50 Best TV Kisses of 2011

Great news for us, Eric & Sookie Lovers!

Eric and Sookie have been named in Buzzsugar’s 50 Best TV Kisses of 2011! Unfortunately, they came in at #50…which probably has something to do with the fact they used Sookie’s threesome dream with Eric and Bill as the example. *rollseyes*

At least in the title of the photo gallery, they don’t mention Bill at all. And we have a much better picture of Eric and Sookie, with no image of Bill below!

If you want to find out which other TV couples made the list, please click here!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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83 comments on “50 Best TV Kisses of 2011

  1. ugh, of course, that’s why they came at that number….can’t they use the 1st kiss w amnesia eric :(

    • Yes, the scene when they are kissing outside and then come inside the house before being interrupted by bill……all those are better than that kissing scene.

      • Because they were real, figures they choose one that’s not.

        • and tv guide called the threesome dream one of the unsexiest scenes on television in 2011, I don´t think that many people thought that was hot, it was just yuck…

          • Yeah, shows how little they know. It was hot until Bill came in the picture.

          • Tammy and Laura,

            That dream could have been ten times of hot if either…

            Bill had never shown up OR Eric had thrown Bill out once he realized he was there AND Sookie had shown her appreciation for Eric throwing Bill out.

            I don’t really care which option they went with as long as Bill’s pathetic short, slobbering ass was gone.

  2. i agree this was not their first kiss. still they could have higher on the list love them .

  3. Sookie & Eric’s kisses were “Real”.
    Sookie’s kisses with William Thomas Compton always seemed to me
    to be forced, on his part and they were hesitant on her part.
    Eri & Sookie’s kisses were filled with passion,lust,desire
    and they were given freely.

  4. Sookie and Eric = Uncomfortable & Forced

    Sookie and Bill = Hot Passion & easily given

    Guess you will delete this too lol

    • Obviously you’re bored, so we’re going to leave this comment up here to give you something to do! Enjoy!

      Go get her, Eric & Sookie Lovers!

      • I decided the best way to deal with somebody as constipated as Rebekka is to ignore her until she goes so red, sweaty and about to combust in her own poop. What a miserable person- what a pity.

    • Umm, I guess that’s why Sookie and Bill’s made the list?

      Now Shooo. Head back to where you’re comments are welcome.

    • Note to Rebekka: Pay close attention okay!

      Sookie & Bill= Fictional Characters

      Anna & Stephen=Real Couple

      The gist=Don’t confuse the two!

      Of course Alex and Anna won’t be together in real life due to the fact that she is married, and she is a professional so it is her job to kiss another fellow actor. I have no doubt that this is the reason your comment was deleted, because no one seems to be able to tell reality from fiction.

      • Not to rain on your parade or anything but….

        Sookie & Eric = Fictional Characters

        Hope I didn’t ruin it for ya

        • wow are you smart…LOL you certainly can´t differ anna and stephan with bill and sookie, it seems LOTS of BLs are not able to do that, I see some crazy people like you before…

        • You didn’t ruin anything. Most of us here know the difference between fiction and reality. Thus, we love Sookie and Eric as fictional characters. We don’t need to bring the actor’s private lives into this. That’s completely out of place.




        • Oh honey, don’t get it twisted, I know this,as I can separate fiction from reality!. However, I cannot say the same for you. Your earlier post that was deleted probably said the same drivel we always here. Sookie and Bill have so much chemistry, it is probably because are married in real life. I don’t associate Anna/Sookie and Alex/Eric as one! Again, in case you missed is before, Anna/Stephen are not really Sookie/Bill. Maybe I should have clarified my earlier post to you. Have a good day!

        • umm….where here did you read ANYTHING that implies WE are confusing reality with fiction?? please…feel free to quote the comment that made you need to remind US sookie and eric are fictional characters.

    • since you are OBVIOUSLY a bill fan,why on earth are you on a site that is called ERICandsookielovers??? Jeez you people have way too much time on your hands. I suggest maybe spend this free time visiting sites about stuff you actually like and are a fan of…you know..like NORMAL people do. You do know what normal people are like right?

      • Yeah, she loves to bring attention to herself. But really, do B/S sites actually exist?

        • Probably in some small little corner of the internet, there’s a group of seedy sites that cater to Bill/Sookie. You’ll probably find them selling V, too.

        • haha yeah you know those sites a bunch of bitter angry women with seriously warped senses of reality made. those two or three sites….with ZERO intelligent discussion going on. Or so I hear…maybe they just like to appear boring and less than intelligent and all the smart stuff goes on somewhere else? haha who am I kidding!

    • Sad, jealous, embittered BL, get over it. Sookie kissed Eric and she loved it.

      I thought all the Eric and Sookie kissing scenes on the show were really beautiful/sexy/hot.

