Eric & Sookie Video: “Never Be The Same”

Found this awesome fan-made Eric & Sookie music video and thought we’d share it with you! We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Watch it below!

Thanks to iSaucyDreams for creating a great Eric & Sookie Lovin’ video! ♥ We loved it! ♥

What did you think? Share your thoughts below!

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4 comments on “Eric & Sookie Video: “Never Be The Same”

  1. TrueBlood is really about Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse.
    It’s not the story of William Thomas Compton and his mission
    to find a “True Fairy that will be able to let a Vampire walk
    in the daylight” Its not about his love for Sookie.
    From the second Eric Northman laid eyes on Sookie he knew
    that she would be his,what we’ve seen in the past four Season’s
    is the story of their relationship unfolding .

  2. Oh I love this video so much! Great work, iSaucy Dreams, and thanks to Erika for posting it! ;)

  3. Super Great Video!!!! I loved how they started their story at the end (to date) and worked backwards to when they first met. Also loved the song for this one, it was perfect!!!

    Thanks for making my day!!

  4. OMG! just log in and view the video here! I am part of SaucyDreams (a collab group composed of Rytinhahh ; Catushka; BlurOfYellow; CullenInna; InsolentLove; TheHiddenStories and myself andrajacsi), we have another video … “Bonfires | Eric & Sookie”

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