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The year is winding on down, so it’s time to award 2011’s TV programs in the best way we know how: an internet poll. Is there any higher honor? What’s that? An Emmy? Yeah, whatever.

Top 10 TV Dramas of 2011 as part of our end of the year celebration that is Best of 2011!

We’ve put together a list of 30 TV drama’s that sent us on a rollercoaster of emotions this year, and now it’s your turn to narrow the list down by voting in the poll. Of course, if we made an unforgivable error and forgot your favorite drama, by all means, head to the comments to voice your objection, and we might include it in the final list.

At the time of this post, True Blood had only 2.5% of the votes! Not sure if that makes a difference to you, but thought we’d share that anyways!

This poll closes Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. PST, so start voting! then check back Friday, Dec. 9 for the results!

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63 comments on “E! Online’s Best of 2011 Poll

  1. The only good thing about True Blood anymore is Eric so in all truthfulness I could not vote for the show. My favorite for this year has to be Game of Thrones with Sons of Anarchy a close second.

    • so true, shows like game of thrones are so much better, TB has jumped the shark, mainly because AB refuses to stay true to the spirit of the books and season 4 showed it, it was bad…

      True blood doesn´t deserve to get votes…

      • True Blood has turned into a very poor soap opera. A lot of the things that happened in the last 6 episodes of season 4 were just absurd – especially the stupid suicide scene which was one of the worst bits of TV I ever saw until the season finale and the vomit-inducing couch scene. ~What was it with TB and couches in season 4? We had the threesome dream and then Sookie dumping Eric for no reason whatsoever and of course the threesome with bathrobes. I thought Bill had blood doners anyway so why is Sookie feeding him and Eric at all. I can’t even watch that scene any more because I know I’d be physically ill and often.

  2. Forgot to say AB really blew it because it could have continued to be a great show of only he had stayed truer to the book. I don’t suggest he had to do it word for word but his turning it into “The Bill Show” killed it.

    • I’d rather he not stay %100 true to the books. Some of the books are just… bad decisions and some characters are … tragic mistakes.

      Also book Sookie does some pretty awful things too so following the books isn’t a recipe for happiness. Skipping the part where Sookie refuses to tell Eric about the events while he was cursed? I am so okay with that. He can do more stuff like this. Really.

      • I would agree with you about improving the books, but the problem is, VERY few of the things AB changes from the books in regards to Eric and Sookie actually make their story better.
        The way the amnesia storyline ended in the books paved the way for some pretty awesome UST and angst between them, and slow burning character development for Eric… in the long term narrative it just made more sense than the mess TB turned into in those last episodes….
        TB rushed through their relationship way too fast all of a sudden after 3 season of nothing but hints and dreams, and the result felt somewhat forced and underwhelming. Some great potential just carelessly wasted and drowned by bad writing.
        It could have been different from the books but still great, I wouldn’t mind at all if that was the case but IMO it’s sadly not.

        • I so agree with you trixie. There was nil build up in the first 3 seasons and yet suddenly Sookie is in love with Eric – the scenes were tender and were well done but the relationship itself was forced and of course as soon as Eric got his memory back he was dumped. As you pointed out in the books we had 3 or 4 books of angst and it worked really well – it would have been better if TB had put them together or failing that have Eric not remember their time together but this is TB and nothing makes sense.

  3. As much as I love Eric, I couldn’t vote for True Blood because I do not believe it is the best drama of the year. Ball’s irrational determination to give Bill precedence over Eric and make him the main male character, the way he’s turned Sookie into an unappealing character, and the weakness of the storylines, have lowered the quality of this show. He would have done better to stick closer to the framework established in the books. He said the books work; it’s a shame he didn’t listen to himself. He’s changed things unnecessarily and the end product did not work for me. True Blood started out well and had great potential, but I think in Season 4 it jumped the shark. Other shows rank far higher l than it does now. I voted for Dexter.

  4. I’ve seen a synopsis for the opening episode of season 5 and it seems Sookie will be struggling from the start to stick to her vampire free life. I should have known that she couldn’t last a day without doting on Bill. The books do work as has been mentioned but I have my doubts that Alan Ball has ever read them with any real attention to detail. True Blood shouldn’t even say that it is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris because the only similarities are the names of the characters Just look at Sookie and Eric and how weak they have been made to look. Look at Bill who is seemingly a super vampire wiser and stronger than his 175 years should make him.I would love for CH to tell AB that she doesn’t want her name used in association with the show but we know that won’t happen. It would be great if Alan Ball would sell the rights to the show to a movie studio so that someone could do justice to the terrific books. I hate Alan Ball and what he has done to Sookie who I really want to love in the same way as I do the book version.

