Piece of Glass: Part 10

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Piece of Glass

Part Ten

By Deborah Court

Eric opened his eyes to find that after all, he hadn’t met the true death. He was back in the tomb, lying on the cold block of marble that had been supposed to be his final place of rest. The candles had burned down, and deepest blackness surrounded him. Blinking, his eyes adjusted to the darkness while he tried to recall what had happened, and how he had come back here.

There had been a battle. Blood all around him, its seductive scent driving him mad, triggering his instinct to kill. But then, like a vision, she had been there – like a goddess who had come to redeem him, sent by Odin. This was all he remembered.

“Sookie,” he called out into the silence of the chamber.

Still confused, he tried to sit up on the slab when he noticed that Sookie was there with him, lying face down on his body. Her wheat and honey hair was spread across his chest like a silken waterfall, her arms wrapped around his waist. But she was still – too still.

He shook her gently; his eyes and hands searched her body for any injuries. Then he finally remembered. When everything came back to him in the blink of an eye, he finally realized why she wasn’t moving.

There was no air left in this tomb. His human couldn’t breathe.

He lifted her in his arms and crossed the room in a flash, using his vampire speed. Not wasting time with opening the security bolds, he lay her down and threw himself against the heavy door with all his strength, making it crash out of its hinges. Taking Sookie with him, he darted out into the open air of the cemetery.

Kneeling, he lay her down on the soft green grass beneath a tree, but she still didn’t move. Acting against his nature, he took a deep breath and covered her mouth with his, filling her lungs with air. He repeated this several times, all the time watching her anxiously.

“Damn, Sookie, breathe!” he shouted angrily, baring his fangs. “Breathe!” Biting his wrist, he fed her his blood and waited. Nothing. He moved his body over hers, lifting his weight up on his elbows so she could breathe freely. He needed to be near to her, so he wouldn’t miss the smallest sign of life.

Then he bowed his head and kissed her, awaiting the soft sound of her breath touching his lips. Yet he heard nothing, only the sounds of the vanishing night. Dawn would approach in a few minutes, and he’d need to search shelter from the sun. But not without his Sookie.

Suddenly, he believed to have heard a tiny gasp for air, so he shifted very slightly to the side and brought his ear nearer to her mouth.

A sudden, fierce pain in his back made him roar like a wounded animal, and he jumped up, facing his attacker. It was Pam, who was snarling at him with exposed fangs. Obviously, she had been hidden behind the tree and used his state of distraction to stake him. When he looked down, the tip of his own sword protruded from his chest.

Pam had driven it through him from behind, and she only had missed his heart because he had moved to the side in the last moment. She must have sneaked into the tomb and taken his weapon while he was trying to revive Sookie. It had been the sound of Sookie’s breathing that had saved him from the true death.

Crying bloody tears, his progeny fell down to her knees and bowed her head in shame. “Forgive me, my maker. You commanded me to do this,” she sobbed. “I could not defy you once again.” She stretched out her hand to him, but he didn’t take it.

“I know that I ordered you to stake me. But it was you who told Sookie what I’d done. You allowed her to close herself up in that tomb with me,” he hissed, struggling to reach the sword’s hilt.

She nodded. “You can kill me later,” she whispered. “Right now, the Authority’s agents are already at Fangtasia, searching for you. You must disappear, Eric. I must go. I’m not sure if they followed me.” With a gust of wind, she was gone.

Eric rammed his chest against the trunk of a tree. It drove the sword further out so he could grab it with one hand behind his back and remove it from his body. He dropped it to the floor before he broke down, his body unable to heal after days without real blood.

Finally, the first rays of the sun broke through the clouds, and he covered his face with his hands, groaning. Eric knew he must try to get back to the safety of the tomb, but the sword wound had left him too weak. He felt the light touch his uncovered skin and start to burn his flesh. He crept into the shadow of the tree, but the pain intensified with every second.

A soft hand covered his cheek, caressing him.

“Sookie,” he croaked. “Are you …”

“I’m okay,” she said, her voice still hoarse. “Come back to the tomb with me, Eric. You need to get out of the sun.”

“Can’t,” he said. “Too … weak.”

