The Dark Queen – Chapter 3

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What will Eric do?

  • He will take Pam’s call.
  • He will finish was he has begun and call Pam back later

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WARNING: The content of this chapter contains sexually explicit scenes. If you are under the age of 18, you probably shouldn’t read this!


The Dark Queen

By Deborah Court

Chapter Three

The cell phone rang for a few seconds and then abruptly stopped. “I feel that she’s upset,” Eric said, “but there is no pain or real threat. I’ll call her back later.”

But Sookie had already forgotten about Pam, for she felt him throbbing against her moist core. Since she lay on her front on the soft, flexible dough, it had warmed up under her heated body and almost felt like a lover’s touch on her skin. Eric lifted her hips and pulled her back to the table’s edge, but pressed a hand on the small of her back to make her stay down in the dough. Then she felt his long, hard shaft enter her heat, plowing through the softness of her flesh. Inch by wonderful inch he impaled her, as slowly as if he had all the time in the world.

Each time he stopped, making her believe she had taken all of him, he would then shove forward again, giving her yet more. He repeated this a few times until he had embedded himself deeply inside her, stroking her back all the while, his hand on her hip keeping her firmly in place. Giving her time to stretch around him, he continued with his sensual massage, kneading her muscles until she felt so hot she believed that the dough must be melting away under her.

Finally, he placed a big hand on her shoulder and pulled her whole body back, pressing her harder upon his manhood. Sookie cried out as he touched her deep inside, filling her to the point that the slight pain caused by his size multiplied her pleasure. When he pushed her forward and moved her back onto him a couple of times, the sweet friction made her almost come, but he stopped for a moment to draw her back from the edge.

When her breath had calmed down, he started to thrust into her with short, well-placed movements of his hips, alternating with deep, slow strokes that made her tremble with want. She was so wet that he moved inside her with ease, in and out, in and out, slowing down his movements but increasing the pressure, burying himself to the hilt. Sookie didn’t mind that tears were running over her face, caused partly by unfulfilled need, but mostly by the beauty of his lovemaking. All the time he enticed her with sweet words of love, leaving no doubt that she was the one true mate he had been longing for over oceans of time.

He started to circle his hips as he moved, and she began to spasm, her body reaching the outskirts of unbelievable ecstasy. “Use your inner muscles around me, Sookie,” he commanded her, bowing down over her back. “Clench and release. Clench and release. That’s my girl.” He covered her sensitive neck with open-mouthed kisses, then ran his tongue down her spine. Complying, Sookie worked her muscles, drawing him even deeper inside.

Suddenly, without forewarning, she came with an intensity that rushed through her body like a flash of lightning. It was impossible to cry out, even to breathe, as the blinding climax took hold of her body and made her contract around him, again and again, until she heard him groan with his own release and bite into her neck like a mating wolf, not releasing her until she was completely spent.

But her vampire wasn’t.

She was still hovering on a dark, warm cloud when he flipped her over onto her back with a light-speed move and wrapped her legs around his hips. All gentleness had gone from his eyes, and what she saw in their depths was pure, primal lust. A drop of her blood still clung to one of his fangs. Unable to resist, she raised her head to lick it off. Moaning, Eric bit his own tongue and teased her into sucking at it. She savored the small stream of his blood before the tiny wound closed.

This time, he didn’t coax or seduce her. He guided himself into her still-slick heat and started to pound into her with hard, fast thrusts. The dough was coated with flour so Eric made them glide along the huge table with every single thrust, loving her like a wild beast. She answered him with equal passion and pulled his head down to her lips, burying her hands in his golden hair. She drove her nails into his back, but he didn’t even notice. “Harder, Eric,” she whispered, “faster.”

Soon they were both covered in flour. Since they had reached the other end of the table, Sookie raised her arms above her head and held on to the edge, screaming his name as he drove into her like a speed train, only stopping when he felt her come around his manhood another time. Only then he succumbed to his own climax without holding back, shoving himself a last time into her sweet, welcoming body. When he exploded deep inside of his human, he molded her into his body. Pulling her close, he felt her thundering heartbeat as if it was his own, listening happily while it gradually slowed down.

