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Alexander Skarsgård Leads The Swedish Invasion

E! Online aired a segment featuring actors and actresses from Sweden – aptly called, The Swedish Invasion! This wouldn’t be complete without Alexander Skarsgård, (his father) Stellan Skarsgård, Noomi Rapace, Michael Nykvist, Joel Kinnaman, and Malin Ackerman! They begin this segment with an Eric and Sookie scene from True Blood, then move on to Alex […]

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The Dark Queen – Chapter 7

SURPRISE! It may have taken Deborah longer than she had counted on to write the next chapter in her Eric & Sookie fanfic, The Dark Queen – due to illness and New Year’s Eve – though neither one was related to each other (that we know of). Sure, Deborah, sure…me thinks you took holiday celebrating […]

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True Blood in Top 10 of GetGlue’s Shows

2011 was the breakout year for social TV. When Ad Age and GetGlue started their weekly chart of TV’s Top 10 shows by check-ins last September, HBO’s “True Blood” overwhelmed the competition with 26,081 check-ins. GetGlue CEO Alex Iskold had this to say over at Ad Age about the Top 10 shows; “There’s not one […]

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True Blood Comics: The French Quarter: Issue 5

True Blood has issued the latest installment of the True Blood comic book series, The French Quarter – for you to order online! Here is just a glimpse of what you will receive! If you would like more of a sneak peek – True Blood posted some more photos of the comic book here! If […]

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1/5: Quopic of the Day

FINALLY…after a long delay into the new year…the Quopic of the Day returns! Today’s Quopic of the Day was inspired by the Word of the Day from Yahoo! Education’s Word of the Day! We hope you like the choice we made! The Word of the Day is: malediction Definition: the act of calling down a […]

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Casting Call: True Blood Episode 3; “Whatever I Am, You Made Me”

I read this latest casting call late last night, as I was heading to bed and thought (after reading them) they just really weren’t worth going back on the computer to post them! (You’ll see what I mean after you read them.) So, please forgive me for waiting until the next day to post them! […]

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