“Unofficial” Synopsis of Deadlocked

The unofficial synopsis of Deadlocked has been released!

Warning: if you don’t want to be spoiled – please don’t read below!

You can read the synopsis at the link below, so we don’t ruin it for everyone!

Deadlocked Synopsis

Not sure where to begin…except I think somehow Alan Ball seems to be influencing the books too.

Thoughts? Share them below!


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45 comments on ““Unofficial” Synopsis of Deadlocked

  1. OK is the new enemy

    • Yep. I agree. It’s all a setup by OK to put a huge divide between Eric and Sookie so she can pave the way for the marriage. She probably even arranged for Sookie and Bill to work together.

  2. I’ll be honest, I probably wont read this until the reviews are out. Even then, if she leaves us in a bad place, I’ll wait for the final book. Sorry CH but I have no desire at all to read Sookie/Bill adventures. You really should know better. I thought you’d learned your lesson with Quinn.

  3. I really hate this synopsis, it just sounds bad and bill and sookie working together?? seriously?? LIke already mentioned from someone else I think that Alan balls bill fanfiction called “True blood” or rather “True Bill” has somehow influenced her books…I always had the bad feeling that BAll influenced Charlaine so that she will make bill and sookie the end game, I just hope this is not going to happen, Charlaine always said she knew right from the beginning how the story ends but I don´t think she also meant with this with whom she is going to end up… Its all just so stupid:(

    • If she puts Bill with Sookie that means she will have put Sookie back in the hands of her rapist.

      I just… I really can’t imagine her doing that. If she does? She’s going to have a lot of angry fans not just because of the shipping aspect but because it will certainly send the wrong message to a LOT of young women.

      • This Sookie isn’t as dumb as the one on the show, so hopefully she wouldn’t be stupid enough to get back with him after everything.

        • I hope so…but I just think that the show has influenced her writing but hopefully not to the extent that creepy bill is crawling back to her…I just don´t want to see the same kind of crap like in true blood…I don´t think I can stomach lots of Bill and sookie interaction in the next book…

          • Agreed, I just wish CH would have gone with her gut and killed Bill off like she originally planned, that way we wouldn’t even need to worry about him. Unless she planned on bringing him back somehow, which I could see her doing.

          • Well, Bill has been trying to crawl back to her in the books even before TB so actually? That is nothing new. Sookie has even mentioned that he’s been hanging around and she’d like him to move on.

  4. I’m chomping at the bit!!
    Now who’s trying to “Frame Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse”?
    This is going to be an interesting read!
    Is it May 2012 YET???? Hate that I have to wait so long to read
    Book 12 and also have to wait for Season 5 to come around!

  5. I’m pretty sure Bill is not endgame in the books, but I don’t want to see Sookie partnering up with him for anything. Why can’t he just go back to Peru? I hope we get some good E/S scenes in this one, and I agree this definitely has to do with the Queen. I really hope Eric finds a way to get out of that marriage, that whole plot is ridiculous and definitely something AB would have done. Will also be waiting for the reviews on this one first, I’m really not all that eager to read it.

  6. Well, I suppose Eric could have drank from this girl because he was injured. CH has made it a point to remind her readers that Eric is not a romantic hero and not what the readers have romanticized him to be. Personally, I think she hasn’t read her own books because that’s exactly what he turned out to be. Sookie and Bill teaming up to “solve the mystery,” well, given where CH left them and the state of their “friendship” at the end of Dead Reckoning, I can see it. That’s NOT to say I agree with it because I’m Team Eric, but I can see her going there.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Eric is Sookie’s HEA and I have this bad feeling that I’m going to be disappointed by the way this series ends. I’m still curious enough in the CD and what’s up with the fairies to read the next book, but I’ll likewise probably wait until the reviews come out first.

    I do think OK is the new enemy. But I DO NOT think CH has been influenced by Alan Ball. Writers are much too tempermental to let ANYBODY influence their work, as evidenced by CH’s own insistence that’s she’s not writing a love story. I know nobody has ever influenced my writing and I’ll be damned if anybody will. Alan Ball is clearly going to do what he wants to do regardless of what CH puts in her books.