    • @John: ICAM!! I read the same synopsis as you, but decided not to post it until there was a more reliable source for it. From the sounds of it, I agree…some more of the same old Ballshit!

      I think AB (unfortunately) thinks he’s doing a great job because of the ratings :roll: and the way everyone talks about it. You have NO idea how disappointed I am by how much he has destroyed Sookie’s character on the show. :( She’s not a very likeable character now and one I have troubles relating to. That being said; I’m still curious to find out how it will be portrayed.

      • It sounds like you are as disappointed as me at how Sookie comes across on the show. I prefer strong women who are feisty but where Bill is concerned Sookie is just a submissive puppy. Why she is able to stand up to Alcide Eric and Sam but NOT Bill is beyond me. Like I said before I really want to love Sookie. I too am curious as to how things will pan out but after reading the synopsis for the first episode I am far from optimistic.Alan Ball does indeed think he is doing a great job and if you like cheesy soap operas with poor writing and gaping plot holes then I guess he is right. Personally I like gritty drama with a bit of humour and sex but with consistent strong writing and viable plots. The actors are good enough to deliver the goods on the show but the so called “creative genius” is letting the show down.

        • Again, I agree John! Although I used to love cheesy soap operas with huge plot holes and fast-aging children! LOL But if something is supposed to be based on a book series, it should similar to what happens in the books. Sookie is a strong character in the books, therefore she should be on the show too. Don’t get me started on how Sookie’s treatment of Bill sends a wrong message to women…Grrrrr

          I guess if we want the things you mentioned…we’ll have to watch GoT, Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead…

      • The problem with Alan Ball is he wants to keep all these teams groups in the loops…..instead of just staying with the spirit of the books …..bill is not a smart or likeable character no matter how much he wants to make him out as…..Alcide is stupid and boring he shouldn’t even be in the equation….still Eric is the popular one and smart and loyal to sookie no matter how stupid they write her as….AS plays hin masterfully with feeling that we can relate to.

        • Oh yes, I agree! Ball is most definitely trying to keep the “Teams” alive. Since the writing sucks, it’s the only way to keep viewers (especially BL’s) interested enough to keep watching.

          • I agree with you…..what will BL’s lovers do if AB ever get enough sense to put real Eric/sookie together ….which I believe they will eventually…..but he will make them have so many obstacles that it probably won’t last long.

          • They will bitch and complain…then stop watching! LOL Then, they’ll talk trash about him and say how much he sucks as an executive producer! (they do this with CH and claim they won’t bother reading the books! :roll:)

          • but AB also doesn´t seem to know that the BLs are the smaller fangroup, actually, by messing it up so much he really only puts off the much bigger eric fanbase and the the book fans in general anyway… and thats what is so annoying, why the hell does AB have the urge the handful of BL out there all the time, he is not even that popular, even the pairing Alcide sookie seems more popular than grumpy bill and sookie…

          • @Laura

            He knows. HBO marketing knows. Fandom is but a small subset of the actual viewing audience and the marketing departments of parent companies run studies to determine what is doing well and what isn’t [most of which are confidential and scientific]

            They run analytics and metrics on what’s going on in VARIOUS forums (not just the HBO forum) and while this gives them an idea of what is going on with fandom, blogs, etc, they still use Nielson and polls and other control groups to track what is doing well on the show. We only see a small part of how HBO tracks its shows success.

        • The “team” concept is the stupidest, lamest concept to enter the entertainment industry. I don’t know who came up with it first but they should be taken out and shot. Dug up, and shot again.

          Then maybe turned into a vampire and left out in the sun to burn.

          It’s tired. It’s trite and it’s juvenile.

          • I think that started with Twilight, enough said.

          • @Tammy

            True Blood taking it’s cues from Twilight? No wonder parts of it are such a clusterfuck.

            I have always thought the Team Edward/Team Jacob bullshit was ridiculous. The only thing sadder than watching a bunch of grown women AND their teenage daughters participate is watching the press actually fuel it.

    • “I’ve seen a synopsis for the opening episode of season 5 and it seems Sookie will be struggling from the start to stick to her vampire free life.”

