Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters

We know how much you’re going to LOVE this!

TV.com has released their Top 10 Most Annoying Characters on TV list! No, Eric and Sookie didn’t make the list, but there is someone else from True Blood who did! Can you guess who?

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If you guessed Beehl…you are correct!

3) Bill Compton, True Blood

The worst thing that can happen to a TV show is for its romantic lead to make his big entrance and then sorta… whiff it. While we love love love True Blood, we’re just not down with the fangs that Sookie Stackhouse is banging. Because he’s short and whiny and prudish and a too-awkward mixture of gruff and tender. There’s nothing dangerous about him, and isn’t the implicit danger sort of the whole point of a vampire/human love story? A nation of TB fans seem to agree with us, judging by the collective sighs of relief (and moans of… well, relief) that went up when the far more intriguing Eric strode onto the screen. We get that Bill is central to the whole saga and mythos of the story, but does he have to be such a weenie all the time, especially when standing next to the (way taller) Eric?

Hahahahahaha! Love what they say about Beehl! And he’s #3 overall too!

Can you think of a character even more annoying? I think NOT! To read the rest of their Top 10, please click here!

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23 comments on “Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters

  1. He should have been number 1, but this does please me.

  2. How could they possibly overlook Tara?!?

  3. oh yes, so deserved, but they could also just have put him on the number one spot, but great that lots of others are also annoyed by that annoying vampire who constantly cockblocks everything…

    “Because he’s short and whiny and prudish and a too-awkward mixture of gruff and tender…”
    “e get that Bill is central to the whole saga and mythos of the story, but does he have to be such a weenie all the time, especially when standing next to the (way taller) Eric?”

    they summed it up great, why does AB just doesn´t get it, hell, eric is the main love interest of sookie in the books not that grumpy Bill who lied to her the whole time…

  4. I don’t know anyone else on the list save Elliot Stabler/Chris Meloni who ironically will be on TB soon. Hopefully, his character will be more of a badass and less of ass like Bill.

    How sad is it to keep showing up on pathetic and/or annoying character lists? Oh Bill, the only thing you’re any good at is being a failure.


  6. Wonder if Alan Ball will read about this..and FINALLY get it. Probably not, I think he has a real hard on for Bill. Nice that it wasn’t a designation made by fans of the books…

  7. Hahaha … love how this is written! The author is an Eric&Sookie Lover!

    • Honestly? There really can’t be that many Bill or Bill/Sookie fans out there. They’re like this mythical beast. Everyone claims they exist but I’ve never seen one… let alone two. Granted, I haven’t been in the fandom very long but all I see are Eric fans, Sookie fans or Eric/Sookie fans.

      • Agreed, that’s why if AB doesn’t start making the show a little closer to the books, he’s going to lose a shitload of viewers if he hasn’t already. Season 4 was the make or break season and he completely butchered it, that was mostly everyone’s favorite book.

  8. Well I love this.
    Liked William Thomas Compton III when we were first met him
    I mean what is not to like? The Blue eyes,black hair the chisled
    features,the Manners,and the voice as fine as aged cognac.
    But as season 2 went on we saw another side to him.
    And IT was BORING.
    It just gets worse as the Seasons go on!!
    What’s going to happen in Season 5 are we going to be SO BORED
    that we’ll be falling alseep by Episode 5??????

  9. hahahaha…that’s beel alright!

  10. The marriage of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin killed the gripping essence of the books that should be in TB. AB, the next time you create another series make sure to include a clause in the contract of each actor/actress “no romantic involvement with your co-workers while the show is on”. That way you and your writers will not be pressured to place people personally!!!!! So so so disappointing.

    • Well, that might be going a bit too far. It’s not their fault, you can’t help who you fall in love with. It’s Alan’s fault for confusing reality with fiction.

    • Yeah, I agree with Tammy not only can’t you help who you fall in love with but what you’re asking for is illegal. Besides, you wouldn’t be so quick to jump all over Anna if she’d married Alex.

      • Honestly, I don’t see her and Alex even working out. I may want their characters together, but that doesn’t mean they need to be married in real life. That’s what AB just doesn’t get.

        • Oh I wouldn’t expect Alex and Anna together. I want married couples to stay married. I was just pointing out the ridiculous logic. This person is angry because it’s “Bill’s” actor.

          • I know, I’m just saying for those who think her being married to Alex will make much of a difference, it won’t really change anything.

  11. I agree wholeheartily with that article. Not that I am defending the Bill character, but I will say that Stephen Moyer is a terrific actor to make Bill so damn unlikeable.

    From the beginning of the show AB did say that the main story would be around the two “stars” of the show, Sookie and Bill. Which we all know is totally against the saga of the books. I don’t think AB had any idea how much Alex’s role of Eric (and Alex himself) would garner most of the popularity.

    But I do hold it against AB for “sticking to his guns” in his storyline, making out dear Alex’s character of Eric a “second banana” so to speak.

    To have kept the show and storyline interesting, AB should have switched HIS storyline BACK to the Books’ storyline to keep the show fans interested and intrigued. Instead he followed his instincts and ruined a (what could of been) emmy winning show with his crap.

    I ONLY will watch Season 5 just to see Alex/Eric and try and ignore the rest of the dribble that AB laughingly calls TB…….

  12. This article was written in 2009 (Season 2). Since then, Beehl has gotten even more annoying. Making him Queen, errr “royalty”, has not diminished this at all. That plot point was obviously contrived to make him seem a little more equal to Eric and yet, that was an EPIC FAIL, Alan Ball. All it did was point out to everyone how much less of a man and a vampire Beehl is compared to the Viking Vampire. Wish Beehl would just make travel plans to Peru.

    • There are days I really wonder if AB IS trying to make Bill Eric’s equal because it’s such an epic fail. Bill just doesn’t measure up in any respect and it’s in the text. I mean, we’re not pulling this stuff out of thin air. So either AB is talking out his ass when he pumps up Bill or something weird is going on.

      Just sayin’

  13. Beehl is so not central to the saga. He is only central to Alan Ballsack!

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