Quickly, she used the blade of his sword to cut her arm, then pressed the wound to his lips. After a moment of hesitation, he grabbed her arm with both hands and drank from her greedily. It took only seconds for his burned skin to heal as her fairy blood streamed through his veins. The gaping wound in his chest began to close while his flesh grew together.

When he felt strong enough, he wrapped one arm around Sookie and grabbed his sword, bringing them both back into the crypt as quickly as he could. Inside, he lifted up the heavy door and slammed it back into its place. He sealed it with the single bolt that was still intact. It wasn’t as safe as before, but it would do for one day.

Taking the tapestry down from the wall, he placed it down on the floor in a corner so Sookie would have a comfortable place while he slept. Sookie sat down against the wall, and he lay down beside her and rested his head in her lap. “Sleep now,” she said, stroking his hair. “I’ll watch over you until you wake up.”

“If you should require anything, there’s a small kitchen and a bathroom back there,” he murmured, already half asleep.

Surprised, Sookie turned her head and noticed the narrow door in the wall that had been hidden by the tapestry. “Why on earth did you care for a human’s needs when you built that tomb?” she said.

He grinned. “I added those conveniences just in case you had to go into hiding with me.”

She laughed and leaned down, placing a soft kiss on his brow. “You always knew that I’d be yours one day, didn’t you?”

“Of course, my Sookie,” he said and let dawn take him away.


To be continued…

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Thank you once again for another great chapter, Deborah! Yay! They’re back in the tomb! Both Eric and Sookie are alive! And Pam did as she was ordered and Eric turned out okay! Hope this doesn’t mean trouble for Eric and Pam and that Eric and Sookie can make it out of this alive! Can’t wait to read more!

Now it’s your turn…tell Deborah what you think below!

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27 comments on “Piece of Glass: Part 10

  1. And Sookie saves him from Pam’s deadly aim. Has she fulfilled his command to stake him, even though she didn’t end him? Certainly hope so.

    • Well, if she had been compelled to kill him with the sword, technically she would not have been allowed to leave until she felt through the bond that he was dead. My guess is that in staking him, she fulfilled the compulsion.

    • Hiya and thanks for your excellent question! Luckily, Eric had commanded Pam to “stake” him with his own sword at dawn, not to “kill” him, although he meant it. By stabbing him, she fulfilled his command (otherwise, he would have revoked it while they talked). I’m sure she was glad that she missed, she loves him. For now, Eric isn’t in danger anymore (at least from Pam *lol*).

  2. Yah!! their back in the tomb.
    this was great once again can’t wait till the net part :)

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    • oh…you reed my mind HMVANNOY … when i wake up the first thing i do in the morning is to reed the next part of Deborah story … love it… she need to write for True Blood…she really need to … Alan Ball you suck…

  5. Great Chapter please write more ..soon. I love this story you should write for True Blood cause they don’t get that Eric and Sookie belong together.

  6. Probably the best fanfic I have read in a really long time!!!! Deborah I just love the way you write our lovebirds. As always, you are the greatest!!! Keep up the good work…….Can’t wait until the next chapter.

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    Absouletly Wonderful.
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  14. Thanks again for a great chapter. I’m dreading coming on here and it saying “final chapter”.
    Deborah, just wondered if you could give us your thoughts on if you think the books will have an Eric/Sookie ending? Would be interesting to get an authors point of view.

    • Hi Evie! Yes, I believe that the books will have an Eric/Sookie HEA. Authors have to create conflilcts and tension before they’ll give readers a happy ending, or the story would be boring. ;-) The story arc with Eric’s betrothal seems to indicate that he’ll get together with Sookie in the end, from an author’s point of view. I also said more about the subject, you can read it in Erika’s introduction to Part 5 of “Piece of Glass” (you can get there by clicking “Fanfics” in the top menu). But of course no one knows what’s going on in CH’s head, these are just
      speculations. ;-) Let’s just hope that E&S will be together in the end.

      • Thanks so much for responding Deborah. We’ll all cross our fingers for the next 18 months. Meanwhile your story is keeping me going very nicely :)

  15. How do you always know exactly what I want to read! This is SO satisfying my Eric/Sookie hunger hihi! Great job :D

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