      Huh. I thought that meant that another powerful vampire was coming after her because I got the impression that Bill and Eric were going to be “on the run” from the AVL or the Authority or whatever the fuck.

      Anyway, it was my guess that she was SOL for an episode without them and in trouble with a major powerful baddie while they were gone. I was sort of looking forward to this.

  5. True Blood is a drama? Could have fooled me, yeah, my vote went elsewhere.

  6. And they will also call sookie stupid and a slut…..how horrible Eric is and he is a liar and not half the man bill is…..that crap is what they will do…

    • Not half the man Bill is? That just made me laugh so hard…lol! Unfortunately, you’re probably right.

      • Since Bill is actually (Eric)^1/100 I don’t think that’s a problem.

        I still think Eric has him beat but I’ll let you guys work out the math. It’s getting late.

    • Sorry but, I just don’t care. I really don’t. It’s the 80/20 rule. 20% of the idiots out there make 80% of the noise in the fandom. And it’s that: noise.

      Ignore them.

      If the noise in the fandom reflected actual viewership statistics, Moyer would be a bigger star than he is. The Bill fans can flail about and make fools of themselves but it will go nowhere and the more you give them attention by getting frustrated with them and/or mentioning their antics, the happier they are.

      Ignore them.

      [though I still have yet to see this mythical mass of Bill hysteria]

  7. Those deranged people will also say how great a love bill and sookie have….even though he had her beaten almost to death by the ratays just to get his blood inside her to manipulate her…..yes that is a great love indeed….

  8. Sorry TB, Even with Alex/Eric, it’s gotta be Fringe. You just cannot compete with the writing, the science or the Peter/Olivia relationship. You’re gonna have to step up your game.

    They even removed Peter from the timeline and it’s still kicking your ass. AB, you wanna know how to make a strong woman look vulnerable without making her look stupid, ridiculous and fickle? I give you Olivia Dunham.

    • Yep, I couldn’t agree more. Olivia should kick Sookie’s ass for being so stupid with her choices.

      • I would love for book Sookie to give TB Sookie a peice of her mind – book Sookie would have staked Bill for letting her get beat up.

        The annoying thing about season 4 is that was set for a good viewing experience. Sookie had dumped Bill and Sookie was angry with Bill. All was set for her to have a wild fling with the Sheriff of Area 5 But as soon as the season started things went down hill. When Bill turned up on her front porch full of grief and flowery words about how “empty” he had been for the past year she should have hauled off and slapped him and told him to get off her property but no. Instead, she ends up telling him that she’s glad he’s ok and that she’s sorry that he was so worried. Her anger didn’t last longer than an hour in her time and the whole season was doomed. Book Sookie would have rather eaten glass than spoken to Bill after what he had done.

        I’m not on any team – I just want TB to make sense and it can’t while the lead character is so hung up on an abusive man like Bill. The whole love triangle thing is just boring and shows a lack of creativity and vision on the part of the “creative genius” that is AB. common sense would dictate that after Eric got his memory back he and Sookie would stay together and work out any issues they might have but as I said before TB doesn’t even pretend to make sense.

        TB is a soap opera but it claims to be so much more than that – it claims to be drama but it just isn’t. The plots are poor and many of the characters are stale and poorly thought out. TB needs to bite the bullet and make Sookie strong and independent. A life with Eric as her lover would go a long way to making her that way. Maybe then I could love TB Sookie as much as I do the book version.

        • So glad to read your views, John. I am unashamedly biased in favour of Eric, and though it seemed to make sense to me that within the context of the story we had been shown that when Eric recovered his memories and stated he was the same man and declared his love, that he and Sookie should have stayed together and worked on their relationship, I worried that I might have been less than objective. But now you say you saw the same thing, and that is pleasing.

          • One thing is for sure millarca – Eric would never have done half of the things to Sookie that Bill has. There was genuine tenderness between them as there should be when 2 people genuinely love each other. We saw no such affection from Bill to Sookie. Bill owned Sookie in his own mind – she was his property, that’s why he didn’t heal the bite on her neck when they first had sex. Personally I think that Bill was in the relationship for the blood – he couldn’t seem to get the sex over with fast enough so that he could feed off of her which was really gross. Eric never fed off her during sex and only drank her blood when it was offered to him.

