Best & Worst Eric & Sookie Moments of 2011

It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of 2011. It was an eventful year for us that’s for sure, Eric & Sookie Lovers! From Dead Reckoning to True Blood Season 4…we had moments that made us jump for joy and moments which made us puke. We thought we would look back at the year of 2011 – at what we liked and what we hated and share it with you!

Here it is…

These are our own Best & Worst Eric & Sookie Moments of 2011! These include both the book, Dead Reckoning (since it was released in 2011) and True Blood Season 4!

We tried coming up with five of each, but it ended up being more than that (for obvious reasons), which you will soon find out why. We tried ranking them in order – as to which moments were our absolute faves to our least, same with the bad – but that didn’t work either, because everyone has their own opinions on which order they should be in.

This is just a compilation of which Eric and Sookie moments we thought of as the best and which were ones were the worst.

We’re sure you’ll agree that these are the Best and the Worst Eric & Sookie Moments of 2011!

We decided to separate the books from the show because it was easier to concentrate on one thing at a time!

Best Eric & Sookie Moments of 2011 – Dead Reckoning

  1. PORCH SEX!!! Need we say more? Oh yes we can…how about MONKEY SEX?!
  2. Sookie telling Eric she loves him, “all on her own”! This made the breaking of their blood bond rewarding for us, doesn’t it? FINALLY Sookie admitted how she felt about Eric, without using the good old “blood bond” excuse.
  3. Loved their looooonnnnngggg post-coital talk that lasted longer than the actual sex scene we mentioned above! Nine (9) pages to be exact.
  4. Eric’s panicked phone call to Sookie after their bond was broken, asking if she was alright! Love this because it showed just how much he cared about her (as if we needed proof) by the frightened sound of his voice in our minds.
  5. The way Eric showed up at Merlotte’s after the fire, and showing how much he didn’t care about anyone else, except for Sookie. Which is what Sookie appreciates the most, but she also makes her appalled.
  6. The way Sookie took charge and helped come up with a plan to get rid of Victor. Love it when Sookie shows us her ‘saucy’, feisty side!
  7. This one is an honorable mention, because it eliminated one of Sookie’s suitors. Sookie’s throwing Alcide out of her bed, after he was cohered into climbing in it naked. Like he had a chance? It was a great moment, because Sookie FINALLY told Alcide off – once and for all. Two down and two more to go! (In case you haven’t read the short story in the SSC, Quinn was eliminated too.)

While there were some really great moments in Dead Reckoning – let’s not forget there were some bad ones as well. Read on to find out which ones we think were the worst!

Worst Eric & Sookie Moments of 2011 – Dead Reckoning

  1. Probably the worse one of ALL from DR: the moment when Sookie stripped and climbed into Bill’s cubby hole! WTF? Why did she have to take off her clothes in order to do this? Was it only to throw a bone to all the Bill lovers out there?
  2. Eric hiding the marriage contract his maker, Appius had set up for him before he went to his final death. He should’ve told Sookie. She would have understood, but because he kept it hidden from her (although the reason why he did was understandable because he wanted to protect her) was disappointing to us.
  3. Eric and Pam fighting. This was not like them. Eric grabbing Pam in front of Sookie? This was so OOC for both characters, it left us feeling WTF? It was sad to read, because if there’s one thing we love, it’s the way Eric and Pam interact with each other and with Sookie.
  4. Eric’s bite at the end of the book, otherwise known as “Bitegate”. While some of us weren’t really bothered by it, some of us were. This made Sookie (and us) uncomfortable because this was not how Eric usually acted or reacted. It was like he was telling Sookie, F.U.! Again, this was very OOC for Eric.
  5. We felt a sense of loss for Pam, who lost someone she loved and wanted to turn into a vampire. Have we ever read Pam feeling like this about anybody? I don’t think so. It was really poignant and sad…
  6. Sookie agreeing or not saying anything in objection to Amelia’s idea of breaking the blood bond. Did she really hate it THAT much?  She did feel guilty at the time, but it should’ve proven to her that what she was doing and how she was going about it was WRONG too.

Let’s move on from the books – to the show. OH JOY. Some of these could also interchangeable in that they could apply to both the best AND the worst.