    • It doesn’t feel like she hasn’t been influenced, though, but hopefully you’re right. Still, if she doesn’t have Sookie with Eric in the end after all of the build up, I hope she’s prepared for lots of hate mail. I’m already not going to read anything else from her.

      • I concur, Tammy. I doubt I’ll pick up anything else of hers either.

      • If I were her I wouldn’t be as concerned about hate mail as I would about book sales. Once the reviews are in and it’s leaked that E/S are not the endgame? Book sales will suck. In addition, fans will no longer trust her as an author and won’t buy future books. Bye bye career as best-selling author. You conned fans for 13 books and then disappointed them. Don’t expect them to allow you to do it again.

        • Honestly, I might not even read these last two. I’ll wait for the reviews and if I like what I hear, I might consider it. But if not, I’m not going to bother wasting my money.

          • I’m certainly not. This is probably all games designed to stir everyone up but I’m not going to play. They want to get everyone all riled up? Fine, they can also pay the price which means, fewer sales.

    • “I don’t think Eric is Sookie’s HEA and I have this bad feeling that I’m going to be disappointed by the way this series ends. ”

      If he’s not it will only because Sookie used the CD to reset everything and no one is the HEA. If Sookie wished for something like she’d never met any vampires or she wished she didn’t have telepathy then NONE of the events in the books would have ever happened.

      It would be a major cop out but at the same time, CH might believe it would give Sookie a “normal” life and she wouldn’t be at risk any more.

      It would suck for Eric though.

    • Im2xshy – I partially agree with you. First let me point out that CH IS influenced by AB. How? Because, she was going to kill Bill off before TB started. Then after the first season, all of a sudden Bill is still alive? No she is VERY influenced by AB. Furthermore, AB is a dumbass for the way he’s jacked up SVM, but CH doesn’t seem to care. If I were the author, and saw the mess he made with my story – I think I would go ballistic.

      CH put Sookie and Beehl together, on a mission for Eric. One, I can’t see how stupid CH would be to put Sookie in that situation. Beehl, raped her, almost drained her and CH thinks it’s okay to put them in a close knit situation? Disappointment! I can’t see Eric letting Sookie DO something like that without an argument, unless he were detained or unavailable somehow. Why couldn’t Pam help?

      I just think CH lied in the SS Companion book, when she said her vision hasn’t changed with the books. I think that’s a crock of BS.

  7. Oh Charlaine you should never have bowed to pressure and kept him alive, you should have ended it on book 10. Bill and Sookie solving a mystery is no way anything other than pandering to the TB audience – and it’s behind the times with that – as on one wants Sookie and Bill together on the show even anymore. Of course Bill isn’t the end game but they are going to torture us right into the last book. I’m sorry I don’t want to be tortured, I want to enjoy Sookie and Eric in these final 2 books. This better be made up or Charlaine has lost her own plot I’m afraid to say.

    • “This better be made up or Charlaine has lost her own plot I’m afraid to say.”

      How about having Sookie stake Bill somewhere in the middle of this book? Because having Sookie spend time with Bill in any context makes my skin crawl.

      • Now that’s a plot-line I could enjoy :)
        Bill makes my skin crawl too and those who think Charlaine cannot be influenced – they already persuaded her once to keep her alive once. I really don’t want read about him and Sookie. I might have to stick to Deborah Court’s fan fiction.

  8. I’m pretty sure I am over both the show and books. Eric for me has been the best character I have ever encountered in any book, and I intend to stop reading at this point before CH ruins it for me.  Alexander Skarsgard’s portrayal has brought him to life on TB and again I don’t intend to stick around and let AB ruin his character any more then he has already tried. I find I can no longer read a book nor watch a TV show that champions the sanctimonious, stoic, bore that is Bill. They have both written Bill as completely one dimensional, but neither of them seems to understand this. While I have never seen Eric as a romantic hero, he is also not unfeeling, evil, or manipulative as both AB and CH wants us to see him. He is such a complicated character it is really hard to pinpoint what makes him so intriguing. While CH is the one who has created the character of Eric, I feel he is completely allusive even to her, and in some ways Eric has written his character himself.  I think CH is trying to shut him down and get him back to her original concept, and in doing this she is losing her hold on the beauty of the whole series.