            I was seriously angry when Sookie told Eric that she still loved Bill. Even if that were true it was no reason to dump the man that was the same as the Eric she said she had fallen in love with. I think AB did that deliberately to annoy Eric fans – I think he genuinely enjoys doing that and I don’t think he wanted to do the Eric/Sookie love affair in the first place. That’s why he didn’t give us the true shower scene from the books that we were all hoping for. Alan Ball will never make it onto my Christmas card list.

        • I agree with you in regards to Bill but… don’t give book Sookie too much credit where Eric is concerned. She has a lot answer for in her treatment of Eric, the marriage and just that relationship.

          I give book Sookie credit for dumping Bill and refusing to speak to him for a couple books but at the same time? She was an idiot where Eric was concerned… pretty much like TB Sookie.

      • Olivia would have shot Bill after he’d attempted to drain her or even while he was draining her. She wouldn’t put up with that shit. Never mind the entire beating/Queen Sophie-Ann thing.

        She’d laugh in Bill’s face over the “I was protecting you.” Not that Peter would ever try that shit. NOT EVER.

        • Oh, no, Peter is a much better man. Not that it takes much.

          • How to be a better manvampire than Bill Compton?

            1. Not rape your significant other/human
            2. Not have them beaten in order to manipulate them with your blood and keep them tied to you
            3. Don’t betray them to your ruler and/or sleep with them in order to procure them for your ruler — even if you change your mind later. It still makes you a gigolo.
            4. Don’t constantly make your significant other responsible for your “redemption” and then make them feel guilty when they try to leave. “oh my humanity. I shall suffer greatly if you leave me. You mean more to me than my children did!”
            5. Don’t drain “the love of your life dry” and then kill anyone who can protect them from being drained even by claiming you’re keeping them safe.
            6. Don’t constantly tell them to shut up.
            7. Don’t call the love of your life and cruelly break up with them while your sadist ex gloats next to you and pretend you’re doing it to “protect” them.
            8. Don’t kill your ex’s new boyfriend just because you’re jealous.

            Gosh.. I could probably go on but those are just the ones that instantly came to mind.

          • larissaj – that’s a pretty comprehensive list and I agree with all your points. I too am so bored at watching Bill struggle with his “humaniteh”. Bill goes on and on about protection where Sookie is concerned but it’s all a load of crap – Bill is all about ownership where Sookie is concerned. The only thing I would add to your list is that Bill should have been a man or a grown up and told Sookie the truth from the start and also I would advise him to learn to apologise for things he has done. He still hasn’t apologised to Sookie for anything and she ends up forgiving him presumably because she’ resigned to the fact that he’s never going to express regret for anything he’s done.

  9. I’m a little late to the party so if someone addressed this then I apologize but don’t you think there is another possibility driving the whole Bill/Sookie focus? From the get go Stephen Moyer has had higher billing in the credits than Alexander Skarsgard. (Why is beyond me…first season maybe, but no longer!) In the books, Bill is almost non-existent. AB can’t have one of his top stars, who also happens to be married to his other top star, sit around all day waiting to show up and “moon over” Sookie. (which is basically what Bill does in some of the books.) You think maybe Stephen and Anna have some say in how any of this plays out? Just a thought…not a good one…but that is Hollywood. Personally, anything happens where Alexander is no longer on the show and I am not watching!! You think he realizes how much power he wields??? LOL

    • Stephen and Anna don’t have any say. No more than anyone else. They are on the payroll and not producers or execs. To have that sort of sway they would need to be head writers, execs or producers. I mean, I’m sorry, but the idea is simply ridiculous. They just don’t make these kind of changes for married couples or well, anyone. Not ever. You either do the job you were hired for or they fire you. I don’t care how “big” you are and these two are just not that big.

      I think you’re inventing conspiracies also Anna and Stephen ARE NOT Bill and Sookie.

      As for placement in the credits (and appearances), Moyer probably had a better agent who negotiated a better contract prior to season 1 or we could go with two other also equally logical explanations: first on screen (Moyer) or more screen time (Moyer). And since they didn’t change the credits for any of the seasons, Alex remained where he was. I’ve seen bigger stars rank lower in credits in movies because the credits were “first on screen”

      Logical & Reason > Conspiracy Theory

      Hate on Bill? Cool. Hate on AB? Yeah, still cool. Hating on the actors who play the roles and blaming them for things we have no proof they did? Not so cool.