      But anything with Eric/Alex in it is going to be beautiful/sexy/hot. What are you going to do? The man is a God.

    • “Sookie and Bill = Hot Passion & easily given”

      so you’re a virgin then?

    • Buy a dildo if you are frustrated and B/S are the love of your life. You’ll need it believe me since you can’t separate reality from fiction lmao! (yes i read your other comment about Anna and Alex not getting together ever LMAO! and i feel sorry for you)

      Shoo Shoo.

    • Eight dislikes, that might be a new record. You people do realize that you’re just proving what we say about Bill Lovers to be true, don’t you? It’s very sad. I know you must just feel so awful to realize there’s like only one or two of you. My heart bleeds for you.

    • You have got to be kidding!

  5. LOL Good Times! Honestly I don’t care what a not so popular source says of fictional characters like you ladies do. Hahaha so funny how you sound “my viking and his fairy” lol a real viking would have raped her and tortured her and spit out her bones, ahh yes you know as how Pam described??

    • Soooo…. you don’t care about fictional characters but you are on a site about them to comment about people’s opinion on those characters. Your logic is unbeatable….
      And you don’t know much about vikings if you think all they did was torture and rape. Bit simplistic right?

    • you could also spend this time maybe watching some history channel and reading up on vikings since most experts nowadays will tell you how a large amount of viking mythology is inaccurate and the tales of barbarianism are greatly exaggerated by biased parties.

      You sure are spending a lot of time on a topic you supposedly “honestly don’t care” about.

      • yeah, they never stop to think about the fact that Bill was a CONFEDERATE SOLDIER who fought FOR THE SOUTH’S right to KEEP SLAVERY ALIVE.

        Just because he said he didn’t personally own slaves? That doesn’t absolve him of his family history of slavery nor of his role in the civil war.

        People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • well bill raped her when he came out of the grave he was dugged in so what and having sex with a relative is also so exciting LOL… and everyone knows that the bill fanbase is the smaller one, you can seek for as much attention as you want it really just looks like some of you are extremely ridicolous because you need to get your attention you even called queen beel “our king”, that are some of the comments I have seen from some BLs, my goodness, LOL…

    • It’s Bill who does the raping, darling. *pats head*

      • Oh but he does the right thing in the end so it’s totally okay. You’re just way too harsh. Sheesh.

        You just need a good beating to help keep you safe and teach a lesson. Then you’ll understand.

    • You mean rape her like Bill did? Yes, that is true love right there.

      • I’m sure Bill fans tell themselves it wasn’t “rape rape”

        You know how that ol’ justification goes, right? Next they’ll probably tell themselves that she was asking for it because of the way she was dressed… or where she was…. count down to blaming the victim in 5…4…3…2…

        • Of course, but I was also referring to the books where he did very much rape her.

          • I’m sure that according to Bill fans, the rape in the books was her fault as well. How dare she be standing outside the trunk just waiting to be pushed in? That was so totally her fault! (that’s sarcasm btw)

  6. Rebekka I actually thought the love scene between Bill and his great, great grand-daughter was his best one yet.
    As he shags anything that moves it is difficult to keep track though.

    Also I think “forced” is maybe too strong a word for S/E. I see your point as Sookie had only experienced a very small penis before, but Eric was incredibly gentle with her to start with. I’m sure she soon got used to the gracious plenty.

    • The small penis is the real reason Portia went running from Bill’s office. Once he took the glamour off and showed her the real size? She realized that’s what she’d been getting and was horrified.

      She went looking for a real man.

  7. Yep you’re right, she loved the “GP” so much she was still so torn over Bill lol, you all thought she would be disgusted by him in the beginning of S4 but yet she says “are you okay?” Lmao!

  8. By the way it looked like Eric was humping her leg more than her, maybe you got your book scene you wanted, except instead of Quinn it was Eric…

    • You’re right, dirty graveyard sex is so much better. Plus, there was the hate sex after Debbie came after her.
      Bill and Sookie= hate, rough, umcomfortable.

      You are really deluted. Go somewhere where people care what you say!

    • At least it’s better than how they showed Bill humping anything that moved! LMAO Didn’t he bang his relative??

    • yes yes…run on back to your cronies and tell them how you showed us eric fans! I’m assuming that’s why your’e wasting your time here? Looking for some little reason to be pleased with yourself?

    • and at least Eric didn’t slurp up her yummy blood every time they got it on,unlike Billy boy. He slurped up her blood like a dog licking a juicy steak every opportunity he got. Interesting how the camera always panned in on that… but of course…..you probably thought that was sexy. BECAUSE YOU ARE A BILL FAN. so go mouth your platitudes to like minded people.

      • Exactly because with Bill it was about what Sookie was. Eric never bit her during sex because it was about who Sookie is, not her blood.

        You’re never going to convince us Bill is better. So stop trying Hun, you look dumb.

