peek at the Eric and Sookie story author Deborah Court is writing for us! SQUEE!

Let me tell you…I’m in tears as I’m writing this post because the story is full of so much love and angst! I REALLY think you’re going to LOVE it! ;) Sorry, can’t reveal any more than that, because Deborah is still writing it and is busy editing it – as we speak!

Since I’m in an angsty kind of mood…thanks to Deborah! LOL I guess you could say, today’s Quopic of the Day will be kind of angsty!

So, without further delay…here’s the Quopic of the Day for November 6th!


“Something more is wrong with you,” Eric said. He’d always been astute.
“Yes, lots of stuff is wrong with me.” I would’ve enjoyed hugging him right then, but it would just complicate everything. “And I think it’s going to snow.”
“Snow, here?” Eric was as delighted as a child. “I love snow!”
Why was I not surprised?
“Maybe we will get snowed in together,” he said suggestively, waggling his blond eyebrows.
I laughed. I just couldn’t help it. And it was a hell of a lot better than crying, which I’d done quite enough of lately. “As if you’d ever let the weather stop you from doing what you wanted to do,” I said, and stood. “Come on, I’ll heat you up some blood.”
Even a few nights of intimacy had softened me enough that I had to watch my actions. Once I almost stroked his hair as I passed him; and once I bent to give him a kiss, and had to pretend I’d dropped something on the floor.

~Dead To The World

You probably remember this quote…it’s after Sookie realizes the spell had been broken and Eric had his memory back again, but he didn’t remember anything that had happened between them. This scene always seems so angsty to me!

On the show…it’s quite different. Eric remembers what happened between them while he had amnesia. Sookie rejected him, which should still provide a lot of angst – at least, we hope it will! I just don’t know what this will mean for their relationship on the show in the long run…

What are your thoughts? Do you love the angst between Eric and Sookie as much as I do? Share your thoughts below!

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22 comments on “11/6: Quopic of the Day

  1. im ready for the angst

  2. does this mean we are gonna get more sookie and eric love

  3. Im so happy Deborah is going to write for E&SL!!! I can’t wait!! She is amazing!!!

    • Oh yes…and OMG…I think you’re going to love it! Sorry, can’t say any more than that, but it’s an awesome story so far! And it’s a longer story than she had planned on writing! ;) We will have to post it in parts!

  4. I always find that scene heartbreaking. She could let Eric provide some physical comfort, but it wouldn’t mean the same thing for him and just cause her more pain in the long run. So after this intense, emotional experience she has to go back to being alone. So sad. You can feel her loneliness on every page.

  5. I enjoy the angst on the show, and while I want them together on the show I don’t want it to happen because she’s lonely, especially if Tara’s a goner, or an angry, antisocial baby vampire.

  6. I’ve never been a big fan of angst.

  7. I was actually pretty mad at book Sookie when she continued to keep the events that transpired during the curse from Eric. The longer it went on and she “dated” other people, the angrier I got. I know she was upset and sad but at the same time, she wasn’t being fair to Eric. He had a right to know whether or not she was going to like the results. It always, always bugged me that she wouldn’t tell him until he pretty much blackmailed her into it. She underestimated him and did them both a disservice.

    As for the show, I’m happy that she’s not with anyone at the moment. I’m furious that she apologized to Bill. I think she and Eric need to readjust to him having his memories back and she needs to process the entire mess with Bill which she didn’t have time to do before she started up with Eric. SO, I would have been fine if she’d taken time to herself. The screwup occurred when we got the entire “I still love Bill” speech and the dumping scene with both of them in the room. I suppose I could work that into my adjustment period time and theorize that if she could even speak those words and carry out those actions, she defiantly needs time alone but please. Girl is lacking a college degree – she isn’t brain damaged. She knows better.

    As for Sookie/Eric, I believe there’s more to come. The books had them broken up after book 4 and then once Eric found out what happened? He all but ignored her for awhile as he tried to figure things out. If AB attempts to loosely follow the books, E/S will have to come together again and Eric will be forced into a permanent blood bond with Sookie that Sookie will resent because she won’t understand it. Not only that, Eric will take the opportunity to “marry” her in the vampire way causing further conflict that will have to be resolved before our couple get their HEA.

    While we wait for the HEA, we’ll probably have to put up with Alcide and Bill and it will drive us up a wall.

    • I agree with your post, except I wouldn’t say I was angry at her, but I certainly was frustrated with the way she kept everything a secret from Eric. You’re right, Eric had a right to know what happened. But I took it to mean that she was afraid of what Eric would think when she told him what happened. I think she was scared of how their relationship might change. But then again, once he DID find out, their relationship changed anyways! LOL I don’t know…

      I hope you’re right…that what you said about Eric and Sookie being HEA on the show happens, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen…not with the way AB has been writing things on the show.

      • Yes she needs to be alone on the show….but we know she wont be…..alcide crazy stuff will happen… I don’t believe they will put her back with bill under the show is at the end….so I think that she will get with Eric before she gets back with bill cause I beleive AB will put her with bill at the end of TB…

        • As much as we all don’t trust AB and as much as he likes to pump up Bill’s character? I think that in the end he will have to remain somewhat faithful to the books. He may not WANT to and he can say all he wants about Bill and Sookie but in the end, he only licensed the material. Also, the marketing for TB is all over the newer editions of the SVM books. If the books deviate too far from the original material? It will be a nightmare for both properties. Essentially, if they still want to claim (on the books) that TB is an adaptation or inspired by SVM, then the HEA for TB will have to be the HEA for SVM.

          Logic man, it’s seriously the best revenge.

