1/11: Quopic of the Day

Today’s Quopic of the Day was inspired by wanting (and needing) to remember some of the things we love about Eric and Sookie’s relationship on True Blood!

We’ve been dwelling too much on all the negative things for awhile, but we must remember some of the good things as well!

Here’s hoping you’ll remember this with great fondness and appreciation! Sometimes True Blood DID get some things right when it came to Eric and Sookie!

Ready or not, here’s the Quopic of the Day for January 11th!

Eric: “You’d adapt, like we all do. Trade the sun for the moon and the stars.”

Sookie: “Uh-uh, not me. I want ’em all.”

Eric: (chuckles) “Greedy.”

Sookie: “Yeah, I am.”

Eric: “Love it.”

~True Blood Season 2; Episode 9

Can’t say how many times I’ve watched this scene over and over and over again, but if there’s one thing I loved most – it shows the pillow talk we all love from the books. Not to mention the fact that all it took was a few drops of Eric’s blood to have Sookie having this kind of dreamlike HOT fantasy about Eric!

If there is one thing that bothers me about this dream/fantasy…too much Lorena (who invited her anyways?) and it ended with Sookie laying in bed with Bill. Talk about dousing us with a cruel splash of cold water while we were still in our Eric and Sookie lovin’ mood!

What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

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11 comments on “1/11: Quopic of the Day

  1. They had so much chemistry in that scene! Even during S4 I do not believe they had as much chemistry as S2.

  2. I like their chemistry in season 2,3 and 4 ……they have great chemistry in every season.
    That dream showed sookie that Eric has another side to him….a very loving side…that turned her on….their pillow talk was great in that scene.

  3. This episode was a turning point for me where Eric was concerned, and it’s still my all time favorite.

  4. i love season 2 even though it was a dream sequence eric maker godric really touched me sookie kissing eric tears afterwards was so touching …. anything with eric in it is brilliant …. sookie definitely showed she had cared for eric .. there . he is the best alexander skarsgard keep doing what you do best ….

  5. Some of my Very Favourtie Scenes!!
    Eric & Sookie in bed, having some sexy “Pillow Talk”

  6. This was my favorite scene in season 2. I’m not ashamed to admit I watched it over and over and over again (thank God for DVR). Of course naked Eric & Sookie were wonderful, but also it was one of the times that TB did capture the essence of their relationship in the books. They liked each other, they got each others humor and just enjoyed being together. Despite the supernatural craziness that surrounds them.

  7. I think this is officially when I started to ship them. I wasn’t convinced until I saw how great they could be together, even if it was just a dream.

  8. Ah yesssss, season 2 left us all panting for more. It was the time b4 AB really starting ruining the storyline to the show and I agree with everyone above, I think I’ve worn this scene out with as many times as I have watched it!! I will ALWAYS love Eric and Sookie together be it in the books or the show (at least up until the end of season 4).

  9. thanks for this Erika
    I had just finished reading all the books (late 2009) and was gorging myself with TB Marathons so I could get in as much Eric as possible and then came to this scene……I remember thinking that Eric and Sookie had more passion and intimacy in those few minutes than all of her and Bills shenanigans in the previous episodes. Eric was Eric – and Sookie was likeable and I was so excited for things to come. And then the whammy of the rooftop scene with AS and AH knocking it out of the park. Sigh. I miss the consistency, the writing and the smart plotting of Season 2 (lets just forget the whole Maryanne debacle shall we). Even Season 3 was mostly good. And then it went to hell in a handbasket. Rather than end on a negative, I’ll just say that at least we got a glimpse of the intimacy shared between Eric and Sookie from the books

    • A small glimpse, but it was there. I guess we should just be glad to get anything. A lot of people say they loved season 2, except for all the Maryann crap. I have to agree, it’s still my favorite season, but that story line I could have really done without. If I never see another orgy, it’ll be too soon.

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