E! Online’s Latest True Blood Spoilers

E! Online shared some True Blood spoilers in their Spoiler Chat earlier today!

Nothing really concerning Eric and Sookie…but there’s one you already know about…the other one is kind of surprising!

WARNING: For those who don’t want to know – please don’t read below!

Credit: HBO

This is what they shared in Spoiler Chat!

Ben: Any True Blood scoop? 
Watch out, Alcide (Joe Manganiello)! Debbie Pelt’s (Brit Morgan) mom and dad are coming for answers about the whereabouts of their daughter, and they don’t appreciate anyone speaking ill of their baby girl.

Taylor: I’m going through serious True Blood withdrawals. Got anything to hold me over until summer? 
Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) might be getting a new love interest who has an advantage over Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack): he’s British and very attractive. Plus, his name is Claude. Try competing with that.

Source: eonline.com

The one about Alcide isn’t really surprising to any of us – Debbie’s parents are coming to town, as we shared in a previous post, and of course, they won’t like anyone speaking ill-will about their daughter. YAWNS.


The one about Jessica is somewhat surprising. Is this Claude the same one we talked about before? Is he a fairy or a vampire? I guess, we’ll have to wait and see…but I think they’re starting to make Jessica turn into someone who moves from guy to guy…kind of like what they’re doing with the character of Sookie. And this disappoints me.

Is this how Alan Ball views women in general? It’s beginning to appear that way…

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share your thoughts and speculations below!

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21 comments on “E! Online’s Latest True Blood Spoilers

  1. I’m thinking it’s not the same Claude, since he’s supposed to be gay and vampires can’t exactly date fairies. Not full blooded ones, anyway. This doesn’t really surprise me, what she has with Jason is nothing but lust, that gets old fast. Let’s face it, these two will never be able to stick with one person.

  2. I doubt that it’s “Fairy Claude” I think it’s someone else with the same name.
    Fairy Claude is still in Faery,most probably on the run from Queen MAB
    for letting Sookie & her Grandad get away.
    This new Claude maybe a Vampire???
    if he is a Vampire, the Jason will have to end his dailyance with Jessica?
    Jason’s, no real match for an old Vampire

  3. well I think the eonline guys don´t really now that much of whats going to happen at all… the reporter probably did just got those spoilers about the characters and made it up like this, like the claude thing, he is not going to be jessicas love interest…

    and the alcide spoiler was already known, and its at least something from the books, oh great the wolf stuff from the books gets used on the show, but not the other things like eric and sookie…awesome…*eyeroll*

  4. Alcide… ZzzzZzzzzZzzz

    Jessica, even is this is an unpopular opinion, I don’t care about this character created by Alan Ball


  5. What a crappy spoiler….i don’t really care about jessica’s sex life if isn’t w jason….or in general…always revealing spoilers of the characters i don’t care…

  6. Well I kinda don’t care about Alcide and his troubles..only care about Sookie and Eric and I do like Jessica… She’s gonna be playing the field cause she was so young when she was turned. I think it’ll be interesting.. Hopefully!

  7. can`t wait for season five begin yeah

  8. I’m adopting the “wait and see” attitude this coming season, cause like all of the seasons before it, their “spoilers” mostly were twisted and didn’t mean what we all thought of them. So therefore, The “wait and see”.

    All I care about is Eric (and Sookie if she gets back with him) if not about them, its’ boring……

  9. I only liked Jessica with Hoyt, now she bugs me.

  10. If it’s not about Eric and Sookie or Beelh going to Peru…………Who caress? Not me.

  11. I’m not looking forward to the whole were thing at all… And I kind of expected Jessica wouldn’t be with Jason for long. Only thing I care to see is Eric (with Sook hopefully) but I hear they’re not going that route… Not much to look forward to in season 5 except Pam’s story (how she was made) and of course, Russell.

    • Pams turning is also the only thing I am looking forward to, but its highly possible that they are even going to ruin eric and pams flashback or throw Beel in there meh… and Russels return is also interesting, but somewhere they mentioned that he is coming back much later in season 4 and it would be no surprise if AB will try to make bill look like the hero and let him defeat Russel, because obviously the 175 year old vampire is stronger than anyone, at least they made it look like this in season 4 LOL, so much inconsistencies…

      • Yeah, AB does like to glorify Queen Bill, UGH… And does anyone really want to see the bromance between him and Eric? Not me! I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he butchers the Eric/ Pam storyline as well… You’re so right, Too many inconsistencies… It’s become the “Bill Show”

        • I have the bad feeling that they are going to throw in Bill and Lorena in the flashback, it seems according to the spoilers for the episodes that the flashback won´t only be in one episodes and of course Billy boy has to get major screen time all the time, maybe they are going to mess up their flashback now too…
          and actually the thing that bugs me the most is that there have been no Bill spoilers at all so far, Eric, Pam, Jessica, Alcide, all those really populare characters get highly promoted just like in season 4 they did it a lot with Eric and then we got Bill deliverd, what the hell are they going to do with Bill? Let him lead everything against the authority or what? No, so not interested to see ERic getting ruined, while Bill gets propped up and getting showed as the guy who defeats all the villians because he is so super strong lol…

          • So true… No Bill spoilers… They’re probably saving him for some big surprise just like last season when he came in as king… Yeah, I’m expecting he’ll lead the fight against the authority and Eric will be his faithful follower once again… So nauseating. As for all the spoilers, I’m not falling for it, lol… They always say one thing and then take a complete left turn. One things for sure though… There will be lots more
            Beel, ugh..

  12. look alan ball is turning sookie into something she is not there is only one person she should be with and that is the god eric those other suitors? ugh i mean a were tiger? that should stay in the books

    • There has been no mention yet of Quinn showing up, hopefully they don’t think to include him. She has enough love interests as it is and he’s just not needed.

      • I think that there maybe will be a character named Quinn, but thats it, I don’t think that they are going to use that many book characters from now on, and probably chris melonis character will be just called Victor lol

  13. I couldn’t care less about new caracthers , i only watch it because of Eric. Just hope this Claude will not be sookie new love interest she already has more them sufficient , I start as well to get tied of F*** precious fairy vagine ! ( bless Pam )

    • Sounds like he’ll be involved with Jessica more than Sookie. If she hooks up with anyone next season, it’ll most likely be Alcide.

  14. I love the character’s, all of them. The books are the basic formula for the tv series, Allan you should be congratulated over n over, not only for inventing new character’s but for giving them all a new life. Eric, Sookie and Bill, are played by the right people, they are all doing a fantastic JOB. In giving us the entertainment we all crave. Thank you cast & crew. But I still prefer the books that my children grew up reading, so thanks everyone, we love you all, keep up the great work.

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