      • No AB and his writers are the issue Anna and Steven moyer they are not the problem…..AB acts like a bad fanfic writer that wants to change the course of the spirit of the books by making bill a bigger part of the show than he ever should be.

    • well, Moyer and Paquin seemt so have more influence on the show than the other actors, Moyer was discussing with ball for example to exclude the trunk rape scene, or Paquin was suggesting do do the horrible threesome dream…there was a few month ago, before season 4 aired and event (I don´t know anymore what it was called) where paquin and her husband, who always clings on her it seems with Ball, they always go together to events and interviews, so interviewers and everyone else always assume that bill and sookie are the main couple of the show *eyeroll*…

      • “where paquin and her husband, who always clings on her it seems with Ball, ”

        Wait a minute – Showing affection to your wife/husband is NOT wrong. That right there? Totally out of line. 100% wrong. You’re acting as if you want them to be unhappy. Their marriage is not related to Sookie and Bill. They are NOT Sookie and Bill. Fans need to knock this off.

        “Moyer was discussing with ball for example to exclude the trunk rape ”
        “Paquin was suggesting do do the horrible threesome dream”

        This is the two requesting a change in their individual characters direction vs. changing the entire focus of the show and pushing for Bill/Sookie. Not the same Actors often provide input into what they believe their characters would/would not do. This is not unusual. I, personally, disagree with these changes but this is no indication that either of these two are attempting to change the focus of the show to Bill/Sookie. Bill is STILL an ass even without the rape scene and believe it not, the dream sequence didn’t change either relationship. It didn’t change the entire focus of the show. Also we know Ball had plans for Bill prior to S1, so neither Anna nor Stephen changed the direction of the show. This is hurtful speculation and again, no proof.

        It’s completely out of line to imply these two are being unprofessional and using their marriage to destroy the show. Not only that it’s misogynistic and hurts women to imply that Anna can’t be professional and would ruin her career for her man.

        • Oh and something else regarding Anna’s “idea” regarding the threesome dreams that no one is going to like or going to want to admit. It’s in the stupid books.

          I’ve yet to see anyone at all admit to it, because “the books are so perfect”

          I can’t remember which book, maybe five? When Sookie still dealing with the after effects of book 4 and still hasn’t recovered from Bill, she briefly thinks about the possibility of BOTH of them.

          Yes, she does. It’s THERE in black and white.

          Of course, CH doesn’t go into detail like AB did but it is there. I remember hitting the passage and being as disgusted as I was by the stupid dream sequence.

          Sookie does dismiss the idea as ridiculous but it does happen.

          • but when sookie thought about a threesome it was just a joke, but on true blood they visualized it, it was just cheesy and bad and I have yet to find someone who liked that scene… and at this point in book 5, sookie didn´t even now all of bills intentions, it came out a little bit later, on the show balls whole betrayal was revealed in the season 3 final, its just so bad that they made sookie so stupid that she would forgive her abuser so early and that she even asked for his forgiveness…

          • @Laura

            You are either purposely missing the point or looking for excuses to continue to rant about something that has nothing to do with the original point I made. The point is, it was book canon. TB is not an exact adaptation which we already know and have already ranted about – at length.

            You inferred that Anna created the threeway. She didn’t. Whether they built on it or not, it was mentioned in the books. The fact that they fucked up the book version is nothing new.

          • yeah but seriously, Sookie briefly picturing in her mind the idea of a threesome, before immediately dismissing it, is WAY WAY WAY different from that dream thing we saw in the show. Book Sookie would never seriously consider a menage a troix, nevermind with Bill and Eric…
            Also, in the books it was a passing half-joking thought that didn’t have anything to do with actual love or serious feelings in general.
            Actually, the two scenes are COMPLETELY different in tone, context and purpose, so the fact that AB might have been “inspired” from something in the books is irrelevant, as a basic idea can be twisted and tweaked until it bears no resemblance to its original meaning.

          • We aren’t even in the same conversation anymore. You’re off commenting on the dream… we I agree with you sucks and I’m commenting that Anna didn’t invent the concept of Sookie having the idea of a threeway.

            This is goddamn pointless.

          • “Book Sookie would never seriously consider a menage a troix, nevermind with Bill and Eric…”

            Oh and it WASN’T real. It was a dream after she had Bill’s blood.

