The Voice of Reason


Are you worried about what’s going to happen in Deadlocked? Are you petrified that Eric might not end up as Sookie’s HEA, after all? Has the “unofficial” synopsis freaked you out?

First of all…this is NOT official as of yet! The synopsis could change by the time the book comes out!

Secondly, SVB over at the Sookieverseblog has posted some great advice, which we should all remember. She made some great points and after reading them, I’m not worried – even IF this synopsis turns out to be true!

If you would like SVB to talk you down off the ledge…click here! Believe me, you won’t regret it!

Thanks SVB for reminding us of THE FACTS!

What are your thoughts after reading SVB’s? Share them below!

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7 comments on “The Voice of Reason

  1. I just love SVB, always the voice or reason and logic!

  2. Haha thanks for posting ILV!

    It could well be that I’m the most deluded of the delusional. But it just makes ZERO sense to me for Charlaine to be doing what she is with Eric and Sookie for Sookie to just wash her hands of the whole thing and walk away because it’s too hard. That’s just not Sookie. She will stay, she will fight. And she will win.

    Otherwise this whole series, and everything it’s been building to is for naught.

    • After a lot of thought…I agree with you SVB! Either we’re BOTH crazy as hell…or we’re BOTH right! ;) When I read your post, I thought, “BINGO”!

      And knowing how everyone was feeling…I figured I’d pass your wisdom on! ;)

    • “Otherwise this whole series, and everything it’s been building to is for naught.”

      I admire your ability to remain reasonable. I’m usually much better at it.

    • Well said SVB! Sookie will fight for her man, I can’t see her giving up on him, no matter what obstacles are thrown their way. She loves him, all on her own. Charlaine did not set up this whole scenario with Sookie and Eric, to just let it go now.

  3. Whew, Yes, I DO feel better after reading SVB’s take on things. Its’ just that my hope has been drawn soooooo thin between the downturn in the storylines in both the books and show. But as she stated, “its’ not over, til its’ over…” so I am taking a deep breath and going to try to lighten up a bit on this subject. See what I see when it comes up.

    • I agree…I think most of us are a bit sensitive since TB S4 ended. We have to take everything as a WHOLE and not just bits and pieces of it. :)

      I’m sure after the 13th book has been released and read…we might have a different view of things because hindsight IS 20/20! We might look back on DL and this first synopsis and laugh…? I hope so, anyways. ;)

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