1/21: Quopic of the Day

This Quopic of the Day started off being for January 20th, but since it’s so late (thanks to the difficult task of deciding on which pic to use), we figured we’d make it for both January 20th and 21st!

This Quopic was inspired by the Word of the Day from the Merriam Webster Dictionary!

The Word of the Day is: darling


  1. a dearly loved person
  2. favorite

Synonyms: pet, dear, favorite, beloved

As soon as I read this word, I remembered that Eric called Sookie, “Darling” in one of the episodes of True Blood! Can you remember which one? This Quopic of the Day will help you remember!

Check out the Quopic of the Day for January 21st below!

Eric: “Everybody thinks you’re a darling, don’t they?”

Sookie: “I AM a darling.”

Eric: “Yeah, but you’re ruthless when it comes to the people you love. You’d do anything for them. Your brother, your friends…me.”

~ True Blood: Season 2; Episode 9 – “I Will Rise Up”

Here’s something you don’t know. This screencap was reported on Facebook for being too pornographic. Eric Northman Lovers United (who provided this picture) told us. We’re not sure who reported it, but we did have it on posted on our Facebook page, but now it’s gone. We’ve said it before…we’ll say it again. Eric and Sookie are just too hot for Facebook! LOL We’ve had some photos reported and deleted as well!

But look at that tongue action! Who wants to be in Sookie’s place in this pic?

Okay, all of you darlings, feel free to share your thoughts about this episode and scene below!

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15 comments on “1/21: Quopic of the Day

  1. Jeez, this picture isn’t even showing anything. How much you want to bet a BL reported it? It’s not our fault that E/S is just way hotter.

  2. I have this scene memorized. Its my favorite ever!

  3. It’s the tongue – only true viking wenches can cope with that. That would be us and Sookie Stackhouse. For everyone else it’s just too much.

  4. If there is anyone who’s a “Darling” it’s Sookie Stackhouse!!
    She’s was beloved by her late Grandma Adele,she’s loved
    by her brother Jason,by her boss Sam Merlotte and she’s
    beloved by her bff Tara Thornton who’s almost a sister.
    LaFayette Reynolds thinks of her as “family”.
    Arlene Fowler Bellefleur thinks of her as “family” when
    she’s not afraid of her and her friends.
    William Thomas Compton never called Sookie “darling”
    The five people who have called her darling are
    Eric Northman & Pamela Ravenscroft and Deb Pelt
    Alcide Hevereaux and Russell Edgington.

  5. I love the pic!! If some people can’t see it then don’t look at it!! This still one of my favorites scenes of TB, I know it was a dream but here is what Eric really represented to Sookie worshiping love/”spectawezing”sex!!!!

  6. Spectawemazing!!!!

  7. OMG, just my favorite eppy of the WHOLE series, I think everything between E & S was Hawt, Hawt, Hawt! Just looking at this pic makes me want to run and take a cold shower. I think since it was a dream, it was hotter than if it was in “real time” somehow.

    I do not find the pic offencive (sp?) in anyway. This is how people and true love kiss. So now off to the shower to cool off.

  8. Loved this scene. I find it funny that in this country we get in an uprage about a tongue during a moment of passion but have no problem with someone blowing someones head off in a movie or television show.

    The definition of pornographic is:

    obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, especially those having little or no artistic merit.

    This is not pornographic in any way shape or form. This is two consenting adults involved in an intimate moment of passion. Artistic merit. Hell yezz. Just look at the two of them locked in a kiss that would and could cause world piece. LOL.

    I agree with Tammy above about the picture being taken down by some trolls.

  9. This is so f***ing hot who says this is pornographic are they serious . i love for that to have been me .. I love this scene still do Eric and Sookie rocks man .. they belong together

  10. Loved this S2 scene – the intimacy and passion was so well portrayed. As for the screencap: launched a million fantasies surely?

    What I find ironic is that the BL’s who spend so much time reporting these Eric and Sookie Screencaps/clips as pornographic or offensive have no problem with the ‘hotness’ (WTF) of the graveyard rape scene between Bill and Sookie S1. Honestly I just don’t understand what is going on in their (BL) heads. At best its laughable, at worst, disturbing.

    • Yeah, probably one of the least hottest scenes in the show. It really makes you wonder about the delusional world they live in.

      • I know. The thing that bugs me is that if it was Eric and Sookie who had the graveyard sex scene, we’d never hear the end of how diabolically nasty Eric is, so I just shake my head and move on…..

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