    • I wouldn´t say something like this, like I already mentioned I think in some way True blood has influenced her writing, even though she doesn´t want to admit it…since Alan Ball tried to always make Eric look like the evil guy on the show and glorifiying bill and try to make him look like the hero of the show, Charlaines opinions about the characters also seemed to have changed… also this season, Bill was glorified so much it really was just cringe worthy… if True blood wasn´t there, I doubt that Bill would be still a present character in the books, she would have giuven him smaller parts or killed him off, but because of True blood, she seemed to have regained her interest for bill and kept him present, and also for the few crazy Bill fans out there who are floating her board…

      • “Bill was glorified so much it really was just cringe worthy…”

        I wouldn’t go that far. They’ve actually made Bill out to be a pretty rotten guy. Just because AB says he likes him, that doesn’t mean he’s a good guy. They made Bill a politician. They’re two faced and untrustworthy by nature. He’s had Bill attempt to kill Eric multiple times. He had Bill leave Tara in the hands of a sadistic abuser when he could have saved her. He had Bill dismissive of the lives of numerous humans despite all his claims regarding “humanity.” He had Bill screwing and drinking blood despite his “mainstreaming.” He had Bill executing vampires for simply being “vampires.” He had Bill try to kill Pam for simply being Eric’s child. He showed Bill to be childish and immature when dealing with Nan. He’s had Bill treat Sookie in a sexist, misogynistic and dismissive manner. He’s not made him look good at all. In fact, when Eric and Bill are in the same room together, Eric’s cool and calm show off exactly how much more experience and maturity he has over Bill.

        In addition, they had Bill shoot Marnie with a gun rather than kill her as a vampire normally would. The word coward comes to mind. It really, really does.

        • well, thats what you think ,but if you ask casual viewers or non book readers they always say that bill is the good guy, and even the true blood writers said something like this in the inside the episode and called Eric something like the bad guy, it just sickens me how they always perceive bill as the trragic hero of everything…

          • I can’t be bothered to care about people who are too lazy to pay attention to the text. I’m sorry.

          • I guess it depends on who you ask. My sister is a fan of the show and never read any of the books. She hates Bill. She likes Sookie with Eric.

        • Thank you larissaj! I often think I’m watching a different show than everyone else is. I’m an intelligent, well-read, highly educated person and I just don’t see a big conspiracy. Authors have very big egos. I’m guilty. NOBODY tells us what to write; nobody controls our universes.

          I also agree that CH is going to feel it in the book sales. I don’t think she should cop out and change her story to satisfy one faction of her reader base because it’s her story to tell, but she doesn’t seem to accept the fact that her story morphed into something else. It veered from her original path as stories and characters often do. Rather than force it into her original outline, she should honor it as it developed, but it doesn’t seem like that’s in her cards.

          And if Sookie ends up with Sam, I just might delete the books off my Kindle. Sookieverse Blog did a very good analysis of why Sam doesn’t deserve Sookie.

          • I didn´t want to offend anyone, I also think the way you do, but you don´t really see what others, neutral viewers or casual viewers think of the characters on the show or on the books, not everyone thinks like us…

          • “Rather than force it into her original outline, she should honor it as it developed, but it doesn’t seem like that’s in her cards.”

            I agree. I’m disappointed that she didn’t kill Bill. I think the fact that she planned to kill Bill is a good indicator that Bill isn’t the HEA. I don’t think Sam is either. Why? Well, she pretty much indicated that Sam has zero backbone in the first book and she hasn’t done much to change that impression as the books have progressed. Not only that, Sam has remained terribly judgemental. In short, he’s a monumental ass, strawberry blond hair aside. I mean, really – that is pretty much the only positive thing Sookie ever really has to say about Sam – his hair. Uh Wow. High praise indeed.

            I don’t really see CH putting Sookie with him so they can make little annoying babies that will grow up to be just like asshat Sam. It would be like putting Sookie with Alcide just so she could have a litter of puppies. It really doesn’t say much about what purpose women have in life, does it?