          Of course, they’ll never admit because then you know how the series will end (both of them) so they’ll continue to deny that the series are linked but logic beats out there protestations every time.

          It’s ALWAYS about money and contracts. As I’ve said before, ignore AB and his posturing about Bill/Sookie. It’s a red herring.

      • I got that she was sad and maybe afraid but I had figured that at that point in the series Eric had earned at least a little trust on her part. If we had been in maybe the first or second book? I could understand the need to protect herself but Eric had already come through for her so many times. He at least deserved the benefit of the doubt. Besides, keeping a secret of this nature simply wasn’t wise. The truth WAS eventually going to come out. This is Eric Northman we are talking about. Did she think she was going to be able to keep it from him?

        I honestly don’t think AB has a choice with the HEA and I think he’s probably a bit pissed about it. I think that’s part of the reason he makes Eric and Sookie work so hard and why he rebels a little with Bill. The fact that they are the HEA is also why they’re not together NOW. In writing for a series, you NEVER,EVER put the HEA together too early in the series – well not without breaking them up again. To put them together when you still have several seasons left if a death sentence for your show (See Chuck, Scarecrow and Mrs King, Moonlighting, etc). Besides even in book canon, Sookie and Eric are not together after book 4.

        As for B/S (god I love that there pairing means bullshit) Bill and Sookie had it rather easy and they started into a relationship right off the bat. In tv terms? That usually means the relationship is doomed. Ignore what AB says about Bill/Sookie. It’s a lie. Look at them yourself and then compare them to other relationships in books and on tv. Do they look like they’re set to last? No. There’s very little there that’s positive. Most of it is in the negative. Again, analyze ONLY the text. Only the text is canon – just like Eric and Sookie.

        My biggest concern regarding TB and Eric/Sookie is that due to AB’s writing style, he’s going to run out of time and not be able to get them together before TB is cancelled. He wastes too much time on needless crap and doesn’t get to the heart of E/S.

        • Because the chemistry is so good between Eric and Sookie, I think the show would be gangbusters putting them together now as they live out their future adventures for the next two seasons which is only 24-25 more shows. Centering the episodes around their love and care and affection for each other can’t make us tired of watching them and the scrapes they get into. It is a fantasy and exciting to watch until the HEA happens at the end. We know it is going to end. the actors are probably tired and want new adventures and new people to work withwith

          • It’s not canon according to the books for them to have their HEA now. Eric and Sookie need some time apart so that they can come together again via the forced blood bond (if TB goes that route which I think it will). Later, Eric can trick/force her into the vampire marriage to protect her. Then we can have an entire year of them adapting to it. That’s closer to canon. Has conflict and binds them even closer.

            AB could make up a whole lot of shit to me if he writes this plot. He really could. I’m hoping that the reason he had Eric tease Sookie about marriage vows in Beautifully Broken was because Eric was going to wind up eating those words later.

  8. I didn’t agree with Sookie telling Eric that she still had feelings for
    William Thomas Compton III after he’d lied to her!
    He doens’t deserve her love or forgiveness!!!
    He can’t be trusted,as he’s still keeping secrets to save himself.
    Eric Northman loves Sookie and he is the one who can really
    protect her and they belong together.

    • She does need to be with Eric but AB seems to want her with bill that’s why I think she will end up with him in the end…..even thought I hate it….

    • Yep. This was a point where TB strayed much too far from the books. In the books, Sookie was so devastated by the reveal that Bill was working for the Queen that she walked around in a fog – after leaving the hospital. She also went for a period of time where she refused to even THINK his name. A few books later she was finally able to speak to Bill and be civil and later friendly but they were never the same and she never considered herself “in love.” In fact, she was complaining that he was “hanging around her house” rather than moving on.

      How we got from that to her not only forgiving him but asking for her forgiveness and “in love” ? It has to be that stupid tainted blood because nothing – NOTHING – else makes sense.

  9. It is the angst that keeps things interesting. I love the angst as long as things work out in the end, but I don’t believe AB or even CH will let things work out for Eric and Sookie. AB is to wrapped up in his love of all things Bill and CH somehow does not grasp how good Eric and Sookie are together even if she is the one writing the books.

    • “but I don’t believe AB or even CH will let things work out for Eric and Sookie.”

      You’re supposed to believe this. She still has several more books to write before the HEA. That being said, she’s spent an awful lot of time writing the Eric/Sookie dynamic to abandon it now. It would also be disingenuous to introduce a new suitor at this point and leaving Sookie alone is no HEA at all. Talk about flushing a money making series down the toliet? OUCH.

  10. I am waiting patiently for Ms. Courts’ story to appear. I am currently reading Bound to the Prince and I am really enjoying the read!! As far as E & S, again, I would love to believe between a shadow and a doubt that E & S will be together again on TB, but, I am one who believes that AB and/or the writers won’t let it happen. Not now, not ever…………….

    I still don’t understand it, as AB surely has to be aware by now that the E & S lovers make up the largest of the TB fan base. I still don’t understand how AB can diss the books so much in his “fanfic”.

    The only reason I am still going to watch season 5 is to see what is going to happen with Russell making his reappearance.

    • “I would love to believe between a shadow and a doubt that E & S will be together again on TB, but, I am one who believes that AB and/or the writers won’t let it happen. Not now, not ever…………….”

      Oh, I don’t have any sort of faith at all in AB. I have faith in analytics and logic. I believe that profit and commerce will make the necessary decisions. AB can believe he controls the show all he wants. He can say he controls the show all he wants. It IS an illusion. The character’s names are from the books. The location is from the books. The plots are taken loosely from the books. It’s an adaptation no matter how you look at it which means that he must respect the spirit of the books INCLUDING the HEA and main pairings.

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