Poll: Vote for Eric & Sookie’s First Time in E! Online’s Top 10 “OMG” Moments

As you may have guessed, judging by the title of this post, the first time Eric & Sookie made love is nominated in E! Online’s Top 10 “OMG” Moments of 2011 Poll!

There are a number of other great “OMG” moments nominated in this poll, but Eric and Sookie only have 2% of the votes! We’d like to see this up higher, even if they don’t win this one!

Voting ends tonight (Thursday) December 29 at 10 pm (PST)!

Cast your votes here!

I don’t know about you, but this moment was part “OMG” and a “pinch me, this can’t be really happening” moment for me. When they made love by the lake and underneath the moon and the stars, I think I fell in love with this couple even more! ♥

Go show your appreciation for Eric & Sookie’s initiation NOW! You know what to do…vote, refresh, repeat! Please pass this on…

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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4 comments on “Poll: Vote for Eric & Sookie’s First Time in E! Online’s Top 10 “OMG” Moments

  1. well, I am going to vote for this even though season 4 was such a letdown. That eric and sookie only have so less votings is also because season 4 was so bad…its just so sad…

  2. Ya the season sucked and not in a good way. I voted to Eric and Sookie even though they didn’t last.


  4. I loved everything about Season 4 Except when Sookie told Eric
    she had forgiven William Thomas Compton!!!
    I could never have done that after being with Eric.
    I could never go back to the man who had betrayed me the way
    Bill Compton had betrayed Sookie Stackhouse.
    My hearts/vote will always belong to Eric Northman.

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