          • well, I sometimes think that the writers only have read the first 3 books, because it really looks nothing like them anymore, so I assume that Ball did implement that stupid threesome dream because Paquin suggested it, she may have not created it but she did initiate it… I think you didn´t exactly understand what I meant with the comment…

          • Sorry but I find it much more plausible that someone read the books i.e. Anna and mentioned it rather than an actress would attempt to drive the focus of the show in order to get her husband into a sex scene.

            These aren’t teenagers.

            This sort of speculation is crazy and as I stated earlier: misogynistic. There’s also absolutely no proof and spreading rumors of such makes us as crazy as the Bill fans.

            How would we feel if people started spreading nasty rumors like this about Alex because they didn’t like an Eric/Sookie scene? I mean, seriously. Some stuff just goes too far.

  10. Laura

    After Sookie forgave Bill and asked his forgivness I kind of gave up on TB where plausibility is concerned. In real life there are very few women who would be so forgiving of their abuser after just a few days. Most women would avoid such a man like the plague and would certainly not go on and on about what a good guy Bill really is. The show sent out diabolical message to women who have eperienced violence at the hands of men they trusted. Bill might not have done it himself but he was happy to stand and watch. He can blame QSA all he wants but it is him alone that stood and watched while Sookie was beaten to death……and she forgives him? WTF?

    • You are so right but once again it is because of this “team” thing that she must forgive bill and talk about how Eric has lied to both of them so that bill is still a viable mate for sookie instead of like the books where to sookie that ship has passed. On TB AB wants team bill, team Alcide and team Eric to all be a viable candidate for her to choose from no matter how stupid it seems….when all know by common sense she should choose eric because they are in love with each other…..but on TB common sense has no place.

      • Very true – common sense is sadly lacking on TB. This whole “team” thing is really annoying as is the love triangle that has just gotten boring. I mean, is AB going to keep this Bill/Eric/Alcide thing going till the series ends or has he actually got more imagination than that? I have to wonder why the show is so popular when as far as I can tell most viewers want to see Sook with Eric. I want to see a Sookie that hates Bill with a passion for the way he has used and abused her and loves Eric but on her own terms with no need for blood bonds or control on his part. I don’t think I’m gonna get my wish though somehow :(

        • Your probably right John, but i believe she and the real Eric will have a relationship…but it will be a problematic one at best….with bill and alcide lurking ready to jump in…..AB loves this shit!

          • Everyone seems to think Sookie will end up with Sam in the books, but on the show, he isn’t even in the running anymore. This is why I hope they don’t bring Quinn into the picture, she really doesn’t need yet another love interest.

          • I think it’s a shame that Sam and Sookie seem to barely know each other on the show. Their friendship is a big part of the books and in fact Sookie calls him her best friend in Dead Reckoning. As things stand now they hardly ever see each other because neither one of them is ever at work, I really hope we don’t get Quinn but if we do I hope he doesn’t constantly call Sookie “babe”. There’s enough to make me want to vomit as things stand already.

          • That just tells us that all AB can think of in the way of entrtainment is to keep this stupid love rectangle going and then of course there’s the disturbing possibility that we’ll have Quinn to contend with as well. CH has managed to keep us entertained while Sookie is in a stable relationship with Eric so why can’t AB manage it on the small screen? Sometimes the prospect of a season 5 is just depressing. :(

          • @Tammy

            “Everyone seems to think Sookie will end up with Sam in the books,”

            In a trailer raising Sam’s puppies? That really doesn’t sound like any thing I’d consider a HEA. A nightmare maybe. God, shoot me if I wind up living in a trailer near a bar. Dear God.

        • this whole team stuff just sucks…most people are not on Team bill anyway, its just annoying that AB always mainly tries to please this smaller fangroup; and because he is so in love with bill, he therefore turns sookie into a naive and easily forgiving woman… but the worst thing is that on True blood it seems that everything bad that Beel does gets easily forgiven and totally wiped down the floor while on the other hand everything that Eric does gets emphasized and ball tries to villianize him, it is just so thickening to see in what a kind of obvious way Ball prefers bill over everyone else, bill always seems to get out of everything, oh bill let sookie get beaten almost to death, whatever make him king now because he is so awesome LOL

          • When you put it that way Laura the show really does look very stupid. It’s no wonder that it’s never up for any major awards unlike a lot of other HBO shows.

          • Bill only looks awesome to people who are too stupid to analyze the text.

          • And JFC, don’t mention the BL because every fandom has it’s share of stupid fans who love the dumb character.

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