Best Eric & Sookie Moments of 2011 – True Blood

  1. As we mentioned in an another post, Eric & Sookie’s kiss on the front porch was our pick for the best Eric & Sookie moment! It was poignant and sweet, romantic and HOT!
  2. When Eric showed up in Sookie’s bedroom, while she was undressing, telling her he owned the house, etc. Loved how he told her, “it’s funny how the image you always pictured in your mind matches the reality exactly.” Let’s not forget their convo downstairs in the foyer immediately following this either. Eric asked her to be his. Sookie told him that her legs wouldn’t open up for him, just because he bought her house, etc… This was real Eric and it was real. Eric was oozing sex on a stick and Sookie tried her best to hold her ground. Not sure how she was able to control herself though…and Eric’s growl definitely made many of us groan!
  3. Eric and Sookie make love in the woods for the first time, by the lake, underneath the stars and the moon. Although, this moment was somewhat ruined by seeing Bill’s fugly face, it STILL couldn’t take away that Eric and Sookie were REALLY having sex! FINALLY.
  4. Eric being the better man than Bill by telling him to pass on to Sookie when he was being sentenced to death, that he hoped Bill and Sookie would reunite. PUKE. But we’ll always remember Eric saying, “Tell her I was born the night she found me.”
  5. The sex marathon in numerous places and positions! YIKES. YAHOO. YUM. Great homage to the books and a great number of yummy screencaps artwork makers can use for us!
  6. Eric & Sookie form a blood bond in his cubby. Loved that Sookie had NO objection and Eric made sure she was okay with it before proceeding.
  7. Eric and Sookie (and the mutt, Alcide) at the lake, where Eric was yelling for “Krocodillers” and he was Aegir – God of the Sea and Sookie was Ran. It was hilariously amusing to see – until Eric started to feel “not so good”.
  8. Drunken Eric and the “butt squeeze”, after he killed Sookie’s fairy godmother, Claudine. Can you say, “catch me”? These scenes were hilariously entertaining for all of us!
  9. Eric & Sookie’s V trip to Narnia. Yes, it had REALLY cheesy dialogue and disappointed many of us because it was NOT the shower scene we always pictured…but it had lots of Eric & Sookie lovin’ and showed how tender and loving Eric & Sookie were with each other – compared to Sookie’s own experiences with Bill, which were always rough and came across like bad porn. Loved the “everything is possible” dialogue too!
  10. Again, we mention the post-coital scenes…when Eric and Sookie are laying in bed talking about anything under the sun or the moon. Loved how it shows how connected, relaxed and comfortable Eric and Sookie are with each other.
  11. Sookie and Eric sitting on the couch after the spell was broken. Eric telling her that he was still the same Eric she fell in love with. “Can you see him in my eyes?”  Up until she becomes stupid and tells her she still loves Bill that is – but we’ll get more into that later.
  12. Sookie deciding to save Eric out of all the vampires she could’ve been concerned about, who were being chained due to Marnie’s spell. That was good, right?
  13. Eric showing up at Marnie’s shop by making a grand entrance. “Looking for a dead body?”
  14. Eric mocking Queen Bill when he bowed to him and saying ‘no’ to every one of Bill’s questions about giving up ownership of Sookie’s house.
  15. Eric drinks from Roy’s heart by using a makeshift straw. Who knew we would find something like THAT hot?
  16. Eric’s gifts to Sookie, complete with red bows. Another homage to the books.
  17. Honorable mention goes to Sookie using her fingers of fail and breaking the spell on Eric. We mention this ONLY because this led to seeing Eric’s memories return in flashback form – thereby showing us “The Best of True Blood”!

And now…THE WORST. Yep, you probably already know MANY of these ones and have been complaining about them since the season ended. Since there are so many of them, we’ve condensed them down a little bit.

Worst Eric & Sookie Moments of 2011 – True Blood

  1. This one is probably the worst – because it not only breaks Eric’s heart…it sends a bad message to women everywhere! Sookie forgives Bill and breaks Eric’s heart in the process. YUCK. Don’t want to go into too much detail because it was so bad. We don’t really need to rehash it once again, do we?
  2. The threesome sex scene from hell. It started off good – until Bill decided to show up in Sookie’s dream and she tells them she wants BOTH of them. UGH!
  3. Who wore it better? The double feeding and matching robes they made Eric and Bill wear while Sookie was feeding both of them. Again, UGH!
  4. The dialogue from the cheesy V trip to Narnia. “It’s a bed.” “Can we make love on it?” “Let’s never stop!” If this ain’t cheesy, I don’t know what is? It disappointed many of us and made this scene not as great as it could’ve been.
  5. In the graveyard, where Eric not only attacks a witch for no apparent reason (which is totally OOC for Eric), but he runs off, leaving Sookie vulnerable to getting shot, therefore setting it up (very conveniently) for Bill to get his blood into her again. This was all a plot point to get Sookie from being 100% behind Eric to being torn between Eric and Bill, once again. *rollseyes*
  6. Sookie using her fingers of fail to break the spell. Not only does Sookie do this with disregard to Eric’s safety, but she does this to save Bill of all people.
  7. Sookie just being stupid when it comes to refusing Eric. Come on, Sookie…SERIOUSLY? Are you completely insane? How can you refuse The Viking?
  8. Sookie leaving a poor, vulnerable Eric on the side of the road, then smacking him in the face.
  9. Bill’s face somehow always showing up to take us out of our Eric and Sookie moments and taking whatever joy we had out of them…completely. If we see Bill’s face one more time – anywhere near Sookie – it would be too soon.
  10. Sookie telling Eric, ‘nothing lasts forever’ when they’re in bed, after seeing a great glimpse of Eric’s ass. How could she ruin a post-coital moment like that, when all it did, was make it all seem bittersweet in the end?
  11. Sookie not using her fingers of fail during the standoff outside Marnie’s shop.
  12. Sookie tells Eric (after he pours out his heart to her) that she still loves Bill.
  13. As an added mention (even though this has nothing really to do with Eric and Sookie); Bill becoming Queen oops, I mean King. It really makes no sense whatsoever and puts him on the same level as Eric, which I know burned many of us to no end!