  9. I will be very disappointed if in the end Sookie and Bill end up together.

    I agree with the person who asked if she had even read her own books? I mean because Eric is a romantic hero (no he’s not perfect I’m not naive nor stupid or blind).

    I have already preordered this book because I want to see what happens. Mainly because I’ve invested all this time into the story so I guess I want to see it to the end.

    But basically in the end if she does not end up with Eric I will be sad but okay as long as she is NOT with Bill. Although I’ve had this inkling since the beginning that she will end up with Sam which surprisingly doesn’t really bother me as much as I thought it would. (Although if it were Eric I would be even happier!)

    • “Although I’ve had this inkling since the beginning that she will end up with Sam which surprisingly doesn’t really bother me as much as I thought it would.”

      Uh, living in a double wide beside Merlotts raising puppies after having been the wife of the Sheriff of Area 5 is the HEA? I think not.

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  12. For the last three books all I can see is CH putting Sam and Sookie together at the very end. CH is always saying in interviews that she knew how it would all end, and that she would have to go into hiding after book 13. I agree with what someone else said about Eric taking on a life of his own in these books. Now its like she needs to find a way to finish off his story. CH had E/S arguing a lot in the last book, I believe as a prelude to breaking them up. OK is just the catalyst.

    I doubt very much that CH will put Sookie and Bill back together. I recently read all the books again and I noticed a strong pattern of Sam being sookies rock and saviour when then other supes let her down. I have really liked book Sam, although like everyone else, I would love to see the CD have some magic way to let Sookie and Eric have their HEA. But I also think that CH is a very stubborn writer who will write whatever she pleases, regardless of fan feelings. I have been unimpressed with the last two books, they feel like ‘fillers’ to me.

    • Just because she knew how it was going to end that doesn’t mean it’s going to be with a pathetic coward like Sam. Oh God. Sam. That would be hysterical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  13. That’s it. I am done with True Blood and THE BOOKS, this just hurts too much.
    Book 11 had Ball’s fuckery written all over it and this will be no different.

    I’m happy that I got to enjoy Eric’s character for as long as I did, I will always love him. He will always be my very favorite vampire. But I just can’t anymore.

    Ball and CH won’t be getting another cent from me. Everyone should do themselves a favor and NOT buy this book, just read the spoilers online and prepare to be heart broken.

    • thats exactly what I am going to do, I am waiting for the reviews and then I will decide if I buy the book or not, but with true blood, I am over it, I am definitely not going to buy the next dvd, but I am also going to wait for the season and read the comments to find out what happens on the show and only if there is something good I will watch it again, but after season 4 its just hard to find passion for the show again…

  14. Wait a f minute!!!???? Wtf???? Eric drank from another woman??? Bill and Sookie adventures??? Im completely clueless !!! :( very sad….

  15. I truely don’t know what to say at this moment. I think I need for all of this info. to just sink in and stew around in my brain for awhile. I am getting soooooo upset with all this Bill nonsense. I just can’t believe that Eric is going to be in deep shit (again) and Beehl is going to “save the day”. Charlaine, if you F up this book, you’ve lost me too!

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  17. I have to say that the way CH ended book 11 was really sad. However I still had hope for Sookie and Eric. But again, the synopsis makes it all go to hell. I know most of you out there noticed Bill’s “help” and thought it was the worst. But what really made me hopless was the part where it says Eric drank from another woman. From how the last book ended (the fight, the rough bite, the OK marriage) does this mean that they are no longer together? Is Eric back to his old self? Is he sleeping with anything pretty in a dress? God! I really hope that is not true, otherwise I’ll cry a river reading book 12. Anyone please reasure me that can’t be true! :(

    • Let’s not jump to conclusions. I don’t think Eric drank from someone else, even if he did, he’s not stupid enough to drain someone, let alone leaving the body out front of his bar. I think he’s being framed, and I’m pretty sure the Queen of Oklahoma has something to do with it. Most of us have already read chapter two of Deadlocked, Sookie and Eric are still together at that point. Whether they remain together throughout the book, I really couldn’t say.

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