He didn’t mind anymore if his own heart was beating. Sookie’s heart was strong enough for them both, and his own couldn’t be dead, after all; for it loved her with a passion that made him feel very much alive.


In the meantime, in Shreveport …

Pam loved her maker – in fact, so much that she had stopped her phone call when she had sensed his happiness – in the same moment she’d tried to reach him. Doubtless he was with Sookie, especially since he was horny, too. Pam had quickly hidden her emotions from him. She had learned this rare ability as she had grown older and stronger. Sometimes she wondered if Eric had noticed, but she guessed not. If he really wanted to know something she thought or felt, he simply commanded her, as her maker, to tell him the truth, and she couldn’t deny him. But if he didn’t give her a direct order, she managed to shield her mind from him on occasions.

The truth was that she’d been ready to live apart from Eric for years, but she’d never asked him to set her free. Although she loved her maker, Pam liked being on her own, and she longed for adventure. Yet she knew that he had always liked her at his side, craving for companionship, and he cared for her like a father would – more than her human father had ever loved her. However, they weren’t made for each other, or they would have been truly bonded love mates long ago. But she knew about his loneliness, felt how empty he was inside. She didn’t have the heart to ask him to release her, even if he wouldn’t have denied her that.

Since he was with Sookie, all of this had changed, and she sensed that he felt complete, probably for the first time in his long life. It had been almost a year since Eric had gone to Öland, taking his human with him. Although she’d never admitted it to her maker, Pam had enjoyed being on her own. She liked managing Fangtasia, and she was very capable of it. The profits had increased thirty percent during the past months, and she couldn’t wait to show Eric the accounts – not that he was in need of any more money.

Pam had even managed to deal with the agents of the Authority, convincing them that Nan Flanagan had plotted against them, trying to start a mutiny. She also explained that Eric Northman, long-time Sheriff of Area Five, faithful servant to the Authority and to the king of Louisiana (it had almost killed her to vocalize that part), had eliminated Nan to prevent her from realizing her traitorous plans. She wasn’t sure if they had believed her, but at least for now they had rescinded their death warrant and vanished from Fangtasia.

But now something had happened that required her maker’s attention. She had no idea how to deal with this on her own. The club had been shut down for the night, and she leaned against the bar, staring at the scenario that unfolded before her eyes. She sniffed the air. The smell of blood – human, vampire and animal in origin, was overwhelming and would have driven her into a killing frenzy if she hadn’t just fed well from one of her male devotees. When he had followed her into the public area of Fangtasia, the stupid fang banger had screamed like a girl and hidden behind the bar. She had used his shock to her advantage and glamored him, commanding him to forget everything he had seen, then sent him away.

She was still stunned by the audacity of this act. Who would be foolish enough to break into Eric’s bar during the daytime and commit a deed so gruesome that it put even vampires to shame?

Shrugging, she flipped open her cell phone to call Eric again. This time, he picked up the phone immediately. Obviously he’d finished whatever he had been doing with his human.

“It’s me – Pam,” she said, the sound of her voice leaving no doubt that she wasn’t in the mood for small talk. “As much as it hurts me to tell you, I fear your little fairy humpin’ honeymoon is over.” Sometimes she just couldn’t help teasing him a bit.

She removed the phone from her ear to escape his furious, reprimanding growl. When he had finished scolding her for disrespecting Sookie, she said in earnest, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you must return, immediately – before the police come here and destroy all the evidence we’ve got. I’ll have to report this to them soon. There has been a double murder at Fangtasia – involving a vampire and a human. As sheriff of Area Five, it is your duty to investigate the matter personally.” Nodding to Eric’s short reply, she hung up.

Slowly, she went over to the dance floor that was practically swimming in blood, very careful not to ruin her new Louboutin leopard-print boots. She bowed and carefully picked up a large, heavy object that was drenched in goo. She only saw what it was when some of the blood had dripped away from it.

It was a black rooster, its head cleanly cut off.

