It’s “Time” to “Say So”: Two Eric & Sookie Videos

Hope you’re having a great Friday, Eric & Sookie Lovers! It’s almost the weekend (for those of you, who don’t have to work, unlike me :()!

Let’s make your day a little bit brighter and get your fingers tappin’ and your feet a-stompin’ to get you pumped for the weekend!

We found a couple of Eric & Sookie lovin’ videos to share with you! Hope you like them!

This first one is brought to you by Augustjente1984, who has made some great Eric & Sookie videos before! Here’s her latest video devoted to Eric Northman! The song is titled, “Time”! Well, it’s time for you to check it out!

This next video was edited by Nutbustedhaji and the song is; “Say So” by My Favorite Highway!  We think you love it – because WE say so!

Hope this makes your Eric & Sookie Lovin’ day a little bit better!

Thanks to both vid makers for keeping our Eric & Sookie lovin’ hearts entertained!

What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

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6 comments on “It’s “Time” to “Say So”: Two Eric & Sookie Videos

  1. the video makers are the best . love all the videos . keep them coming you are the best

  2. I say so, too!!! YAY to the video makers, both of those vids are absolutely stunning! I’m always in awe how they constantly keep creating wonderful new vids for us. Keep them comin’, and thanks to Erica for posting them! <3

  3. two wonderful videos i love it all keep it coming

  4. Yep, I needed these today. I miss Eric and Sookie and wish that TB would be written the way it should be. Know it won’t and feel kinda sad about that. It really is a loooooong wait between seasons and I am going through withdrawals even though I am reading fanfics and watching great videos like the ones above. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I Thank you for making this one a little brighter with posting these two great videos Erica.

  5. the two video are really beautiful but i must confess the second “say so” is my favourite what a wonderful song !

  6. I miss Eric and Sookie. To bad TB isn’t like the books. Thank God for videos and FF. Great videos. Thanks for posting them.

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