12/7: Quopic of the Day

Today’s Quopic of the Day is a 2-4-1 since we didn’t post a Quopic yesterday! It’s brought to you by the Word of the Day from the Yahoo! Dictionary!

The Word of the Day is: acrimonious

Definition: biting, harsh, caustic

In this Quopic, we’re going to focus on Sookie for a change, since she personifies biting, harsh and caustic in both the show and in the books.

Here is a perfect example;

“Besides, I’m hoping that the more you see me, the more I’ll grow on you.”
“Like a fungus?”
He laughed, but his eyes were fixed on me in a way that meant business. Oh, hell.

~Book 2, Living Dead in Dallas

As you may remember in season 2, this quote was slightly changed on the show. Instead of Sookie saying, “like a fungus”. She said, “I’d rather have cancer.” Then, proceeded to slap him upside the head.

Either way, Eric didn’t seemed bothered by Sookie’s reaction or her biting and harsh words. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it. I’m sure it was because he admired her spunk and passionate nature.

In a way, they are a lot alike. They both say harsh, biting words that are extremely caustic. Eric has been known to be almost harshly, cruelly blunt. Sookie is the same way, as shown in the Quopic above.

I call this a match made in heaven.

What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

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15 comments on “12/7: Quopic of the Day

  1. Of course they made this scene worse in the show than it was in the books, but I agree. They are a lot alike, whether she wants to admit it or not.

  2. I remember this scene quite well. In fact, I was shocked that she had the balls to slap him like that. I will say that early on in the show, she definately was a real spitfire and had some spunk. Although I really didn’t like the line change to “I’d rather have cancer”, I thought it was too crude. I like the fungus line much better. But I liked her much better back then. I too, agree that Eric and Sookie are very much alike in some respects.

  3. Eric and Sookie are definitely kindred spirits. In the show Alan Ball has turned Sookie into a Bill doormat so he can claim that Soolie and Bill are soulmates. Yeah sure, only in AB’s dreams.

    • Even though AB has tried to do it and have Bill as her soulmate…..Eric still fits with her much better than Bill! The fans even see it even though AB doesn’t want to see it…

  4. As a cancer survivor, this is one change that AB made that I absolutely hated. No one should ever wish to have cancer. Ever. I found incredibly acrimonious. Insensitive too. Sorry for the rant. It hit a nerve with me.

    Eric and Sookie are more alike than different. True that.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, pbt! :( As someone who lost someone (my mother) to cancer, I thought it was acrimonious (good use of the Word of the Day, btw ;) ) too. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and for Sookie to say it to Eric, I thought was classless too. And the Sookie I know (book Sookie) would NEVER say anything like that.

      • classless………..Ya that describes Alan Ballsack to a tee.

      • Agreed, they make her seem colder and an even bigger bitch than she was in the books. The writing needs a lot of work, it just keeps getting worse with every season.

      • Sorry to make it sound like oh whoa is me. I am not that kind of person. The experience has given me plenty to appreciate.

        Anyways, Alan Ball once again demonstrates in this scene the effects of Bill’s “bad blood” (AB’s words not mine) in this scene. Sookie awakes to the effects of tons of Bill’s blood. Eric warns Bill not to “overcook” Sookie in the previous scene. I suspect that Eric knows what Bill is up to with Sookie. Consistent donations of Bill’s blood has similar effects to glamoring. Knowing that Sookie can not be glamored, Bill needed to find alternative solutions to the problem. In a later scene in this episode, Bill tries out his influence when he proclaims that Eric is nothing like Bill.

        Clearly, the effects of Bill’s blood was at work here. Sookie would not react this way normally. I know there are a lot of viewers that are unhappy with Sookie but its clearly not her fault as to how she reacts to Eric. Its all about the blood.

        Even in Season 4, once again we see that Bill’s donations of blood cloud Sookie’s perceptions of events. Bill knows how to control Sookie. In Season 2, Bill tells Sookie that there are plenty of ways to control humans but lacks to provide all the alternatives.

        “Soul mates” by the way should not be taken the way most people are interpreting this quote from Alan Ball. Soul mates refers to Sookie redeeming Bill for all his past transgressions against Sookie and others. It has nothing to do with Sookie and Bill ending up together. People are being to literal with the quote.


  6. agree with the above comments that True blood sookie has acted too cold and too bitchy towards Eric, I can´t remember book Sookie being that extreme. on true blood they made it look like sookie hates eric right from the beginning, the writers really have messed up too much with this…its just kind of weird that she made a 360 an now is in love with eric…the writers could have handled this differently, but I am pretty sure that they had only read like the first 2 or 3 books (if even) when they wrote the scripts for season 1 and didn’t even have a clue that eric is actually the main love interest of sookie in the books, at least the one guy who is constantly around her, and NOT Bill…

    • “on true blood they made it look like sookie hates eric right from the beginning, the writers really have messed up too much with this…its just kind of weird that she made a 360 an now is in love with eric”

      Laura – I see that as a deliberate move on AB’s part because his ‘spirit of the books’ was to shove Sookie and Bill as ‘soulmates’ down our throats but throw in an Eric and Sookie bit of fluff to appease us poor rabids. Because Bill and Sookie make sense don’t ‘cha know – regardless of his betrayal, the rattray’s beating and the near draining….oh and graveyard rape (confirmed by Moyer in an interview as his interpretation of that scene). Because of course I would encourage my best friend or my sister to continue in a relationship with a Bill Compton type suitor after enduring that kind of crap *massive eyeroll*

  7. Sookie Stackhouse & Eric Northman have had a very acrimonious
    relationship from the start,the first time they saw each other.
    Sookie fought Eric’s advances thinking she had to stay loyal to
    her first real lover,William Thomas Compton.
    But as time went by and Sookie an Bill grew further an further apart,
    Sookie began to grow closer to Eric Northman and Trust him more.

    When Eric was bewitched by Marnie & the coven at Moongoddess,
    Sookie hid Eric in the basement of her house.
    Eric trusted her with his Life,and she grew to Love the Viampire who
    looked like Eric Northman but who didn’t have his “Fire”.
    When a jolt of Sookie’s fae power restored his memories and those
    of the time they spent together Eric Northman laid bare his feelings.
    “I remember Everything. I remember Us,I remember holding you,
    I remember makeing love to you, I remember showering with you.
    I LOVE YOU!” “Sookie, Look at me~ look into my eyes, look deep
    inside my eyes, can’t you still see the man you feel in love with?”

    Sookie looked deep into Eric’s eyes and nodded “yes!”.
    Then she shattered Eric’s world by uttering these words:
    “But I still love Bill!” – HOW COULD SHE????
    I wanted to scream bloody murder and go after Alan Ball’s head!
    He knows how the Eric Northman fans want her to end up
    with Eric and not William Thomas Compton III.
    I know Anna Paquin is married to Stepehen Moyer,but that
    doesn’t mean she has to end up with him on TrueBlood.

    Sookie Stackhouse is destined to be with Eric Northman.
    If any of you have read the fanfiction “LATE” by writer
    Morgaine Swann then you will know the “Secret”.

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