Pam cursed and threw the animal’s corpse back into the unrecognizable mass of blood, vampire and human remains. She wondered who the victims were, but she didn’t dare touch anything before her maker arrived.

“I hate that fucking voodoo shit,” she hissed, sincerely hoping that Eric would be back soon.


To be continued…

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What will happen next? YOU decide!!! This time, it will be a very bloody choice. Let your vampire instincts take over and go for the kill!

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Will Eric involve Sookie in the murder investigations?

Yes, they’ll play Mulder and Scully and go a-hunting the killer together.

No, Eric tells Sookie to stay in Bon Temps and goes investigating on his own.

Cast your vote in the polls below! Remember, you have 48 hours to cast your vote!

Thank you once again for another brilliant chapter Deborah! Love ‘seeing’ Eric and Sookie rolling around in the dough! LOL Can’t wait to read more!

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  1. All I can say is “Holy Smoke”! More brilliant writing by Ms. Court. She puts CH in the shade! BTW, living the Prince book. Just downloaded it today.

  2. Oh, I really hope Yvetta wins that poll. Ginger used to bug the hell out of me, but she wasn’t so bad in season 4. I know Eric sending Sookie back to Bon Temps to keep her out of harms way would be more realistic, but I love the idea of them finding the killer together.

  3. Loved it!!! You never disappoint….. I hope its Yvetta and for them to work together.
    Cant Wait!!

  4. loving the stories so much . i think yvetta broke into the bar got killed probably trying to steal money or something and i think sookie and eric will get together and look for the killers together .. they are partners . sookie always get in trouble some way some how . i am positive sookie and eric will protect each other . i don`t think they will get hurt but it will be a battle . i think it`s time for pam to move on even though i love her it`s because eric has found security in his life that he been missing in all those years .. sookie …… he is in love i think he is not the same person he was sookie made a difference that he had been longing her .. they are great together as well .. very happy they are together . ms . court as i said before you are a brilliant writer thank you for keeping eric and sookie stories hot like you do . i could never thank you enough . you tell them so well .

  5. Deborah’s story’s get better and better.
    I think that the dead human was Yvetta.
    Don’t know who the Vampire was?
    Could the rooster been planted by someone in Marnie’s coven???

  6. Deborah’s stories are never a disappointment! <3 It's gonna kill me to have to wait more than 48 hours for the next chapter! :-)

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  8. I think it is Yvetta as she is the ambitious one compared to Ginger. Even though Eric will tell Sookie to stay away from the investigation- she can’t keep herself away. Thank you Deborah for another great chapter. Can’t wait for the next one. I already bought the “bound to the prince” but just been sitting in my computer and needs to be downloaded.

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    • Thanks Geri! :) I’m glad you love coming here!

      As for GoT…I’m reading the book series now and believe me, they are very similar to each other. I think the main reason is because George R. R. Martin has a more “hands on” approach than CH does. It makes me wonder if the contract CH signed was really “standard” at all? Hmmm…anyways, I think you’ll love the show even if you don’t read the books! :)

      • Well, except for a few minor details, the first season of True Blood was pretty close to the first book. Game of Thrones could change as the show goes on.

  11. Loved it, and Pam and her sense of humor that was lost in season 4….. this is how TB should be written….
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    iamerica, just wanted to let you know that “Bound to the Prince” is also a download at Barnes and Noble for all of us Nook readers too!!!!

  14. While he might want to send her to Bon Temps, he will know that she won’t be willing to stand by and do nothing. That’s not how Sookie works.

  15. I like both Yvetta and Ginger but lets be Yvetta the dead one, poor mistress of the dungeon and gold digging whore….

  16. Awesomely hot chapter. 48 hours is a long time.

  17. Deborah’s writing is so perfect!!! Thank you!!! We need more!!! I hope is Yvetta and mulder and scully team work!! But I know whatever you write is going to be awesome!!!!!l

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  20. Any indication on when the next chapter will be posted? : )

  21. I just discovered this site and Deborah Court’s stories and all I can say is WOW!!! I can’t wait to read more!

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