12/16: Quopic of the Day

Today’s Quopic of the Day was inspired by YOU, Eric & Sookie Lovers! This is for those who are worried that Eric won’t be Sookie’s HEA at the end of the series!

Quite simply, we decided to use a quote by Charlaine Harris at the Washington Post live chat we were a part of a few months ago! We hope this reassures you, that the ending can only go one of two ways…either Sookie will be alone or she will end up with Eric! You don’t have to worry about Sam, Bill, Alcide or anybody else!

Here’s the Quopic of the Day for December 16th!

CH: I don’t write absolutes. I don’t write the kind of “happily ever after” that romance readers enjoy. I’m not saying that “happily ever afters” are a bad thing, and I’m not saying Sookie will never be happy … but she’s not going to settle down and start a family and have the white picket fence.

Now, this is what I get from this quote…

  1. The idea of having kids and having a white picket fence is not everyone’s idea of a happy ending. I’m married, but have no kids, and I’m not sure if I’m ever going to. I don’t have a picket fence, but if we decided to build one, we could. (I would much rather replace my windows and get central air conditioning! LOL) Regardless, I’m incredibly happy! I’m glad we’re not saddled down with kids, and able to do whatever we want, whenever we want. By listening to my friends, it’s sometimes hard having to find a decent babysitter you can rely on. Who needs that?
  2. Sookie and Eric can live happily ever after – in a way which benefits both of them and their personalities.
  3. If Eric and Sookie really wanted to have children, they could always adopt.
  4. Charlaine has told us many, many times, she’s NOT a romance writer, she’s a mystery writer.
  5. In the same chat where we got this quote from, she answered one of our questions about Eric being a romance hero. This is what she said;
  • Q. Just curious…

    Earlier in this chat, someone asked about your thoughts on Eric. I was wondering why you are always seem surprised by the amount of love fans have for him, since he’s a “ruthless anti-hero murderer” and all?
    -September 07, 2011 12:33 PM
    A. Charlaine Harris :

    I’m not surprised that people find him attractive. I certainly tried to make him so! I am surprised that people seem to sometimes see him as a typical romance hero . . . which he’s not.

There you have it. Eric is not a typical romance hero. Eric and Sookie aren’t your typical romantic couple. So why should Eric and Sookie have a typical HEA?

What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

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10 comments on “12/16: Quopic of the Day

  1. I thank Charlaine Harris for writing EricNorthman/SookieStackhouse.
    She’s wrong when she said “Eric’s not a hero”
    Sure, he’s a Vampire but he’s also a hero.
    He’s the better of the two Vampires who are vieing for Sookie’s hand.
    William Thomas Compton III is a liar.
    Eric Northman has also told his fair share of lies but there’s one main
    difference between the two Vampires~Eric would never have someone
    beaten up on purpose just so he could get his blood into them.

    • Yes, but now you’re confusing the books with the show. He’s not a typical romance hero, but that’s what we like about him.

  2. I don’t think anyone should confuse Eric with a “typical” romance hero..at least not in the books (fan fiction is where that idealized version of him exists-and is fun to read). But I think he is what Sookie needs, he loves her (CH has made that clear) and is totally ruthless when it comes to protecting her. At the same time, he provides something no human can, mystery. Despite how much she dislikes her “gift”, it has afforded her the opportunity to know what people are thinking and know their true feelings. She can’t do that with Eric (of course with none of the vampires except for those rare slips when she gets in their head) so she has to handle her relationship with him like the rest of the world does. She has to trust that what he says is what he means…I just hope that she doesn’t end up a strange little old lady with a house full of cats, living in Gran’s house by herself…(and I have a question I haven’t seen addressed anywhere, so here goes)…since CH has explained her telepathy is a gift from Mr. C, how is it that Hunter is also a telepath?

    • “I just hope that she doesn’t end up a strange little old lady with a house full of cats,”

      BAH. That’s what the shifters are for.

    • Sookie and Hatley share a fey grandfather, so Hunter’s abilities were inherited from his great-grandfather just like Sookie’s were.

  3. eric / sookie is hot together enough said …… i hope they are together in the book series also on true blood as well one out of two ain`t bad …team eric all the way

  4. An “anti-hero” is not a bad guy. An anti-hero is a hero against his will or a hero who doesn’t fit the predefined notion of a hero on a white horse/prince charming etc etc. That IS Eric. The traditional hero is a wimp compared to Eric.

    AND people need to dump the idea that an HEA includes kids, a house etc. That mold is exceeding unfair and forces women into roles they are no longer satisfied with. The traditional HEA is Sookie with Sam raising puppies. So I get why she’s against it. The non traditional HEA is Sookie leading an exciting life with the love of her life who happens to be a Viking vampire.

  5. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for writers in general and romance writes in particular. Writers enrich my life, take me to places I will never visit, open my eyes to possibilities, and take me to worlds totally alien to my everyday life. Ms. Harris might say she is not a romance writer (the way I read the comment being considered a romance writer leaves a bad taste in her mouth) but I would bet if you surveyed the readers of the Southern Vampire Series you would find a high percentage, 75 or more percent, are dedicated romance readers. Do you read these books for the mystery, of which I see very little, or the romance? I love these books, I read my paperbacks so many times I had to replace them with ebooks because the covers were coming off and pages were falling out. I consider the series paranormal romantic suspense.

    As for Eric, Sookie, and HEA; I think happy is of mind. If you were going to spend the remainder of your life with Eric Northman would you not be over-the-moon happy? Who needs a white picket fence and children if they can have Eric?

  6. This is a follow up to a comment above about the source of Sookie & Hunter’s telepathy. It isn’t a fae trait. Sookie learns in the last book that Mr Catalides (not sure about the spelling), the demon lawyer was a good friend of her grandfather Fintan. As a sign of his friendship with Fintan, he gave Sookie the gift of telepathy, a demon trait. He thought she would welcome it as he did. (imagine the benefit of being a lawyer and reading minds). So we’re back to, how do we explain Hunter’s telepathy. Wonder if this is a little continuity error that Charlaine Harris missed. Will be interesting to see if she addresses this in one of the two last books.

  7. What I find interesting in Eric, apart from he is the incredible handsome Alexander Skarsgard, is that he can be the hero sometimes and the villain too…people is bad & good so why Eric has to be always the villain or always the hero I like him exactly for this. Eric is charismatic.

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