Thanks to Serena from the Sookieverseblog for this pic!

We could probably go on and on…but we’re more interested in hearing what you have to say!

We would like to say a special thanks to a few good friends (you know who you are! ;)) for helping us compile this list!

In closing, you can probably notice a couple of themes…for the Best Eric & Sookie Moments, there seems to be a continuing theme involving a porch. For the Worst…it seems like either they all involve Bill in some way, and/or Sookie’s own stupidity. Hmmm…

Let’s hope that the year of 2012 gives us some more great Eric & Sookie moments and less of the bad!

We wish you all the best in the New Year!

Now go out there and ring in the New Year properly! *CHEERS*

(Please note: Portions of this post were written while intoxicated.)

What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

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12 comments on “Best & Worst Eric & Sookie Moments of 2011

  1. Great post and I agree with the good and the worst, I also want to mention that beautiful white wolf that showed better acting skills than Joe “Mutt” Manganiello…. and I conclude that Eric was the best from s4 and Queeh Beehl the worst…..

  2. That’s a great list. It’s good to remember all the good stuff that gets sidelined because of the bad. Hopefully next year there’ll be just as much good and hardly any bad. I really loved the breaking of the blood bond and what followed in DR. I’m going to try to ignore the Bill stuff in TB tonight, I’m not letting llama-face spoil my festive season. TB Eric rocks! He was so damned good it’s actually laughable that Sookie could walk away from him. Now I’m off to see in the New Year so have a good one everybody!

  3. well, the books always have great moments with eric and sookie, but true blood just always leaves a bad taste, because the show is so much Billified, its like bill is the actual leading character of the show and not Sookie:(

  4. First of all, I hope all of you have a Very Happy and Safe New Years Eve!!!! Yes, I agree with the list of Best & Worse scenes for both the show and the book. As I have said umpteen times before I’m sorry, but I really don’t have any real faith that we will have any interesting Sookie and Eric goodness in Season 5 (if any, it wouldn’t be until the very end of the season anyway). The only thing that will keep me watching this trainwreck of a show is Alex/Eric. I am also looking forward to the return of Russell, hopefully, he will make this coming season interesting. But other than that, I’m pretty much over anything that has anything to do with Bill and Sookie and I’m not looking forward to the werewolf’s BS in this coming season (although it was in the books).

    • Happy New Year to all, I agree with the best and worst lists for DR and TB …..like you Gina….I think there won’t be very many E/S scenes during season 5 until the last few episodes…..and unfortunately we will have to bear the were wars Boring stuff….hopefully AB will do the right thing and listen to the fans and put E/S together at the end….all we can do is keep the faith….

      • Besides having to see the queen’s saggy face, I’m afraid this upcoming season we will be seeing a lot of Joe Mutt Manganiello and his robotic acting,..ugh, nothing I’m not looking forward to see….. I guess I will be more interested in Eric’s scenes, after all he’s the reason I still care a little bit.

  5. My sentiments, exactly! 100% I have nothing to add to that.

  6. Great list! There is another thing In DR that I did not particularly like when as usual Sookie spoils the situation when the fighting was over and Victor was gone still she was not happy and look at Eric in a bad way. Trust her to say and do something to spoil an otherwise great moment. Eric is like in a “damn if you and damn if you don’t” situation with Sookie all the time. I hope CH will not let herself influenced by TB mess. As for TB-S4, well definitely the worst list is way longer than the best. I will still wait for the review of each episode next season before I decide to watch it. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!! May we remain strong and our voice be heard.


  8. I agree with you 100%…I will add on the best Sookie blocking Bill’s entrance to her house to protect Eric and lying to him on top of that. This one I don’t know if you will agree with me because is part of the couch scene when Eric tells Sookie that he loves her. Sookie telling Eric that she loves him and she doesn’t want to lie to him. I rather her telling him the truth than a lie…plus she said the reason she thinks she still loves Bill is because of his blood. I hope she wakes up from her nightmare.

  9. haha love the bill pic!! LOL you’ll probably be flooded with comments from some of the pathetic bill fans who have no lives and constantly troll the much more interesting Eric loving sites haha. Poor them… their own sites are so dull they have to find excitement elsewhere.

  10. I totally agree with the lists. It really bugged me that the show didn’t stick more to the books as it was a lot of fans favorite of the series. And Bill as King WTF! Eric being higher in power is was makes it interesting. I don’t think this looks good for season 5. I don’t understand how Sookie could fall in love with Eric & then just like that! End it with no good reason. She didn’t even give their relationship a chance to see what would happen now that he has his memory. Deserved that much. I think the fact that Anna & Stephen are married in real life is making the show go in a bad direction & the writers don’t know which way is up or down. I also heard that Charlaine might end the Sookie Eric relationship for good. I hope this is not true. I can’t see how their relationship has been built up over 11 books & how it would just take 2 more to end it & her jump right in to a new lasting one. So I cross my fingers for season 5 with not much hope & hope the rumors are not true for us Eric lovers.

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