    • wow you are so amazing, why is it actually that it are always BLs who troll around on eric centric sides, that just shows what attention whores you are…so lame…

      • When you don’t have a life, what else can you do? It also says something about how exciting the Bill/Sookie sites are.

        • I didn’t even realize there were any Bill/Sookie sites. They must not get very much traffic.

          • They don’t. When you run a search for True Blood, the B/S sites don’t even show. That’s a pretty good indication that their content sucks and that their traffic is relatively low. The E/S sites are front and center along with, of course, the official TB sites and CH’s site.

          • Or…they’re pretending to be something other than what they really are! ;)

          • @ iamerika

            How very Bill like of them.

    • I’d rather have Eric humping my leg than Bill’s half slobbering “sookeh” as he tried to tell me I was responsible for saving his humanity as he barely came to my shoulder. (seriously the man is ridiculously short)

      How pathetic.

      • He needs lifts in his shoes and maybe some heels on them as well.

        I wonder if he gets thrown off rides at Disneyworld?

      • *laugh*, yeah he really looks so short next to him and in all the posters they did for true blood the other actors next to him always have to be in a sitting position or he has to stand on a box, so that he doesn´t appear so short… so with the bromance they want to do now, I wonder what they will do, should eric sit in every scene LOL, I had to laugh in all those scenes the writers did with bill leading the witch war, like when they came out of the car, he was like the shortest person there, even jessica and pam were taller…

  9. A typical EL confusing the book with the show..I.e. “Bill raping Sookie in the graveyard”……NOT! As soon as she wiped his face she clearly was grateful of his return and by the sounds enjoyed every minute of it!

    As far as “Bill screwing his G.G.G. Grandaughter” funny how she dgaf she was related to the point of chasing him down to have him, yep she wanted more off that.

    • he raped her in the graveyard even moyer said that in an interview, but you must have forgotten that, my goodness you are so ridcolous, go to the nest, that is the right side for you you troll!!

      • “But when do you know it’s OK to crawl out of the mud and rape her [as Bill does in one scene in the graveyard with Sookie]… It’s difficult stuff for a bloke, but a vampire gets away with it…. I think that’s the attraction of the show – it’s looking back at a romantic time when men were men, but they were still charming.”

        “Stephen Moyer in Nylon Magazine (the answer is a bit cut from the original)

        • I bet she didn’t know it.
          For a Bill/SM fans is kinda telling.

          • It does explain A LOT about how Bill fans are able to be Bill fans. They just dismiss character traits that don’t fall into line with their image of Bill.

            They must do a lot of “hand waving away” of canon.

          • yeah and its hilarious how they always have to mention how bad eric is and that he is a viking and that he is brutal blah blah blah, all vampires have something cruel to them and their precious bill certainly is no innocent, what he has done to sookie is unforgivable, but sadly AB hasn´t given sookie a brian thats why she is acting so stupid…

          • @ Laura,

            Actually Eric hasn’t exhibited any “cruelty” since season 2. Now Bill? Bill was executing vampires and willing to sacrifice humans in S4 but of course Bill fans just ignore that even though AB put that right in the very first episode of S4 and put it in the second to last episode as well.

            It doesn’t fit with their image so they pretend not to see it.

            They also ignore that if Sookie asks Eric not to kill, he won’t as opposed to Bill who will ignore Sookie’s wishes and do precisely as he wishes.

            Yeah, who is the douchebag?

    • Lovely misogynistic comment. Are all Bill lovers rape apologists or just you baby?

      And jesus. Incest. You’re really going to go there. DNA is DNA baby. That’s a straight ride down the main trunk of the family tree you’re looking at there. We’re not talking about a distant branch or even first cousins.

      Disgusting is too mild a word for this comment.

    • go dig up Moyer’s interview in which he describes the scene as rape. Really, hun, if you’re going to love a character like this, you should at least know what he’s about.

    • You don’t have somewhere else to write? Like the TB wall or some other “appreciation” society over facebook?
      You should go there with your awesome thoughts lol.

    • Shows what horrible taste she has, just like you. What part of Sookie only wanted Bill because of his blood do you not understand? With Eric, it was more than that, she even admitted to it. You can argue about this all you want, all you’re doing is making yourself look really pathetic.

      • Oh, it’s not look pathetic. I’m pretty much convinced that she is pathetic. There is no looking. Hypothesis is proven at this point. I’ve reached my conclusion and I’m prepared to submit my findings!

  10. Most of the Bill and Sookie scenes were gross and abusive and unsexy.

    Sookie made love with Eric, loved it like no other, and it had nothing to do with blood.


  12. This BL’s is so delusional…..all
    of bill/sookie sex was animalistic and dirty and usually bloody how can anyone think that that’s a wonderful romantic love affair….but this is a BL….what can you expect…

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