Anne Rice: Her Thoughts On TB and the SSN

Anne Rice, the renowned author behind the Vampire Chronicles series of novels—Interview With the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, and The Queen of the Damned, was interviewed recently by The Daily Beast.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the “queen” of vampire fiction, Anne Rice, opens up about her Twilight “beef,” her feelings about HBO’s True Blood, why she thinks teens these days are obsessed with vampires, and her upcoming foray into the world of werewolf novels, The Wolf Gift, which will be released Feb. 12.

We won’t share the whole interview – just bits and pieces related to True Blood and Charlaine Harris. Here are the highlights…

So what’s your take on the Twilight series? It really does seem to go against the grain in its depiction of vampires.

I think the concept is so rich in itself. It’s like the concept of the cowboy or the detective. Vampires have become almost like a genre, like the Western. What I see happening, with writers like Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer, is the domestication of the vampire. I was more interested in a powerful, Old World figure that had a lot of knowledge, experience, and was surrounded by a lot of glamour and mystery. I wanted to keep the romance. I loved the idea of these people gaining wisdom as they aged, and how that might cause them to be ever more tormented by the fact that they don’t really belong in the world and they prey on human beings, who they’ve really come to appreciate. Charlaine Harris is doing something different by imagining what it’s like if vampires are legal and you have them living in your Southern town, and I think she gets a tremendous amount of energy out of that. She’s very witty—there’s a lot of satire there—and on the HBO show True Blood, there’s even a romance with Vampire Bill.

Back to True Blood, how do you feel about the show’s depiction of vampires as these uninhibited, primal, sexual beings?

I’m a fan of the show. I see it as a logical part of it all. [Harris] has expanded the sexuality that’s inherent in that idea. I didn’t think of that, but as my books went on, I involved my vampires in more sexuality. But I couldn’t go as far as Charlaine Harris did, because I had said that my vampires can’t have sex; that the act of drinking blood is orgasmic for them. She’s doing it a different way. She’s saying that this blood drinker must also be dynamite in bed. Makes sense!

I think True Blood does werewolves justice with Alcide.

Oh, yeah, I like Alcide. I like that actor [Joe Manganiello] a lot, and I think the character’s hot.

UGH! Not only does she mention Sookie having a romance with Bill…but she says how hot she finds Alcide too! ARGH!

If you would like to read her entire interview – click here!

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15 comments on “Anne Rice: Her Thoughts On TB and the SSN

  1. Please, it’s obvious she never read the Sookie Stackhouse Novels or she would have never said that Sookie has “a romance with Bill”. They broke-up in book 3 and as off book 11, still no reunion. But you know what did happen in book 11, Sookie realized that she loves Eric all on her own.

  2. Well, she did have a romance with Bill, but I’m tired of everyone making it all about that. And Alcide is hot, but again that seems to be what the show is all about these days. Honestly, though, I’ve never been a fan of Anne Rice. I can’t read her books. I tried once and just couldn’t get into it.

    • Anne Rice already said in an interview a few years ago that she loves bill, it really sickens me and she said some really bad things about eric, she doesn´t seem to like him at all, I really don´t understand it and I am pretty sure she has never read the books and has just watched ABs fvcked up version. She seems to hate Eric and in this interview you get that undertone too…
      I kinda dislike her since I know that…

      • Yeah, she really seems to just not get it at all. I find it kinda mind-boggling that she would prefer Bill, but then again, it says a lot about how some “non-hardcore” fans perceive the show….

        • Yeah, well, she doesn’t exactly write the best vampires in my opinion. I’m not surprised, but it does confuse me when anyone prefers Bill.

          • She wrote Louis. Poor, pathetic sad Louis who hated being a vampire and hanging around Lestat. Make sense now?

  3. After TrueBlood first aired, I checked to see what the scuttlebutt was on Facebook.
    To my suprise I came across a post from Anne Rice,of Interview with a Vampire fame.
    “I love this show” Ms Rice said. I was so happy, Lestat’s maker, loved TrueBlood!!.
    And I’ve since found out that she is a major fan,and loves what Charlaine Harris
    did with her Vampires. She loves Eric Northman, likes Bill Compton and thinks
    that Alcide is a hot number. I only wish that Ms. Rice and Ms. Harris would
    colobrate on a joint book about their Vampires~Lestat,Louis, Armand
    meet Eric Northman,William Thomas Compton,Pamela Ravenscroft meet at a
    Vampire summitt somewhere in either the United States or Europe???

    I’m sorry, but I’m sick and tired of Charlaine Harris’s teaming Sookie Stackhouse
    with William Thomas Compton. And I don’t want to see her with John Quinn
    or Sam Merlotte,Alcide Hevereaux . I only want to see Sookie with Eric Northman.

    • Anne Rice said in several interviews she dislikes eric and loves bill, I am pissed off by that:
      You must have mistaken something, because that is what she posted…

      ” I’m asked all the time what do I think of True Blood? I love the show on HBO. Love Charlaine Harris for her cleverness and wonderful sense of humor. Love Alan Ball. Favorite vampire? Bill. Favorite character? Sam. Least favorite vampire: the morally and emotionally bankrupt Eric. Other thoughts to follow.

      Favorite True Blood moments: when Bill and Sookie are together and their love theme is played. Least favorite aspect: the sloppiness of these vampires, spilling blood all over themselves and their clothes! A disgrace to vampiredom. Biggest question: are there no philosophers, artists are musicians in this vampire realm? Why not?”

      she has never read the books and thinks bill is the best ever iek!!!!

      • If she’s never read the books, then I wouldn’t take anything she says seriously. The woman has bad taste.

        • Anne Rice has effectively turned herself into a joke. She’s grasping at straws and trying to make herself relevant again but fact of the matter is, no one really cares what she has to say about vampires or anything else. There was a time when she was the height of cool but she’s blown it by too many bad moves and being petty. She’s over and everyone knows but her, her publisher and her publicist.

          see: http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Anne_Rice for whack job examples

  4. I thought Anne Rice had pretty much turned herself into joke after, you know, turning her own fandom and fans against her? People are still interviewing her as a source and relevant? Wow.

  5. she thinks Alcide is “hot” because he is a werewolf and she wants to draw public attention to his new book that is about werewolves.
    if you read the rest of the interview, she practically offers his book to be a TV show or movie.
    She ruined his own credibility and now wants to return. I can smell the desperation.
    Odd that it has invested so much time on a character the morally and emotionally bankrupt as LESTAT, isn’t?

    • We have a winner folks. You nailed it. Her marketability is shot so she’s attempting to ride it out on someone else’s. I can’t believe I used to read her books. What a sad joke she’s become.

  6. I’ve read one of her books, and I just couldn’t get into it. The writing is way too detailed at times, kind of blah. Not saying Charlaine is the best writer in the world because she’s definitely not, but I’ve managed to stick her books out.

  7. Anne Rice has created all of this great Southern vampire atmosphere, but her books – although very well crafted – just don’t give me the kind of vampires I always wanted. Hers a a bit bloodless, so to speak. I want my vampires to have sex! Even Bram Stoker did this in Dracula (think of the count and his concubines). Thanks, though, Anne, for bringing back vampires into the world of literature and movies. “Interview with the vampire” is one of ma fav movies of all time! ;-)

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